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Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for Thursday, September 26, 2013

1. Call to Order: Chair Bob Sochacki called the Regular Meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

1.1 Roll Call - Present: Trustees Bob Sochacki, Joe Corriveau, Jean Hansen, Mike DeFrancesco, Paul Snyder, Alan Somershoe and Jim Morché. Also present: Julie Herrin, Library Director; Anne Mannisto, Assistant Library Director; Carla Eggert, Administrative Assistant; Judy DeFrancesco, Friends Board Member.
1.2 Approval of the Agenda: MOTION: Alan Somershoe made a motion to accept the agenda as corrected. Mike DeFrancesco seconded the motion. Motion passed.
1.3 Approval of Meeting Minutes, 8-22-13: MOTION: Jean Hansen made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected. Alan Somershoe seconded the motion. Motion passed.
1.4 Citizen Comments: None.

2. Correspondence: None

3. Director’s Report:
Statistics: Julie Herrin reported that circulation was down very slightly by a little over 1%. The door count is down by over 7%. Downloads were up by 32%. Database usage was down by a considerable amount, including our popular Morningstar and Ancestry databases. This could be a mistake or it could be due to the change we made in the algorithm for logging on to our databases remotely. Freegal was accessed by 94 patrons to download 571 songs. Brainfuse had a total usage of 478 with 41 unique visits. Jean asked Julie to research trends in the usage of the Library databases, circulation, Summer Reading and program participation over a five-year period.
Youth Programming: Fall storytimes for youth have begun. In September there were 12 programs held for children with 453 attendees.
Adult Programming: There were three programs held for adults with a total attendance of 98.
Continuing Education: Julie reported that the staff had been very busy with continuing education opportunities in September. Anne attended a webinar entitled Digging into Databases. Vicki and Patricia attended a workshop on legal resources for patrons. Julie attended a workshop on library security. Julie and Anne and two other librarians attended a workshop on the Affordable Care Act. Libraries are being promoted as a place to go for information on the Affordable Care Act so all of the librarians viewed a webinar on the law. There are five librarians attending the Michigan Library Association conference this year. One of our librarians, Wendy Mutch, is giving a presentation at the conference on our local history website, including the digitized Northville Record and oral histories online. Karen Fehl is attending the Michigan PR Group meetings.
Facilities: Julie reported that the replacement of the concrete curbing in front of the Library was done today.
Public Relations: The Library newsletter went out in the mail the first week of September. The Library has a new blog on the Northville Patch called Northville District Library Notes. We will be promoting Library events and information on the blog. Staff members and some members of the Board marched in the Victorian Festival Parade on Sept. 13. Staff and Board members attended seven open houses at the Northville Public Schools (NPS). We are meeting with the Assistive Technology Coordinator for NPS who contacted the Library to learn more about our online databases. Thanks to Paul Snyder and Joe Thomas, a new supply of books has been delivered to Allen Terrace.

4. Friends of the Northville District Library Report: Judy DeFrancesco, Board member of the Friends, reported that Aleta Lee, the Recording Secretary for the Friends, resigned. Linda Bolam, Corresponding Secretary, agreed to take on the duties of Recording Secretary as well. Jean and Paul spoke to the Friends Board about how the Friends can support the mileage renewal process. Paul stated that funds can be earmarked for this purpose and set aside. Judy asked Paul to discuss this with the Friends Treasurer, Denise Stacer. The Friends are currently halfway through their fiscal year. Their budget is on target and income is up. There will be a financial review done in the fall. Membership is up and currently stands at 250 members. The Friends Gift Store is preparing for holiday sales. Friends’ member shopping days will be held November 15-17, during which time Friends members receive 25% off their purchases. The Friends plan to discuss their contract with Mission-Based Books and their future plans at the October Friends meeting, as they are seeing a marked decrease in revenue from Mission-Based Books sales. Cheryl Pearson has begun working with Judy DeFrancesco on the Books for Babies program. The Fall Used Book Sale will be held Oct. 3-6. The Friends Preview Night is Oct. 3. This coming Sunday, September 29, is the Friends Appreciation Event “Sundaes on Sunday.” Judy invited all the Board of Trustees to attend.

5. Budget and Finance Review:

5.1 Bills over $1,000 for approval: Treasurer Jean Hansen presented the List of Bills over $1,000 for September 2013. MOTION: Jean Hansen made a motion to approve these bills in the amount of $93,766.35 for payment. Mike DeFrancesco seconded the motion. Motion passed.
5.2 Financial Report: : Jean Hansen presented the Financial Report. We are currently 75% through our fiscal year, and have received 100% of our revenue for the year. We will be slightly over budget in the Building and Equipment Maintenance account due to the telephone system upgrade for which we still have one payment to make. Tax refunds totaled $18,765.04 for the month of August. MOTION: Jean Hansen made a motion to make a payment of $13,000 to the Municipal Employee Retirement System (MERS) Retiree Health Funding. Paul Snyder seconded the motion. Motion passed. MOTION: Jean Hansen made a motion to transfer $60,000 from the Operating Fund to the Reserve Fund for Building Preservation. Mike DeFrancesco seconded the motion. Motion passed. The accountants have reviewed the tax refund bills that we have received and determined the portion of the bill that is due from the Debt Fund, since the bill was paid entirely out of the Operating Fund. MOTION: Jean Hansen made a motion to transfer $5,386.47 from the Debt Fund to the Operating Fund. Alan Somershoe seconded the motion. Motion passed. Jean reported that the yearly payment on the debt is due on October 1. MOTION: Jean Hansen motioned to transfer $17,200 from the Debt Fund to U.S. Bank for the debt payment due. Mike DeFrancesco seconded the motion. Motion passed.

6. Proposal from SHW Group on Building Maintenance Assessment: Julie reported that she received a proposal for a building assessment from the SHW Group for $7,800. This is the same company that did the last building assessment ten years ago, though the name of the company was Duce Simmons at that time. The building assessment will provide a report on the maintenance the building will likely require in coming years and what the costs associated with that maintenance over the next five years are likely to be so that we may accurately budget. Julie was asked to arrange for a building assessment by the Finance Committee. Jim Morché asked what the cost of the assessment had been in 2003. Julie reported that it was $2,500 at that time. Bob Sochacki stated that the building assessment should not be used to justify the need for a millage in advance or to justify what has already been done. Alan Somershoe stated that it is critical to know that we have been putting aside enough funds for necessary building repairs. Jim Morché feels that another bid should be requested from another company, as he is opposed to using the same vendor that did the assessment the first time. There was discussion regarding liability and the terms of the contract for services presented by SHW Group. MOTION: Jean Hansen made a motion to hire SHW Group to perform the services listed in their proposed contract for building assessment for an amount not to exceed $7,800. Alan Somershoe seconded the motion. Motion passed with one dissenting vote. Alan asked Julie to ask SHW Group if it would be possible to have the assessment back in time for the November Board meeting.

7. Committee Reports:

7.1 Development Committee: Julie reported that at their Strategic Planning meeting in August the Development Committee established three subcommittees. The three subcommittees were formed for the following purposes: to create the annual mailing; to plan the fundraising event; and to identify possible major donors and foster relationships with previous donors. The subcommittee to plan the Annual Giving Campaign met yesterday to discuss who should be on the mailing list for this year’s solicitation letter. The Committee decided to send this year’s solicitation letter to members of the Friends, past supporters of the library millage and previous donors to the Library Endowment. The letter will go out in the mail in mid-November.

8. Announcements and Comments:

8.1 The next Finance Committee Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. in the Carlo Meeting Room.
8.2 The next Board Meeting will be on Thursday, October 24, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. in the Carlo Meeting Room.

9. Adjourn Regular Meeting: MOTION: Jim Morché made a motion to adjourn the September Regular Board Meeting. Joe Corriveau seconded the motion. Motion passed. The Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Paul Snyder, Secretary
CE 09/30/13

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