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About Us

Northville District Library Endowment Fund
Give. Inspire. Grow.

Your gift to the Northville District Library Endowment Fund helps ensure our future.

Touch the Future with a Gift to the Library Endowment Fund

The Northville District Library Endowment Fund was established in 2001 under the auspices of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. Its mission is to provide a permanent source of income to ensure continued excellence in the programs and services of the Northville District Library. The Fund has grown to over $400,000 since it's inception. An endowment is the perfect way to make a difference during your lifetime and, at the same time, provide a gift that lasts forever. Your contribution is pooled with others and invested to earn income for the Library.

Why Your Gift Matters

Contributions of all sizes are welcome and meaningful as they will grow over time, enabling the endowment to become an increasingly significant source of enhancement funding for the Library. Your gift will help the Library expand and diversify its collections, invest in new technologies, and provide a wide range of programs that appeal to all ages and backgrounds. It will ensure the Library's future as a vibrant, inviting place for all members of the community.


Make your payment online

You will be directed to the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan site.
To be sure your gift goes to the Northville Library:
  1. Under "Organization Name", enter "Northville District Library".
  2. Continue completing the form with your information.
View our list of Endowment Fund Donors.
Library Giving Tree
Special Donor Recognition

The Library Giving Tree honors our generous donors for their support of the Northville District Library. Located in the Library entryway, the Library Giving Tree recognizes those individuals or groups who have made gifts in support of the Library. The gifts may be to the Library directly, to the Endowment Fund, or to the Friends of the Library. Click to read more about how you can be acknowledged with a leaf or rock on the Library Giving Tree.

The Giving Tree was made possible in part by a large donation from the Friends of the Library.

Engraving compliments of Orin Jewelers.

Many Ways To Give

There are many different ways to give to the Library Endowment Fund:

  • Outright Gifts
    Make a gift of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate or other assets
  • Bequests
    Designate a gift or portion of your estate through your will or living trust
  • Life Insurance Policy or Retirement Plan
    Name the Northville District Library Endowment Fund as a beneficiary
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
    Make a gift of cash or property now, get immediate tax benefits, and ensure that you and/or a loved one receive fixed income payments for life
  • Other Life Income Plans
    Consider a Charitable Remainder Trust or a Charitable Lead Trust

For assistance in planning your gift, consult with your financial advisor or call 1 -888-WE-ENDOW at the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. For more information, contact Library Director, Julie Herrin, at 248-349-3020 ext. 206.

Library Giving Tree

Library Giving Tree

To honor our generous donors for their support
of the Northville District Library
Special Donor Recognition

The Library Giving Tree is a beautiful addition to the Library, providing a permanent visual expression of your community spirit for generations to come. Engraved leaves and rocks acknowledge individuals or groups who have made substantial gifts in support of the Library. Gifts may be to the Library directly, to the Endowment Fund, or to the Friends of the Library. Some gifts are eligible for special tax credits.

Your leaf keeps our tree growing!

  • Contributions are cumulative, starting from January 2006
  • Donations totaling $1,000 or more, starting in 2006 will be acknowledged by a leaf on the tree. Donations totaling $10,000 will be acknowledged by a rock at the base of the tree.
  • Estate gifts will be recognized at the time of the receipt of the bequest

Ways to Give

  • Give Directly to the Library. Giving to the Library - in any amount - helps enrich our collections and services. Make your check payable to Northville District Library and present it to a library staff member or mail directly to Library at:

Northville District Library, c/o Julie Herrin, 212 West Cady Street, Northvillle, MI 48167

Or, donate online. . .

  • Touch the Future with a Gift to the Library Endowment Fund. A gift to the Fund, established in 2001 under the auspices of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, is pooled with others and invested to earn income for the Library. This is a gift that truly lasts forever! 
  • Give directly to the Friends of the Library. Your financial contribution to the Friends can be used in many ways to help support the Library. Contact the Friends Board President, for more information on giving to the Friends of the Library.

Contact Library Director, Julie Herrin, at 248-349-3020 ext. 206 for more information about the Library Giving Tree.

The Giving Tree was made possible in part by a large donation from the Friends of the Library.

Engraving compliments of Orin Jewelers.

Hours & Location

 Hours & Location

Library Hours

Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 9 pm
Friday & Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm
Sundays (during school session, closed during the summer): 1 pm - 5 pm

Library Location (address & phone number)

Northville District Library
212 West Cady Street
Northville, MI 48167-1560
phone: (248) 349-3020
fax: (248) 349-8250

Directions | Parking Map

Directions, Hours & Location, Park Map

Endowment Fund Donors

The Library thanks the individuals listed below for their generous gifts to help the Endowment grow.

Mr. & Mrs. G. Michael Abbott
Dr. & Dr. Munther Ajlouni
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Allen
Allied Building Services
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Alonzo
Mr. & Mrs. Karl O. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Anthony
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard R. Bach
Ms. Angeline Baetz
Ms. Barbara B. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Russell G. Barget
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace E. Beaber
Ms. Janet M. Bernardino
Ms. Beth A. Beson
Hon. Gregory Dean Bill
Ms.Carolyn A. Blanchard
Dr. & Mrs. Marshall Blondy
Mr. & Mrs. Danny M. Bongiovanni
Mr. & Mrs. Bent G. Boving
Mrs. Jane Bowser
Mr. & Mrs. James Bright
Ms. Mary D. Brissette
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H.Brown, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Budde
Ms. Ann Burek
Cambridge Homes
Family of John J. Carlo
Mr. & Mrs. Philip H. Chase
Mr. & Mrs. M. Terrence Clemens
Comerica Bank
Mrs. Roseann Comstock
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Connell
Kathleen Contant
Mr. William Craft
Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Crouse
Mr. Edward F. Curley Jr. & Ms. Paula L. Bradbury
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Dayton
Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. DeFrancesco
Mrs. Charles P. DeLand
Nancy L. Devine
Ms. Suzanne L. Diment
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Drew
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Elder
Mrs. Brenda Engel
Fanning/Howey Associates
Drusilla Farwell Foundation
Mrs. & Mrs. Steve M. Fecht
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Fehl
Mr. & Mrs. David Filkin
Dr. & Mrs. Richard W. Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Forbes
Dr. & Mrs. Gordon Forrer
Ms. Dolores L. Freebury
Friends of the Northville District Library
Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Gabrys
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Gans
Dorothy Gay
Arvilla M. Gilbert
Ms. Sharon K. Giltner
Mr. & Mrs. Albert L. Glover
Grand Sakwa
Ms. Renee T. Grant
Mr. David G. Gray  
Ms. Betty Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Grix
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Gustafson
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Gutowkski
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Hale
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Hallam
Mrs. Geraldine G. Hamlen
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Handley
Ms. Jean M. Hansen
Mr. Howard Hansen & Mrs. Jacquelyn S. Hess
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lee Harris
Ms. Karen Hasenstab
Mr. Dale D. & Dr. Jacqueline Haskin
Mr. & Mrs. Terence W. Heaton
Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Hebert
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Heckemeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Henningsen
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley R. Henrikson
Ms. Marcia K. Hershoren
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Hill
Hiller's Inc.
Mrs. Marian M. Hines
Mrs. Christine M. Hinkle
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hogan
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas F. Horst
Ms. Barbara D. Hudgins
Mr. & Mrs. David Hursey
Ivanhoe Huntley Northville Builders
Ms.Irene Iwasiuk
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jensen
Mr. & Mrs. David Jerome
Law Offices of David E. Jerome PC
Mr. Dale Johnstone
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Kearns
Mr. John P. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Kerr
Ms. Mary Ellen King
Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Kittrell
Mr. & Mrs. John Klarr
Mr. & Mrs. Milton Koenig
Dr. Patricia A. Kolowich
Ms. Peggy Koppy
Ms. Marilyn S. Kornmesser
Ms. Marlene Kramar
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Krywko
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent C. Kuebler
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lahiff
Ms. Julie Laliberte
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Lane
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Lang
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Lapetz Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. Last
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene G. Lawrie
Ms. Mary Louise  Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Lenardon
Leo E. and Ann June Mainville Fund
Ms. Sally A. LePla
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Lickman
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Y. Liu
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lloyd
Mr. John G. Lorence
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn L. Lower
Ms. Pamela D. Lowrey
Thomas J. Lynch
Mr. & Mrs. John E. MacDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin D. MacFarlane
Peter & Carol Maise
Mr. and Mrs. Ward R. Malisch
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Malloure
Mr. & Mrs. Keith R. Mannisto
Mr. David W. Marold
Mrs. Frances A. Mattison
William A. Foss & Molly J. Maurer
Ms. Doris M. Maynard
Susan Rice & Thomas Maza
Mr. & Mrs. William G. McAskin
Mr. & Mrs. George J. McCarthy Jr.
Mr. Thaddeus McCotter
Mr. & Mrs. Donald McCulloch
Mr. John J. Meyer
Mr. Stephen Mihalik Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ben A. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Sarunas S. Mingela
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick A. Mitchell, III
Mr. & Mrs. Brent M. Mitrzyk
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome J. Mittman
Ms. Barbara Moroski-Browne
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Morrow
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Mulkerin
Ms. Christa Grix and Mr. Michael J. Mullen
Ms. Tommie Sue Mullin
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Murdock
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Murdock
Mr. Andrew I. Mutch
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Needham
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Nield
Mrs. Courtley M. Niman
Northville Lions Club
Northville Newcomers and Neighbors Club
Northville Racing Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Nuyen Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Oldenburg
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Olgren
Mr. & Mrs. Jerol S. Olson
Mr. & Mrs. Gary V. Ostrowski
Ms. Kathleen M. Otton
Mr.& Mrs. William L. Paquette
Jerry Morris & Lynn Parkllan
Ms. Charlene E. Parrott
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Patterson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Pearson
Mr. Edward M. Pelic and Mrs. Cheryl Mason-Pelic
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas G. Petlicke
Mr. & Mrs. James Petrie
Pfizer Foundation
Ms. Carol Poenisch
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Poissant
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Potchynok
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence G. Poupard
Pulte Homes
Mr. William E. Quarterman
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Rearick
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin F. Reinholz
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Rhodes
Mr. & Mrs. Lane  Ritter
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Rizik
Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Ross
Ms. Marian Rowlette
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Russell
Dr. & Mrs. Edward G. Sarkisian
Mr. & Mrs. David Scheinberg
Mr. Brian L. Schmidt
Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Schramm
Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Schupra
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas O. Sharkey
Ms. Judith A. Sherman
Ms. Carol A. Sigler
Mr. Paul D. Snyder
Mr. & Mrs. Alan H. Somershoe
Mr. Joseph A. Pasek & Mrs. Julie A. Stahl
Ms. Deborah Stanifer & Mr. Arvy Kavaliauskas
Jackie & Phyllis Stengel
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Storm
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Struthers
Mr. & Mrs. John Stuart
Mr. Narayanan Subramanian
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Sullivan
Superb Homes
Mr.& Mrs. Daniel R. Swayne
Mr. Thomas F. Swigart
Mr. & Mrs. Troy R. Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Thompson
Mrs. Betsy C. Van Ee
Mr. Paul J. Van Kerkhove
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Vargo
Mr. Albert M. Vellucci
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Ventura
Steve Calkins & Joan Wadsworth
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wagner
Ms. Barbara A. Walker
Ms. Mary L. Ware
Waterford Bend Questers
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Weaver
Ms. Grace Weise
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Weix  
Ms. Dorothy J. Wiber
Ms. Judith J. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E. Witzke
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Woodside
Mr. & Mrs. David H. Woodsum
Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Wright Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. George T. York Jr.
Ms. Janet P. Young
Mr. Kevin Yuan & Ms. Jin Shen
Mrs. Beverly L. Zabor
Ms. Judith Arianna Zethelius

Northville District Library Photo/Video Disclaimer

photo of a camera, text reading Northville District Library Photo/Video DisclaimerAttendance at Northville District Library programs, events or public spaces constitutes consent to be photographed for use in print and/or electronic publicity for the Northville District Library. Photos, images, and videos submitted by users for online contests may also be used by the Library for promotional purposes. To ensure the privacy of individuals and children, images will not be identified using full names or personal identifying information without written approval form the photographed subject, parent or legal guardian.

If you do not want us to use a photo or video of you or your child, please tell the Library staff member coordinating the event PRIOR to the program.

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I Geek cooking. As chair for
Northville's Dining Light group
whose challenge is to create dishes
that are low in fat, sugar and salt, yet
flavorful, I often use the library's books and magazines about healthy meals. And you can't beat the price!

Bon Appetit.
Dr. James T. Morché,
Library Board of Trustees Member


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