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BOTB 2012 - Results

Highest Probable (Regulation) Score
(7 rounds, 8 questions each):
56 questions, 5 pts each = 280 points

Order of Finish

1st Place 276 Royal Readers (Meads Mill)
2nd Place 267 Just Read It! (OLV)
3rd Place 264 The Page Turners (Meads Mill)
4th Place 256 Book-a-roos (OLV)
5th Place 252 Undercover Flashlight Readers (Meads Mill)
6th Place 251 Jail House Readers (Meads Mill & Hillside)
7th Place 248 OLV Rockin Readers (OLV)
8th Place 240 Hundred Acre Books (St. Paul)
8th Place 240 Robo Readers (Meads Mill)
9th Place 232 The Book Battlers (Meads Mill)
9th Place 232 Team JAC Hammer (Meads Mill & OLV)
10th Place 228 Love Peace and Books (Meads Mill)
10th Place 228 Men in Books (Meads Mill)
11th Place 226 The Movie Makers (Hillside)
12th Place 217 The Lucky Page Eaters (OLV)
13th Place 211 The Bookenz (OLV)
14th Place 207 Title Waves (Hillside)
15th Place 200 Super Stars (Hillside)
16th Place 193 The Nerdettes (Meads Mill)
17th Place 186 Reading Rainbows (Hillside)
18th Place 178 Get a Clue (Meads Mill)
19th Place 176 Bookshop Quartet (OLV)
20th Place 160 Reptile Readers (Meads Mill & Greenhills)
21st Place 156 Readers in Wonderland (Meads Mill)
22nd Place 150 EGG (Hillside)
23rd Place 149 The Cheese Patterned Pantalooners (Hillside)
24th Place 132 Variety Pack (Meads Mill)
25th Place 128 Morph Readers (a.k.a. Super Sisters) (OLV)
26th Place 69 Greasers (Meads Mill)

Costume Winners

1st Place
EGG (Hillside)
2nd Place
Men in Books (Meads Mill)
3rd Place
The Book Battlers (Meads Mill)

Alphabetical Scores

Book-a-roos OLV 8 4th 256
The Book Battlers
Meads Mill
7 9th 232
The Bookenz
OLV 7 13th 211
Bookshop Quartet
OLV 7 19th 176
The Cheese Patterned Pantalooners
Hillside 8 23rd 149
Hillside 8 22nd 150
Get a Clue
Meads Mill
8 18th 178
Meads Mill
8 26th 69
Hundred Acre Books
St. Paul
6, 7 & 8 8th 240
Jail House Readers
Meads Mill
6th 251
Just Read It!
OLV 7 2nd 267
Love  Peace  and  Books
Meads Mill
6 10th 228
The Lucky Page Eaters
OLV 6 12th 217
Men in Books
Meads Mill 7 10th 228
Morph Readers
(a.k.a. Super Sisters)
OLV 7 & 8 25th 128
The Movie Makers
Hillside 8 11th 226
The Nerdettes
Meads Mill 6 16th 193
OLV Rockin' Readers
OLV 6 7th 248
The Page Turners
Meads Mill
8 3rd 264
Readers in Wonderland
Meads Mill
7 21st 156
Reading Rainbows
Hillside 7 17th 186
Reptile Readers
Greenhills & Meads Mill
6 20th 160
Robo Readers
Meads Mill
6 8th 240
Royal Readers
Meads Mill 6 & 7 1st 276
Super Stars
Hillside 6 & 7
15th 200
Team JAC Hammer
OLV & Meads Mill
6 & 7
9th 232
Title Waves
Hillside 7 14th 207
Undercover Flashlight Readers
Meads Mill 6 5th 252
Variety Pack
Meads Mill
7 24th 132
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