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Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for Thursday, July 28, 2011

Regular Meeting Minutes
Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 7:30 p.m.
Northville District Library Carlo Meeting Room

1. Chairperson Joe Corriveau called the Regular Meeting to order at 7:33 p.m. In the absence of Board Secretary, Mike DeFrancesco, Paul Snyder was appointed as Acting Secretary for this meeting.

1.1 Roll Call - Present: Trustees Joe Corriveau, Jean Hansen, Paul Snyder, Jim Morché, Robert Sochacki and Suzanne Miller. Also present: Anne Mannisto, Assistant Director; Judith Williams, Administrative Assistant; and Erin McDermott, Second Vice President of the Friends. Staff member Suzanne Schimanski-Gross was also present in the audience.
Absent: Trustee Mike DeFrancesco and Julie Herrin, Director.
1.2 Approval of the Agenda: MOTION: Jim Morché made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. Suzanne Miller seconded the motion. Motion passed.
1.3 Approval of the Regular Board Meeting Minutes for June 23, 2011: MOTION: Paul Snyder made a motion to accept the minutes for the Board Meeting of June 23, 2011 as corrected. Robert Sochacki seconded the motion. Motion passed.
1.4 Citizen Comments: None

2. Correspondence: None

3. Director's Report:

Statistics: In Julie Herrin's absence, Anne Mannisto gave the Director's report. She reported that the circulation statistics have nearly returned to normal since it has now been one year since the reopening of the Novi Library. Computer usage numbers are very high, with Internet and wireless setting records for the highest ever. Usage of the Youth computers and Local History computers were high as well; eBook usage has doubled. While database usage in terms of sessions is slightly down, database searches are up.

Youth Programming: Registration for the Youth Summer Reading Program has reached 875 so far, up from 830 at this time last year. The Final Party is scheduled for Wednesday, August 17. To date there have been 17 events with 1,389 participants. This Friday, July 29, will be the second Fun Flicks in the Park east of the Library, in conjunction with the Northville Parks and Recreation Department.
Teen: Registration for the Teen Summer Reading Program is 165. 117 teens have participated in 7 events to date. The Teen Summer Reading Final Party will be held on Friday, August 19.

Adult Programming: There are 210 individuals enrolled in the Adult Summer Reading Program. The Foreign Film this month hosted 55 viewers. The Book Discussion had 13 participants. The Rogers and Hart Program had 55 attendees and the Life of a Medical Examiner Program had 65. The Program on Digital Scrapbooking had 21 attendees.

Collections: Anne reported on a new app, Library Anywhere, that provides mobile access via a smart phone to the Library Catalog. The Library has a new Youth collection of Nintendo DS games which was underwritten by the Friends of the Library. There are currently 40 items in this very popular collection with additional purchases planned. Statewide Mel Databases will be adding Opposing Viewpoints and CultureGrams while dropping Novelist effective October 1, 2011. We will be subscribing to Novelist independently to be able to continue providing this Readers Advisory database to our patrons. The Neighborhood Library Association Community Reads selection for this year is "The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein. The author will be speaking at the Novi Library on Thursday, November 10. We will have events supporting Community Reads in October for adults and in November for youth.

Public Relations: The Library had a booth to promote Library services at the Farmer's Market on Thursday, June 30. The Library will hold the "Just Desserts" event to honor our volunteers on Thursday, August 11 at 7 p.m.; 124 invitations have been sent out. The Fall Newsletter will be delivered to Northville residents the first week of September. Anne reported that Julie had an opportunity to meet with Robert Behnke, Assistant Superintendent for Public Instruction for the Northville Public Schools. Following this discussion, Mr. Behnke sent an email to all NPS Principals requesting an information table for the Library at each of the school Open Houses; he also sent a link to the Library's Teacher Tips section to all NPS Teachers. To promote our online resources, he suggested that the Library schedule visits to talk to the middle school teachers during their Lunch hours (with food).

Facilities: Anne reported that the design for the Teen Area renovation has been finalized and we are awaiting the total cost for the proposal. The Library Administration has asked the Friends for the funding for the surge suppressors and a universal power supply for the electrical service and server room in the Library. This equipment is needed to protect costly equipment from the power fluctuations that have caused previous damage.

Staff: A representative from Baker and Taylor, one of the Library's primary vendors, came to the Library to update training on the use of Title Source, the B&T collection development tool.

Misc: Anne reported that the Library has subscribed to an Institutional Membership in MLA which will save on Individual Membership fees. She also reported that the 2012 TLN Delivery Fee will be $4,750 which is less than anticipated due to increased State Aid to TLN.


4. Friends Report: Erin McDermott, second vice president of the Friends, gave the Friends report in the absence of Jennifer Gustafson.

She noted that the Friends assisted at the Farmers Market booth on June 30 and also provided assistance at the Teen Fablehaven Lock-in on Friday, July 15. Upcoming Friends events include the Wine Tasting and Silent Auction on Wednesday, August 17, and the Fall Used Book Sale, which will run from Friday, September 30 through Sunday, October 2. Friends-sponsored Programs include Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro on Tuesday, September 6, and All that Jazz on Wednesday, October 5. The bookmark design contest that was planned for the fall has now been rescheduled for the spring. Judy DeFrancesco has been appointed as a Director of the Friends until the Annual Election next spring. Linda Schwelnus will assume the presidency of the Friends in September when Jennifer Gustafson resigns due to her move to Germany.


5. Budget and Finance Review:

5.1 MOTION: Treasurer Jean Hansen made a motion to approve payment of the Northville District Library List of Bills over $1,000 for July 2011. Robert Sochacki seconded the motion. Motion passed.

5.2 Jean distributed the June 2011 Financial Reports. She reported that the Fiscal Year is approximately 68% over and the expenses are on track. She commented that approximately 98% of revenue for the Library budgeted for the year has been received. State Aid received to date is higher than expected.

5.3 Jean Hansen distributed the 2011- 2012 Proposed Budget. These figures are taken from the 5-year plan that was formulated earlier this year. Jean noted that the Reserve Fund will continue to shrink going forward. Total revenue for 2012 is projected to be 1.5% less than it was in 2011. Personnel costs are 70% of the total Budget and the Library must allot 10% of the budget for acquisitions to requalify for the Enhanced Certification with the State of Michigan. Jean also noted that the Library must schedule a Public Hearing on the 2011-2012 Budget. The Public Hearing will be held on August 25 at 7:00 p.m., just prior to the regular August Board of Trustees Meeting.


6. Committee Reports:

6.1 The Policy Committee met on Wednesday, July 27, to review two existing policies. Committee Chair Suzanne Miller presented the Policy on Endowment for a second reading. Suzanne then made a motion to accept the Policy on Endowment for second reading; Jean Hansen seconded the motion. Motion passed. MOTION: Jean also asked for a motion that all monetary donations to the Library, unless designated for a specific purpose by either the donor or the Library Administration, be added to the Endowment Fund to help in the growth of future sustainable funding for the Library. Paul Snyder seconded the motion. Motion passed.

6.2 Suzanne Miller presented the Policy on Requests for Library Records by Law Enforcement Officers for first reading with revisions made at the Policy Committee Meeting. The revisions clarified the policy to reflect our current procedures in regard to keeping records and to clearly cite the USA Patriot Act. MOTION: Suzanne made the motion to adopt this revised Policy for first reading. Robert Sochacki seconded the motion. Motion passed.

6.3 Suzanne presented the revisions made to the By-Laws for the Board of Trustees. The revisions made to the By-Laws were primarily grammatical.

6.4 Development Committee: The position of the Friends in regard to support for the Library's Endowment Fund was clarified. There was a discussion regarding the donor solicitation campaign for 2011. Since this is the final year that the State of Michigan will offer tax credits for contributions to either Community Foundations (for the Endowment Fund) or to Public Libraries, the Committee decided to pursue the option of sending solicitation letters to the entire community, rather than just to selected supporters of the Library, pending a review of the associated costs. The committee also discussed the timing of the Donor Recognition Event, as well as a possible "Signature Event" for fundraising. Erin McDermott, Paul Snyder and Suzanne Miller had all agreed to work on Events for the Committee at its first meeting in March. The Committee is also suggesting that an informational program on Planned Giving be held in early 2012. Paul asked for clarification as to why the Development Committee is not an official Board Committee. Jean explained that it is important to include people on the Committee who are not on the Board, making its status different than a typical Board Committee.


7. Announcements and Comments

7.1 The next Board Meeting will be on Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. in the Carlo Meeting Room.

7.2 The next Finance Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. in the Carlo Meeting Room.

MOTION: Jim Morché made a motion to adjourn the Regular Meeting. Robert Sochacki seconded the motion. Motion passed.

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:58 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Paul Snyder, Acting Secretary
JW 8/8/2011

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