Northville District Library

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 9pm
Friday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Closed Sundays for Summer
Phone: 248-349-3020

Library Policies

All Library policies are developed and approved by the Library Board of Trustees, and reviewed annually.

A.    Mission Statement

B.    Board of Trustees
b.1   By-laws 11-17-11
b.2   Appeals to the Board of Trustees 6-23-11
b.3   Citizen Comments to the Library Board of Trustees 6-23-11
b.4    Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 12-20-12
b.5    Board of Trustees Code of Ethics 11-17-11

C.    Public Services
c.1    Code of Conduct 1-23-14
c.2    Library Cards 6-23-11
c.3    Confidentiality of Library Records 12-17-09
c.4    Requests for Library Records by Law Enforcement Officers 8-25-11
c.5    Displays, Handouts and Postings 12-20-12
c.6    Safety and Well-being of Children 12-19-13
c.7    Public Relations 11-17-11
c.8    Meeting Room 9-23-10
c.9    Internet Access 1-23-14
c.10    Emergency Closing 11-17-11
c.11    Library Support of the Americans with Disabilities Act 6-23-11

D.    Collections and Resources
d.1    Materials Selection 12-20-12
d.2    Weeding Materials 12-20-12
d.3    Controversial Materials 12-20-12
d.4    Gifts 12-20-12
d.5    Disposal of Furniture, Equipment, and Supplies 2-23-06
d.6    Endowment 7-28-11

E.    Finance and Budget
e.1    Investment 12-19-13
e.2    Budget 12-19-13
e.3    Purchase Card 11-17-11
e.4    Authorization for Expenditures 12-20-12
e.5    Purchases of $10,000 or more 11-17-11

F.    Personnel
f.1    Staff Development 11-11-09
f.2    Non-harassment 12-17-09
f.3    Social Security Number Privacy 11-21-13

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