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What I value about the Northville District Library. . .

"I like the puppets. And playing on the computers. And most of all I love to read books about animals. I love the library!" ~ Hailey Chmiel

"I value the Northville District Library because it is a meeting place for anyone and because has thousands of resources that anyone can access."  ~ Nolan Knight

"I value books the most because they are cool." ~ Jack Wiarda

"I love finding all the new release books and DVDs. The staff is always helpful and friendly to me and my kids. I appreciate how fast the library gets items from other libraries to fill my reserves." ~ Jon Wiarda

"I value that the library has anything you need and is a place for knowledge." ~ Ahmad Radiyah

"I LOVE the kind people who work here. Always so nice and willing to help." ~ Alex Slaughter

"Being able to come and check out movies, especially Hot Pics, and have date nights at home with my husband for free!" ~ Tracie Richett

"I value the convenience the library offers. Everything is labeled and easy to locate. The employees here are always ready to assist me with any question. I enjoy the special events offered here as well, those are invaluable." ~ Julie Cylla

"The cozy atmosphere, downtown location, and friendly staff." ~ Mary Ann Zad

"By the willingness of the children's librarians, my children have continued to foster their love of reading." ~ Amy Martin

"That they have fun books and you get to learn things that you need to know in school." ~ Susy Hellen

"I like DVDs and books." ~ Heba Tahzeeb

"It is the only library that has memory in books." ~ Luana Firmino

"What I value most is the Nancy Drew mysteries here. They are awesome books!!!!"  ~ Sarah Reed

"The wonderful, gregarious, helpful and intelligent staff." ~ Kathleen Thompson

"My time with Jeannie Davidson: 1. Her recommendations of classic novels and current bios of these authors; 2. Too short visits with her, discussing these books, once read." ~ Mike Brick

"Friendly and helpful smiles." (no name given)

"As an elementary school teacher in a low income school, the Northville Library has been a lifesaver! My students have limited access to books and we do not have a school library. Northville Library opens up the world to my wonderful kinders with new books in class each week." ~ Jazmyn Becker

"Good collection of books and DVDs. Nice location." ~ Krishnan Ramaswamy

"My autistic daughter, Sarah Whitaker, loves borrowing movies, CDs, and books. She is also very adept at using MEL. When her items come in, the library employees are quick to tell her. They are all so very kind, friendly and patient to Sarah, and are never too busy to chat with her. I value this most about the library." ~ Anna Whitaker

"Children's section – books, puzzles, magnetic boards and of course the computers/ Like the programs conducted too for kids." ~ Sumana Shelvalajan

"The genuine interest and eagerness of all the employees to be helpful." ~ Gloria Potochick

"Classroom, books, puppets, puzzles." ~ Saamaja 

"The books and nice DVDs and activities in the library are very, very good." ~ Varun Jambatur

"What I care most about is the books, because there's a variety of topics. The other thing is they have really nice employees that help you and me find things we need. That's what I care most about." ~ Megan Wiarda

"I love how this library makes me feel as comfortable as possible. I always have the easiest time finding books I need and they have so many to choose from!" ~ Sarah Jabbour

"Getting new books with Mommy." ~ Brian Anderson

"I value everything here at this wonderful library. From the amazing staff, and all the interesting books, right up to the cool programs they hold here at the library." ~ Eleanor Wang

" I love the story times and children's events. More than that, though, I value the help of the library staff in helping me use the library so that I and my family can get the most from it." ~ Thea Hamman

"The best thing about the Northville Library is that you can get fantastic books." ~ Aidan Statetzny

"Proximity and small-town feel." ~ Jeanne Jund

"That everyone is so nice and I love to read so I love that there's always a new book." ~ Sara Taylor

"We really like the helpful staff, the little store in the front of the library, and the group classes that are organized. My daughter loves visiting Northville Library every week." ~ Riya Madabhushi

"I value the helpful staff, awesome book selection, the always fresh new section, and cool displays." ~ Claire Martin

"I value the patient and helpful librarians. I also make use of the great collection of test-prep materials downstairs." ~ Aillen You

"Everything! Could not live without!" ~ Karen Garby

"I value that all the librarians are always helpful and can get you the book, movie, or CD you want. The librarians here are also very nice." ~ Alexander Moyski

"The virtually unlimited availability of books, audiobooks, and movies. We love all these forms of entertainment and knowledge and appreciate such easy access." ~ Carol Westphal

"I love the DVDs, video games, and the book store. Because the bookstore downstairs is a great opportunity to get a book to keep or give to a family member." ~ Anastasia B.B.

"There are so so many books that I like and so many more to read." ~ Callista Cranson

"Being able to check out movies." ~ Andrew Lee

"The books in it." ~ Juliana Lee

"I value the fact that I live in such a great place that I can walk to a place, for FREE, take out many kinds of books and DVDs and CDs, and enjoy them. I am truly thankful. I am thankful when I couldn't afford a computer, I could use one here. And everyone is helpful and nice. A great place." ~ Margo Schmidt

"Being able to rent Wii games and check out Garfield books." ~ Blake

"All the books you can check out and that you can put books and movies on hold if you can't get them or find them." ~ Caroline

"The kindness and helpfulness of the librarians." ~ Joshua Chacko

"What I value most about the library is that all the staff make sure that everybody is comfortable and is able to help us find books we're looking for. You can choose from all different kinds of books. I love the library." ~ Karin Yassine

"Extra programs for kids." ~ Jennifer Creighton

"You have great non-fiction and fiction books so I don't need to get any books from the book fair." ~ Alina Brown

"The puppets, puzzles and books. I love that it is close to my home and I can walk here with my family." ~ Meredith Martin

"I value the friendliness of the librarians and the incredible amount of resources." ~ Luay Lee

"I value how every time I go it is lots of fun. Whether it is to read books, play on the computer, or do an activity, it is fun." ~ Matthew Martin

"The people working here and everything you offer beyond just the great selection! The classes, programs, and subject selections (i.e. 'If you liked ____, you'll love ____') are always interesting and helpful!" ~ Regan Couger

"I love the fact that I can find any book, either on the shelf or through inter-library loan. I write about disabilities, and I can do my research at the library with my children. " ~ Karen Wang

"Kids, books, puzzles." ~ Sujana Krishnan

"I Geek: comics. I most value the Garfield and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books along with the action movies!" ~ Austin Chmiel

"The library has something for everyone! There are countless events – the summer reading program, online resources, child-centered activities, the book cellar sales, computer tutoring,  opportunities to meet authors, etc. The library is a Northville gem." ~ Julie Stahl

"I value being able to get the books I want to read and the recent DVDs. I value the efficient and friendly staff. I don't even mind paying the fines when I'm overdue." ~ Cindy Ayers

"The books." ~ Mona

"I like always having this place when I have no reading material." ~ Robert D.

"I love doing puzzles!" ~ Kaylyn Tuck

"There are lots and lots of activities made available at the Northville District Library. There is, of course, the awesome summer reading program. There are also events that are so cool – like the lock-ins, arts-and-crafts kind of things, and speakers come to tell people about neat things." ~ Allison Pasek

"The thing I value most is that the Northville Library has the video game section for anyone to try out a video game. For example, if they want it and it turns out a bad video game." ~ Ally Marin

"I love the library for many reasons. I love reading and I love the library programs! I also love that they library gives me a place to volunteer – the library is one of my favorite places to volunteer." ~ Molly Pelic

"I like looking for books upstairs and downstairs. I like reading books." ~ Malcolm Wang

"All the books and that we can walk here." ~ Eve Martin

"It's beautiful, clean, and the staff is friendly!" ~ Chloe Kiple

"It is pretty convenient for me to just take a ride in my car and go to the Northville District Library. In addition, I do not need to go that far to get to my favorite series, The Hardy Boys. That is what I value the most at the Northville District Library." ~ Andrew He

"All the staff is always happy and they always look like they want to be here." ~ Matthew Gutowsky

"The first book was good. I got my own card." ~ Jack Hosmer

"I value the service and offerings this library has. The online library presentation is effective and user friendly. Thank you!" ~ Monifa Henry

"We have been bringing our children to the library since we moved to Northville in 2003. We often come on Saturday mornings and the kids love getting books/videos and using the computers and puzzles and puppets! We love that the ladies in the children's department always know the kids by name and welcome them. We love the summer reading program for kids and teens, both
the book and prizes and the programming. We also love showcasing the kids' collections in the cases. In this digital age, we love seeing our kids get excited about real books and knowing they can find any topic of interest at the library. Of course, mom and dad love coming, too! Someday we'll be bringing the grandkids!" ~ Kim Koilpillai

"One of my favorite discoveries was the genealogy/history room a few years ago. Because of the ability to use for free, I was able to find out things about my family that we didn't know. And, because of the information, I was able to find a long-lost cousin and actually meet ... enough of that. Another thing I liked about coming here is simply that it is such a beautifully designed building. That beauty really stands out once you see the photograph in the conference room. And I love the whole reading area with the fireplace and the painting above the mantel piece. I'm very grateful for this library and the wonderful people who staff it. P.S. – if you hadn't been holding this contest, I may never have taken the opportunity to say thank you – so thank you!" ~ Janie Eskuri


Favorite library memory. . .

"The animal shows at the library! And the magic shows and the puppet shows!" ~ Hailey Chmiel

"My memories are playing on the computers. It is really fun." ~ Jack Wiarda

"Visiting the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and seeing the beautiful murals, huge reading room, and endless stacks of books. I'm always proud to tell people my mother has worked there for many years." ~ Jon Wiarda

"My favorite memory is when I checked out over a limit and the manners of the librarian were really nice." ~ Ahmad Radiyah

"Sitting reading any book someone would recommend to me." ~ Alex Slaughter

"My favorite library memory is when I first walked into Northville's library and the friendly service I was greeted with. Nothing was impossible to figure out or find because the librarians made it simple and easy to simply walk in and find what you are looking for. I come 2-3 times per week faithfully because it's extremely fun and pleasant to be here." ~ Julia Cylla

"My favorite memories are with my daughter. She loved selecting picture books as a pre-reader. I remember the years I spent driving her to the library in grade 1-12 for summer reading lists or to do research. Taking home DVDs was always a hit! Now she graduates May 4th from the University of Michigan. The library played a big part in her development! Thank you!" ~ Linda Wagner

"My 3-year old son and I were at a 'Mommy and Kid' group here making puppets (years ago) from paper bags. Scissors were distributed. My son yelled out excitedly 'Haircuts!' Priceless." ~ Mary Ann Zad

"When I sink into a library couch and enjoy a book, time flies without me noticing." ~ Connie You

"When my son and daughter are thrilled with the books I have selected for them on our biweekly 'library pick up day.'" ~ Amy Martin

"When we did crafts." ~ Susy Hellen

"I love love love love love books!" ~ Syona

"I can play on the computer." ~ Heba Tahzeeb

"Every other week, bringing my two sons to the children's book section to fill up a new bagful of quiet-time adventures, imaginings, explorations and enlightenment!" ~ Val Amsdill

"I like to travel in books because books give me so much memory." ~ Luana Firmino

"When I first came here I did not want to leave, and I love the shows, puppets, and puzzles." ~ Miranda Esser

"My favorite library memory is when I got a Nancy Drew bag in the used book sale." ~ Sarah Reed

"Recalling my trip with Oprah to Australia with a couple of your staff here – I Geek contests!" ~ Kathleen Thompson

"Working with Patricia (computer help) and Suzanne (editing) when nominating Jeannie D for the 'I Love My Librarian 2010 Award.'" ~ Mike Brick

"Suzanne does amazing sock monkeys!! My two girls, who felt 'lost' in their new school district 6 years ago, suddenly enjoyed our new town because of our sock monkey experience! Thank you." ~ Anonymous

"I remember participating in a mosaic outdoor keepsake taught by Suzanne. I was there to help my daughter, Sarah, with this project. It was such a wonderful, pleasant afternoon. When I look at the sparkling gems in the middle of my flower bed, it reminds me of that afternoon." ~ Anna Whitaker

"I was babysitting at my daughter's home when I received a phone call asking for her. I identified myself as her mother and said she wasn't home. The lady on the phone said she checked a book out of the Northville Library and found a check with my daughter's ID in it, made out to me for $300.00. It seems I had used it as a bookmark and it sat undiscovered on
a library shelf for three months! I hadn't missed I and now believe there are guardian angels in the library." ~ Gloria Potochick

"I like to play on the computer." ~ Varun Jambatur

"My favorite memory is when the summer reading program started. I had so much fun reading in the summer reading program." ~ Megan Wiarda

"Going to the magic show with Mommy." ~ Brian Anderson

"One of my favorite library memories was when I went to one of the summer reading programs' party. It was really fun and I won a few raffles." ~ Eleanor Wang

"My daughter and two nephews were in the children's section (15 months, 4 years, and 5 years, respectively). The two boys climbed up onto the sofa, and the oldest brought his baby cousin onto his lap. The 3 of them sat and read together on a spring afternoon with the sunlight streaming in behind them. It was priceless." ~ Thea Hamman

"My favorite library memory was when I got my library card." ~ Aidan Statetzny

"Reading the Northville Record weekly by the fire." ~ Jeanne Jund

"My favorite library moment was when I was younger and whenever my mom would come here with me and my sister. We would always play on the computer." ~ Alexander Moyski

"Sitting in the hearth area with my 'tweeners' all reading and relaxing" ~ Carol Westphal

"The magic show when I got called up to help with an awesome trick!" ~ Callista Cranson

"Getting to meet some friends and play." ~ Andrew Lee

"Checking out books." ~ Juliana Lee

"The tarantula at the animal show!" ~ Blake

"The spooky story time because we made Halloween crafts and read stories." ~ Caroline

"The time that I won so many prizes because I unlocked the power of thanks to Battle of the Books." ~ Joshua Chacko

"My favorite library memory is when I signed up for roller coaster making. And we tested them to whose group would make the best roller coaster Also we got to ride in a mini made roller coaster." ~ Karin Yassine

"My kids loved all the shows/storytimes. Now, they are older and I cherish those times coming here with them." ~ Jennifer Creighton

"Last Year me and Violet decorated the children's library with all the puppets in the puppet box." ~ Meredith Martin

"My favorite library memory is when I went to the murder mystery with my cousin. It was lots of fun getting clues and tips. It was really funny when he was killed with a fork. I had a blast." ~ Matthew Martin

"I grew up near the old Canton Public Library (now the police station). Back in the day, we'd go weekly to get new books and were allowed to check out a puppet (with a story) each week , too. Acting out the story while reading was always so much fun. Being read a story with lots of other children was always a good time, too. " ~ Regan Couger

"Every time I take my children to the library, I trail behind them with our heavy library bag, shouting, 'Walking feet!' as they ignore me and gleefully run inside to look up new books." ~ Karen Wang

"The animal magic shows are great fun and exciting! And also making crafts!" ~ Austin Chmiel

"When Suzaane ran Books, Chat, and Chow for teens, I loved seeing teens share their love of books with each other." ~ Julie Stahl

"When I went to the coaster project." ~ Mona

"I like getting all of the books. I like playing on the computer." ~ Kaylyn Tuck

"My favorite memory was the Warriors lock-in. At the lock-in, we were given clan rankings (from kit to clan leader) based on our knowledge of the books. We were put into clans and given henna tattoos of our clans' symbols. We made den buttons, were given den-cat names, had a trivia contest, and won cool prizes. It was super fun!!" ~ Allison Pasek

"That when the library let the Venice Ct. Crew to display their legos in the case on March 2013 and after we went to put them in we got ice cream and that's my favorite memory." ~ Ally Marin

"My favorite library memory is the time I first came here. I remember getting a lot of books for my parents to read to me." ~ Emma Gniewek

"My favorite memory is of taking my grandchildren to story hour. Out time spent together with books!!!" ~ Kerry Hutto

"When I met my best friend Kyle Watter. He was putting some legos in the case in the kid area" ~ Sara Taylor

"I like the books that the library has and the videos and games too." ~ Riya Madabhushi

"It was when I decided to make a display and Ms. Dorie helped me get the case ready." ~ Claire Martin

"I'd sit on a couch with a book open in my lap for hours. The quiet and comfortable setting is great for concentrating." ~ Aillen You

"Storytime with my toddlers and Ms. Dorie." ~ Karen Garby

"My favorite library memory was, when the first time I walked into the library, I admired how big and beautiful it was. The best part was the books and how many the library has, and how many selections and genres to choose from. This was my favorite library memory." ~ Samantha Imalele

"I come here to play with my brother. Sometimes we walk down to the farmer's market this summer." ~ Malcolm Wang

"The time me, Meredith, Matthew, and Grace did puppet shows, and when me and Meredith made a pet store with the puppets." ~ Eve Martin

"One summer day I rode my bike all the way to the library and checked out 2 books. I sat outside on a picnic table with a lemonade and a PB&J and read for the rest of the day." ~ Chloe Kiple

"I do not have The Hardy Boys but this library has it. I am very happy about it. That is my favorite library memory." ~ Andrew He

"The first time I was at the library, there were so many books!" ~ Jack Hosmer

"My favorite library memory is when we moved to Northville and were introduced to this library four years ago. I appreciated all the events and spaces the library has for each of my family members to enjoy or study their books." ~ Monifa Henry

"There are so many that I can't remember. I've been using the library since it was over by the police station, before this lovely building was built. 99.9% of the people who work here are absolutely wonderful and many have become so familiar after all these years. Seeing many of the same librarians and circulation people time after time provides a wonderful sense of
community and belonging. (I think the belonging part comes from them being so friendly.)" ~ Janie Eskuri

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