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Closed Sundays for Summer
Phone: 248-349-3020

What's Happening

Animal Magic Show


Kids were enthralled at the Library when a tarantula, a giant porcupine, a sloth, and an owl showed off during Mark Rosenthal's Animal Magic Show July 15. See more photos at our Library Photo Gallery.

Check It Out! NDL's New Blog

JUMPING RESIZEDBook and movie lovers!  Our new blog CHECK IT OUT, offers you the perfect place to get ideas for your next book or movie and to find out what NDL staff thinks about them. The best part is, you can comment on the posts and let us know your thoughts too!  Many thanks to our four fearless library friends who cheerfully volunteered to pose for our blog photos, taken by our staff photographer Lisa Bachman.  All are welcome to join in our blogging fun with CHECK IT OUT!

Pure Northville Photo Contest

EMail Alex Gruly1
EMail Alex Gruly2
EMail Alex Gruly3
EMail Fundukian
EMail Linda Schwelnus1
EMail Linda Schwelnus2
EMail Linda Schwelnus3
EMail Snyed1
EMail Snyed2
EMail Snyed3
Hard Copy in Folder, Terry Snyed
Instagram hollyhurd1
Instagram hollyhurd2
Instagram hollyhurd3
Instagram hollyhurd4
Instagram hollyhurd5
Instagram hollyhurd6
Instagram hollyhurd7
Instagram hollyhurd8
Instagram i_am_a_girl_named_elsa
Instagram lschwel
Instagram that_pale_ginger

These photos are all entries in our Pure Northville Photo Contest. All ages are encouraged to enter a photo (up to 3) in the contest, which runs through August 15. We'll be sharing more entries on our website. Check out our Pure Northville Photo Contest album on our Facebook page to see all the entries so far.  Submit via email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 


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