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BOTB 2010 - Results

Highest Probable (Regulation) Score
(7 rounds, 8 questions each):
56 questions, 5 pts each = 280 points

Top 10 Teams

Team Score Team Name
First Place 276 Flying Circus Readers
Second Place 264 Night of the Living Charactrs
Third Place 260 Reading with the Stars
Fourth Place 252 Cat Stars
Fourth Place 252 Shooting Stars
Fifth Place 236 Bag of Books
Fifith Place 236 Readers of Oz
Sixth Place 228 The Bedtime Bookworms
Seventh Place 224 The Lovely Ladies of Literature
Eighth Place 220 Fantasy Friends
Eighth Place 220 Script Sorcerers
Eighth Place 220 Z.O.M.B.I.E.S
Ninth Place 216 Holiday Crazys
Tenth Place 212 The Hard Cover Divas
Tenth Place 212 The Random Pajamas
Tenth Place 212 The Wild Things

Alphabetical Scores
236 228 200 196 252 134 133 181
Bag of Books The Bedtime Bookworms Book Eaters from Mars Book Fairies Cat Stars 
Characters Come to Life The Cookie Monsters Cover Girls
200 196 220 136 276 212 216 124
Daisy Picking Leprechauns The Excellent Explorers of the Early Epic of the Earth Fantasy Friends FBI: Fun Book Inspectors Flying Circus Readers
The Hard Cover Divas Holiday Crazys The "Immortal" Readers
204 200 192 224 264 212 192 180
The Leprechauns Little Red Reading Hoods LooneyTunes The Lovely Ladies of Literature Night of the Living Characters
The Random Pajamas Readers in Black Readers in Wonderland
236 260 88 208 220 252 155 212 220
Readers of Oz Reading with the Stars
The Rocket Readers The Rockin' the Boat Readers Script Sorcerers Shooting Stars
Surfin'the Pages The Wild Things Z.O.M.B.I.E.S
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