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Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Rooms in the Northville District Library provide an opportunity for bringing together the resources of the Library and the activities of the community for educational, cultural, civic, intellectual, and charitable purposes. Meeting Room space is available on an equitable basis to organizations or sponsoring persons, within the Library district, regardless of their beliefs or affiliations.

Granting an organization permission to use the Library Meeting Rooms shall not be interpreted to constitute endorsement by the Northville District Library of the policies and beliefs of that organization.

General Regulations
1. The Library administration authorizes the use of the rooms and maintains the schedule.

2. Library programs and Library-related services, meetings, and events (including the Friends of the Northville District Library) have first priority for scheduling use of the facilities, after which other applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Meeting Room may not be reserved more than six (6) months in advance.

3. Maximum attendance is limited to 25 in Meeting Room A, 50 in Meeting Room B, and 75 in Meeting Room A & B.

4. Meetings which may disturb regular Library functions may not be scheduled.

5. The Library Meeting Room is not available for private social functions.

6. Items for purchase may only be sold through the Friends of the Library, in the Friends store, or in conjunction with a Library-sponsored program.

1. The Library Meeting Room may be booked only by Library District residents, groups or businesses.

2. A Library “Request for Meeting Room” form must be completed at the time of the reservation.

3. The Library reserves the right to limit a resident, group, or business organization to four (4) meetings during the calendar year in order to accommodate general demand for the use of the Meeting Rooms.

4. Meeting Rooms are available only during regular Library hours.

5. In case of cancellation, the resident, group, or business is requested to contact the Library as soon as possible.

6. The Library will make every effort to notify scheduled users of the unavailability of the Meeting Rooms in case of emergencies.

1. For-profit entities will be charged a fee for use of a Meeting Room, as listed in the Meeting Room Request Form.

2. Payment is due prior to the meeting.

1. The Library provides equipment for use in the Meeting Room as listed on the Meeting Room Request Form.

2. Equipment must be requested when the Meeting Room is booked.

3. If staff are available, they will assist with initial set-up.

Set-Up, Clean-up and Refreshments
1. All residents, groups, and businesses are responsible for set-up of chairs and tables used in a meeting.

2. Set-up and clean-up must be performed during regular Library hours.

3. Adhering material or decorations to the walls requires prior approval.

4. Only light refreshments may be served in the Meeting Room. No alcoholic beverages or illicit, illegal substances are permitted.

5. If refreshments are served, all utensils and equipment needed will be provided by the residents, groups, or businesses using the Meeting Room.

6. The Meeting Room must be left in the condition in which it was found prior to the meeting.

1. All users will agree to hold the Library harmless from any loss, damage, liability, costs, and/or expense that may arise during or may be caused in any way by such use of the Library facilities.

2. Groups including individuals under 18 years of age must include a minimum of one supervising adult.

3. The resident, group or business using the Meeting Room is responsible for any damage to the equipment, the room, and/or its furnishings. Repair costs will be paid by the sponsoring individual.

Policy adopted by Board of Trustees 9-24-98
Policy reaffirmed 9-27-01 by Board of Trustees
Revised Policy Adopted – Board Meeting 3-25-04
Revised Policy Adopted – Board Meeting 6-26-08
Revised Policy Adopted- Board Meeting 9-23-10

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