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BOTB 2013 - Results

Highest Probable (Regulation)
275 is a perfect score (55 correct x 5 = 275)


Order of Finish

1st Place 262 Hat Trick (Meads Mill)
2nd Place 255 Cheer Readers (OLV)
3rd Place 247 The Book Burglars (Meads Mill)
4th Place 232 Readers of the Enchanted Book (Meads Mill)
5th Place 227 Detroit Rock Readers (OLV)
6th Place 226 The Adventure Readers (St. Paul)
7th Place 223 The Inkstains (Meads Mill)
8th Place 219 Colorful Witches of Oz (St. Paul)
9th Place 215 Jolly Readers (Hillside)
9th Place 215 Sugar Rush Warriors (Meads Mill)
10th Place 211 The Candies (Meads Mill)
11th Place 207 Warriors of Words (Meads Mill)
12th Place 202 Battling Bookworms (Meads Mill)
13th Place 200 Super Readers (OLV)
14th Place 199 Question Crushers (Hillside)
15th Place 198 Narwhals with Hats (Meads Mill)
16th Place 194 PJ Posse (Meads Mill)
17th Place 191 Anonymou"s" (Hillside, OLV, & Meads Mill)
18th Place 185 Mouskateers (Meads Mill)
19th Place 179 The Bookworms (Meads Mill)
20th Place 177 The Ducktape Disasters (Meads Mill)
21st Place 162 Brainiyaks (OLV)
22nd Place 155 Dancing Purple Pandas (Meads Mill)
23rd Place 152 Notorious Ninjas (Hillside & Meads Mill)
24th Place 147 The Dr. Horribles (Meads Mill)
25th Place 144 Northville Brainiacs (Hillside & Meads Mill)
26th Place 122 The Book Birds (Hillside)
27th Place 112 The Directioneers (Hillside)
28th Place 95 The Lollypop Crew (Hillside)
29th Place 47 Raging Readers (Meads Mill)
30th Place 0 Pretty Little Readers (Meads Mill)
30th Place 0 The Hillside Ballerz (Hillside)

Costume Winners

1st Place The Cheer Readers
2nd Place Super Readers
3rd Place Braniyaks

Alphabetical Scores

The Adventure Readers St. Paul 7,8 7th 199
Anonymou"s" Hillside, OLV and Meads Mill  6 & 7 17th 191
Battling Bookworms Meads Mill  6 12th 202
The Book Birds Hillside  6 26th 122
The Book Burglars Meads Mill  7 3rd 247
The Bookworms Meads Mill  6 19th 179
Brainiyaks OLV  6 21st 162
The Candies Meads Mill  6 10th 211
Cheer Readers OLV  8 2nd 255
Colorful Witches of Oz St. Paul  6 8th 219
Dancing Purple Pandas Meads Mill  6 22nd 155
Detroit Rock Readers OLV  6 5th 227
The Directioners Hillside  6 27th 112
The Dr. Horribles Meads Mill  7 24th 147
The Ducktape Disasters Meads Mill  7 20th 177
Hat Trick Meads Mill  7 & 8 1st 262
The Hillside Ballerz Hillside  6 30th 0
The Inkstains Meads Mill  6 & 7 6th 223
Jolly Readers Hillside  6 9th 215
The Lollypop Crew Hillside  6 28th 95
Mouskateers Meads Mill  8 18th 185
Narwhals with Hats Meads Mill  7 & 8 15th 198
Northville Brainiacs Hillside, Meads Mill  6 & 7 25th 144
Notorious Ninjas Hillside, Meads Mill  7 23rd 152
PJ Posse Meads Mill  8 16th 194
Pretty Little Readers Meads Mill  7 30th 0
Question Crushers Hillside  6 14th 199
Raging Readers Meads Mill  7 29th 47
Readers of the Enchanted Book Meads Mill  7 4th 232
Sugar Rush Warriors Meads Mill  7 9th 215
Super Readers OLV  7 13th 200
Warriors of Words Meads Mill  7 & 8 11th 207


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