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Endowment Fund Donors

The Library thanks the individuals listed below for their generous gifts to help the Endowment grow.

Mr. & Mrs. G. Michael Abbott
Dr. & Dr. Munther Ajlouni
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Allen
Allied Building Services
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Alonzo
Mr. & Mrs. Karl O. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Anthony
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard R. Bach
Ms. Angeline Baetz
Ms. Barbara B. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Russell G. Barget
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace E. Beaber
Ms. Janet M. Bernardino
Ms. Beth A. Beson
Hon. Gregory Dean Bill
Ms.Carolyn A. Blanchard
Dr. & Mrs. Marshall Blondy
Mr. & Mrs. Danny M. Bongiovanni
Mr. & Mrs. Bent G. Boving
Mrs. Jane Bowser
Mr. & Mrs. James Bright
Ms. Mary D. Brissette
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H.Brown, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Budde
Ms. Ann Burek
Cambridge Homes
Family of John J. Carlo
Mr. & Mrs. Philip H. Chase
Mr. & Mrs. M. Terrence Clemens
Comerica Bank
Mrs. Roseann Comstock
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Connell
Kathleen Contant
Mr. William Craft
Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Crouse
Mr. Edward F. Curley Jr. & Ms. Paula L. Bradbury
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Dayton
Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. DeFrancesco
Mrs. Charles P. DeLand
Nancy L. Devine
Ms. Suzanne L. Diment
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Drew
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Elder
Mrs. Brenda Engel
Fanning/Howey Associates
Drusilla Farwell Foundation
Mrs. & Mrs. Steve M. Fecht
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Fehl
Mr. & Mrs. David Filkin
Dr. & Mrs. Richard W. Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Forbes
Dr. & Mrs. Gordon Forrer
Ms. Dolores L. Freebury
Friends of the Northville District Library
Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Gabrys
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Gans
Dorothy Gay
Arvilla M. Gilbert
Ms. Sharon K. Giltner
Mr. & Mrs. Albert L. Glover
Grand Sakwa
Ms. Renee T. Grant
Mr. David G. Gray  
Ms. Betty Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Grix
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Gustafson
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Gutowkski
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Hale
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Hallam
Mrs. Geraldine G. Hamlen
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Handley
Ms. Jean M. Hansen
Mr. Howard Hansen & Mrs. Jacquelyn S. Hess
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lee Harris
Ms. Karen Hasenstab
Mr. Dale D. & Dr. Jacqueline Haskin
Mr. & Mrs. Terence W. Heaton
Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Hebert
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Heckemeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Henningsen
Mr. & Mrs. Wesley R. Henrikson
Ms. Marcia K. Hershoren
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Hill
Hiller's Inc.
Mrs. Marian M. Hines
Mrs. Christine M. Hinkle
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hogan
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas F. Horst
Ms. Barbara D. Hudgins
Mr. & Mrs. David Hursey
Ivanhoe Huntley Northville Builders
Ms.Irene Iwasiuk
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Jensen
Mr. & Mrs. David Jerome
Law Offices of David E. Jerome PC
Mr. Dale Johnstone
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Kearns
Mr. John P. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Kerr
Ms. Mary Ellen King
Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Kittrell
Mr. & Mrs. John Klarr
Mr. & Mrs. Milton Koenig
Dr. Patricia A. Kolowich
Ms. Peggy Koppy
Ms. Marilyn S. Kornmesser
Ms. Marlene Kramar
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Krywko
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent C. Kuebler
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lahiff
Ms. Julie Laliberte
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Lane
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Lang
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Lapetz Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Larry L. Last
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene G. Lawrie
Ms. Mary Louise  Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Lenardon
Leo E. and Ann June Mainville Fund
Ms. Sally A. LePla
Mr. & Mrs. George R. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Lickman
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Y. Liu
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lloyd
Mr. John G. Lorence
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn L. Lower
Ms. Pamela D. Lowrey
Thomas J. Lynch
Mr. & Mrs. John E. MacDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin D. MacFarlane
Peter & Carol Maise
Mr. and Mrs. Ward R. Malisch
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Malloure
Mr. & Mrs. Keith R. Mannisto
Mr. David W. Marold
Mrs. Frances A. Mattison
William A. Foss & Molly J. Maurer
Ms. Doris M. Maynard
Susan Rice & Thomas Maza
Mr. & Mrs. William G. McAskin
Mr. & Mrs. George J. McCarthy Jr.
Mr. Thaddeus McCotter
Mr. & Mrs. Donald McCulloch
Mr. John J. Meyer
Mr. Stephen Mihalik Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Ben A. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Sarunas S. Mingela
Mr. and Mrs. Dominick A. Mitchell, III
Mr. & Mrs. Brent M. Mitrzyk
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome J. Mittman
Ms. Barbara Moroski-Browne
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Morrow
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Mulkerin
Ms. Christa Grix and Mr. Michael J. Mullen
Ms. Tommie Sue Mullin
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Murdock
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Murdock
Mr. Andrew I. Mutch
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Needham
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Nield
Mrs. Courtley M. Niman
Northville Lions Club
Northville Newcomers and Neighbors Club
Northville Racing Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Nuyen Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Oldenburg
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Olgren
Mr. & Mrs. Jerol S. Olson
Mr. & Mrs. Gary V. Ostrowski
Ms. Kathleen M. Otton
Mr.& Mrs. William L. Paquette
Jerry Morris & Lynn Parkllan
Ms. Charlene E. Parrott
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Patterson
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Pearson
Mr. Edward M. Pelic and Mrs. Cheryl Mason-Pelic
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas G. Petlicke
Mr. & Mrs. James Petrie
Pfizer Foundation
Ms. Carol Poenisch
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Poissant
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Potchynok
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence G. Poupard
Pulte Homes
Mr. William E. Quarterman
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Rearick
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin F. Reinholz
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Rhodes
Mr. & Mrs. Lane  Ritter
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher L. Rizik
Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Ross
Ms. Marian Rowlette
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Russell
Dr. & Mrs. Edward G. Sarkisian
Mr. & Mrs. David Scheinberg
Mr. Brian L. Schmidt
Mr. & Mrs. Scott W. Schramm
Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Schupra
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas O. Sharkey
Ms. Judith A. Sherman
Ms. Carol A. Sigler
Mr. Paul D. Snyder
Mr. & Mrs. Alan H. Somershoe
Mr. Joseph A. Pasek & Mrs. Julie A. Stahl
Ms. Deborah Stanifer & Mr. Arvy Kavaliauskas
Jackie & Phyllis Stengel
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Storm
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Struthers
Mr. & Mrs. John Stuart
Mr. Narayanan Subramanian
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Sullivan
Superb Homes
Mr.& Mrs. Daniel R. Swayne
Mr. Thomas F. Swigart
Mr. & Mrs. Troy R. Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Thompson
Mrs. Betsy C. Van Ee
Mr. Paul J. Van Kerkhove
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Vargo
Mr. Albert M. Vellucci
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Ventura
Steve Calkins & Joan Wadsworth
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wagner
Ms. Barbara A. Walker
Ms. Mary L. Ware
Waterford Bend Questers
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Weaver
Ms. Grace Weise
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Weix  
Ms. Dorothy J. Wiber
Ms. Judith J. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E. Witzke
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Woodside
Mr. & Mrs. David H. Woodsum
Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Wright Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. George T. York Jr.
Ms. Janet P. Young
Mr. Kevin Yuan & Ms. Jin Shen
Mrs. Beverly L. Zabor
Ms. Judith Arianna Zethelius

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If you do not want us to use a photo or video of you or your child, please tell the Library staff member coordinating the event PRIOR to the program.

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I geek cook - Jim Morche

I Geek cooking. As chair for
Northville's Dining Light group
whose challenge is to create dishes
that are low in fat, sugar and salt, yet
flavorful, I often use the library's books and magazines about healthy meals. And you can't beat the price!

Bon Appetit.
Dr. James T. Morché,
Library Board of Trustees Member


I Geek technology.
Michael McEvoy,
Northville Library
Technology Coordinator.

Geek Wall

Geek Wall

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I geek the digitized Northville Record! The newspaper articles from the late 19th century are a fascinating glimpse into the Northville of the past.
-- Heidi Nielson, Archivist and Curator, Mill Race Historical Village

Why I love my library: : I do have an unshakable curiosity, since I aim for resonating knowledge in my poetry and fiction. My greatest compliment to someone is to say that I learn so much from them. Imagine what I think about libraries: a library is the gift of what I hanker to know about in the universe. All it takes is turning one page after the other!
-- Kathleen Ripley Leo, Poet

As a child, I remember going to the library with my mom and discovering the "Betsy" series of books by Carolyn Haywood and the "Henry Huggins" and "Beezus and Ramona" series by Beverly Cleary. I loved being able to find the next book in each series to find out what new adventures Betsy, Beezus and Ramona, or Henry and his dog Ribsy would experience. Sometimes, just for fun, I still go to the children's section to reassure myself that my old friends are still around, and are still entertaining kids today.
-- Sue Campbell, Director, Northville Youth Assistance

I love the library! As a homeschool family, we always have many library books spread around our house to read. Volunteering at the library has been one of my favorite volunteer experiences. The librarians and wonderful to work with; always kind, smiling, and willingg to help. The library has had a huge influence on my life. The countless books we have checked out have taught me so much and brought me to many new worlds. We've benefited from many other services and resources the library offers including movies, magazines, wonderful educat

ional programs, rentals, used book sales, and so much more.
I geek the library :)
-- Molly Pelic, Teen Volunteer


Why the library is important to me. It's the 3 in 1 place for inspiration, creativity and innovation. The Northville library has the comforts of home, super helpful people, and bountiful resources including the internet. Research it, see it and then make it!


-- Vic Leo, Glassblower & Sculptor


I believe for local business owners such as myself, and residents of the community, it’s important to support the local library. It’s a staple in the community that promotes sharing, education, human to human interaction and that hands-on experience that us as humans need and cannot obtain in the digital world.
-- Dan Comaianni, Owner, Next Chapter & Bistro Bookstore

Having moved to a new area with small children, the first place we went to was the local library. Attending storytimes and library programs helped the entire family build relationships within the community that we continue to cherish. The local library is the first welcome center of any community.
-- James Kuhl, Producing Artistic Director, Tipping Point Theatre


I geek the library because of its constant supply of inspiration. Whether looking for images by a particular artist, tips on an artistic technique, or just an opportunity to "get away from it all", the library is the place I go to dream.
-- Joan Thomas, Director, The Northville Art House

Libraries have always been important to me. I grew up in Detroit, and as I started school my parents would take me to the Parkman branch library (designed by the same architect who built much of Northville's Wayne County Training Center). I had my own library card, and I would check out a stack of books. I would have them all read in the car by the time we got home. I quickly went through every book in the youngsters' section and my parents had to check out books for me from the older kids' section. We moved and left that wonderful old building behind, but at the new house we were half way between the Sherwood Forest and Bella Hubbard branches, and I could ride my bike to them both. I made weekly trips to the branch libraries as long as weather permitted.

When I was old enough to take the Dexter bus ($.20) by myself to Detroit's Main Library, I got to work on research papers and explore. I was delighted when they expanded it. My uncle, Sam Cashwan, did the Tom Thumb statue in the new children's section, but of course I wouldn't be caught dead in there -- I was 13.

So eventually I grew up (some would say), and when my wife, my son and I moved to Northville we discovered this quiet gem, tucked behind the city hall, full of wonderful people and books and videos and a well-stocked local history room. I have spent hours and hours there researching presentations for the township's Historic District Commission on the Waterford area, the Wayne County Training Center, and the many institutions that dotted our landscape.

I am delighted to see the library evolving to embrace the new technologies that so captivate our young people. Thank you all for making it such a warm and comfortable place. Sure, it's easier to look something up online from home, but it seems so much more authoritative when you have dug the information out in this very special space.
-- Fred Shadko, Northville Township Trustee

I geek audiobooks! Over 20 years ago, while commuting over an hour from home to work, I discovered audiobooks. My daily commute is less these days, but not my passion for listening to great reads. Now with audiobooks from the Library downloaded to my MP3 player and phone, I listen when I exercise, relax, and do household chores as well as on my drive to work.
-- Julie Herrin, Library Director

Jim Morche, I geek cookingI geek cooking! It is a great creative outlet. However, being a 3-time cancer survivor, and having gone for years without a sense of taste due to the damaging effects of radiation treatment, it is terrific to once again appreciate food. Ah, the things we take for granted...

I now chair Northville's Dining Light group whose challenge is to create dishes that are low in fats, sugar and salt yet without sacrificing flavor. The Library provides great resources in terms of books and magazines that help us to reach our goal of healthier, yet delicious meals. And you cannot beat the price!

Bon Appetit
Dr. James T. Morché
Library Trustees Member

I geek vegan cooking! I use the library for vegan cookbooks and meal ideas, and by using these resources, I have lost 13 lbs since January!
-- Cynthia Simpson, Reference Librarian

I geek digital libraries! Our public libraries host a plethora of "digital libraries" to peruse, from Download Destination and its downloadable eBooks/audio books to our Northville History Index and its rich local history.  When the library is closed or I'm on the road, I can access digital libraries 24/7.
-- Allison Brueckner, Digital Services Librarian

I geek Chinese food! Chinese food is good.

-- Emily

I geek robotics! I love building and programming robots. I started in 2009 and have been roboting ever since.

-- Max Pelic

I geek American Sign Language! I took an American Sign Language class at my homeschool co-op. I became interested in learning more, so I did some tutoring and continued learning in an online program. I now sign the music at some of my church services.

-- Molly Pelic

I geek technology! In all forms and function, from videos games to ebooks to wireless to digital scanning and more, you'll find them and more at your local Library!
-- Michael McEvoy, Technology Coordinator

I geek movies! I have just loved movies since I was a kid and I watch one at least once a day! Any chance I get I watch one.

-- Jamie Jonas

I geek Mackinac Island! I have been in the Mackinac Island Honor Guard for two years. In August I will go again to the Island with my friends and act as a tour guide there. It is the most magical place on Earth.

-- Kate

I geek reading and writing! I LOVE TO READ! Many who know me can testify to this, just as they can testify to my love of writing. I guess I love to read because I love being able to jump into a world so muchNDL Geek Wall - close up more interesting than mine will ever be. I love how, even when you are back in reality, you still feel as though you are in a different world. After all, reading is, in my opinion, the cheapest way to travel. I find books truly magical, and it seems as though no matter how many I read I can simply never get enough of literature. I love all books, but I'd have to say I'm partial to fantasy, fiction, and any related genre. My next great love is writing. While I am always reluctant to share my writings, many who read what I have written admire my work. I am only fourteen years old, but at the urging of my friends I have begun writing a story that they think I should someday publish into a novel. Wish me the best!

-- Alexis Aulepp

I geek piano! I geek piano!

-- anonymous

I geek softball! i've loved softball since i was littleI geek gardening! display @ NDL

-- anonymous

I geek gymnastics! i have been doing gymnastics for as long as i can remember and still GEEK it. i hope the US team can get gold with Jordyn Weiber and Gabby Douglas.

-- Erin McCallum

I geek geneaology! After I got interested in history, I've been wondering who my ancestors really were and where they came from.

-- Kevin N. Moser

I geek Hunger Games! At school I heard of the Hunger Games, so I decided to try it out and read it. When I read the first book ,it was instantly interesting. When I finished it, I read it over and over again.

-- Michelle

I geek languages! Language is a fundamental component of humanity, and what makes us unique in the animal kingdom. There are somewhere between 6,000 and 7,000 living languages spoken or signed in the world today! Yet despite this vast linguistic diversity, language is the common thread that binds us all together. From the moment we are born, language provides the means to express our thoughts, beliefs, and desires. It is the way we encode and share the inner workings of our complicated and intelligent human minds. So whether you speak French or Farsi, one language or five, why not consider learning another one? Start at your library!

-- Abaries Farhad

I geek Hunger Games! The first time I saw it, it was like WOW you know.It is just awesome.

-- Emily Honjas

I geek Writing! Writing is my life. End of story. Tombstone.

-- Valerie

I geek flute! Band is my life! I especially enjoy marching, no matter how tiring it is!

-- Jean

I geek bicycling! This summer, beinning March 7th, I have bicycled over 1,000 miles. I often utilize the library's books and magazines about bicycle maintenance. What a Great summer!

-- Elizabeth Erdody

I geek playing tennis! I geek watching tennis! My weekly practices and competitive matches are a highlight of my week. Tennis is great exercise, but I also enjoy the comaraderie of my team members and the strategy of playing doubles tennis...great fun to outwit an opponent. I checked out Andre Agassi's autobiography "Open" to read as soon as the Library owned a copy in order to read the firsthand account of a tennis great. The Library also offers a great DVD on tennis drills and many other tennis related books. I geek match point!

-- Karen Fehl, Public Relations Librarian

I geek events! Events bring vitality to communities and are an excellent way to connect residents, businesses and other community services. The Northville Chamber of Commerce organizes many of the Northville community events, including the Farmers' Market, Flower Sale, Summer Carnival, Grub Crawl, Victorian Festival, Car Tunes and Holiday Lighted Parade.

-- Traci Sincock

I geek vintage! I am endlessly fascinated with objects that possess a bit of history and mystery. For this reason I appreciate vintage jewelry, clothing, furnishings and textiles. The library has a wonderful selection of books on vintage clothing and antique furnishings.

-- Dorie Freebury, Head of Youth Services

Library Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda for Thursday, January 24, 2013

Board of Trustees
Regular Monthly Meeting

Thursday, January 24, 2013
7:30 p.m.
Northville District Library Carlo Meeting Room

1 Call to order: Chair Sochacki

1.1 Roll Call
1.2 Approval of the Agenda
1.3 Election of 2013 Officers: (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary)
1.4 Resolution 2013-01 - Schedule of 2013 Board of Trustees Meeting Dates
1.5 Appointment of 2013 Board of Trustees Committee Members:
Finance, Facilities, Personnel, Policy
1.6 Approval of Meeting minutes, 12/20/12
1.7 Citizens' Comments

2 Correspondence

3 Northville District Library Director's Report

4 Friends of the Northville District Library Report

5 Budget and Finance Review:

5.1 Bills over $1,000. for approval

5.2 Financial Report

6 Board of Trustees Committee Reports

6.1 Report on Library Director's Evaluation

7 Announcements and Comments

7.1 Confirm next Board Finance Committee Meeting for Tuesday, February 26, 2013
7.2 Confirm next Regular meeting for February 28, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.

8 Adjourn Regular Meeting

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