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Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for Thursday, March 22, 2012

1. Call to Order: Chairperson Robert Sochacki called the Regular Meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

1.1 Roll Call - Present: Trustees Robert Sochacki, Jean Hansen, Paul Snyder, Mike DeFrancesco and Suzanne Miller. Also present: Julie Herrin, Director; Anne Mannisto, Assistant Director; Judith Williams, Administrative Assistant. Staff member Suzanne Schimanski-Gross was in the audience.
Absent: Trustees Joe Corriveau and Jim Morché.
1.2 Approval of the Agenda: MOTION: Jean Hansen made a motion to accept the agenda as presented. Mike DeFrancesco seconded the motion. Motion passed.
1.3 Approval of Regular Board Meeting Minutes of 2/23/2012: Paul Snyder made a motion to approve the minutes as amended. Suzanne Miller seconded the motion. Motion passed.
1.4 Approval of Special Board Meeting Minutes of 2/27/2012: Jean Hansen made a motion to approve the minutes for the Special Meeting of 2/27/2012. Paul Snyder seconded the motion. Motion passed.

1.5 Approval of the Executive Session Minutes of 2/27/2012: Jean Hansen made a motion to approve the minutes. Mike DeFrancesco seconded the motion. Motion passed.

2. Director's Report

Statistics: Julie Herrin reported that the circulation statistics have increased 9.5% over last year with the door count up 14%. E-book usage was up over 65% compared to last year. MEL database usage is slightly down from last year as are NDL database sessions; however, NDL database searches are up 67% probably due to classes.
Youth Programming: There were 21 Youth programs last month with a total of 425 children attending. The Magic Show held today hosted 118 children and caregivers.
Adult Services Programming: The Adult Book Discussion had 17 participants. The Foreign Film hosted 57. The Program on Gardening featuring Janet Macunovich, which was held in the Community Center, had 102 attendees. The Ebook program was attended by 40 patrons.
Teen Services: The 6th annual Battle of the Books, which was funded by the Friends of the Library, was held at the Northville High School on March 7. There were 150 contestants in 29 teams and a full audience of 250 parents and supporters. Seventeen volunteers from the Friends and the High School National Honor Society helped to make this event a great success. .
Collections: The Library has added a subscription to Consumer Reports online with remote access to its electronic resources.
Staff: Karen Fehl participated in a webinar on Marketing in Public Libraries. Assistant Director Anne Mannisto and Director Julie Herrin attended the Public Library Association (PLA) Conference in Philadelphia. There were many sessions on the future of Public Libraries and ebooks, as well as on serving the local community. Four of the Youth Librarians attended Spring Institute, a conference specifically for youth services librarians. Judith has submitted her intent to retire at the end of June after 10 years of service.

3. Friends Report: The Friends Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 28 at 7:30 p.m. The Book and Author Luncheon featuring Kevin Boyle, author of "Arc of Justice," will be held on Tuesday, May 29. Tickets will be on sale from April 15 to May 15 here at the Library.

4. Budget and Finance Review:

4.1 Treasurer Jean Hansen presented the List of Bills over $1,000 for March 2012 and made a motion for the approval of payment. Mike DeFrancesco seconded the motion. Motion passed.
4.2 Jean made a motion to pay the $423,000 Debt Services payment that is due by April 1. Mike DeFrancesco seconded the motion. Motion passed.
4.3 Jean noted that the Reserve Fund has now been adjusted to reflect the revision to the Budget.
She also reported that the Endowment Fund had $13,994 available for disbursement to the Library if desired. The Board determined that $1,000 would be requested for special purchases to be added to the collection and denoted as the Endowment Collection. Resolution 2012-03: In the absence of Board Secretary Joe Corriveau, Acting Secretary Suzanne Miller read the Resolution authorizing the disbursement from the Endowment. Jean Hansen made a motion to adopt Resolution 2012-03. Mike DeFrancesco seconded the motion. The Resolution was passed by a unanimous roll call vote of the attending Trustees.

Paul Snyder presented an advertisement for an embossing seal and suggested that this be purchased and used to enhance the recognition of these added materials.

5. Committee Reports

5.1 Development Committee: The next meeting of the Development Committee will be on Tuesday, April 17, at 7:00 p.m. in Room B of the Carlo Meeting Room.
5.2 The Relevance Committee, now focused on Geek the Library, will meet on Tuesday, March 27 in the Youth Storytime Room. This committee will now be referred to as the "Geek the Library" Committee and will oversee this year long Public Relations campaign. The "Geek" campaign ties in nicely with the Strategic Goal of creating a perception of the Library's relevance in the community. Committee members include Trustees Suzanne Miller, Robert Sochacki, Jean Hansen and Joe Corriveau and staff members Karen Fehl, Judy McIntosh, Suzanne Schimanski-Gross, and Dorie Freebury.

6. Announcements and Comments

6.1 The next Board of Trustees Finance Committee meeting will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 24 in the Carlo Meeting Room.
6.2 The next Regular Board of Trustees Meeting will be on Thursday, April 26, at 7:30 p.m. in the Carlo Meeting Room.

MOTION: Paul Snyder made a motion to adjourn the March Regular Board Meeting. Suzanne Miller seconded the motion. Motion passed. The Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Suzanne Miller, Acting Secretary
JW 4/11/2012