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Policy on Non-Harassment

The Northville District Library intends to provide a work environment that is free from discrimination or harassment, in accordance with Federal and State laws. Therefore, it is the policy of the Library to prohibit harassment of one employee by another employee, supervisor, or patron on any basis including, but not limited to, age, race, color, physical or mental disability, national origin, religion, sex, and/or sexual orientation.

Such harassment may take the form of slurs, epithets, threats, derogatory comments, unwelcome jokes, teasing, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other similar written, spoken or physical contact, which could be reasonably interpreted as creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.

Any employee who feels that he/she is a victim of such harassment should follow the procedures that support this policy.

Approved by Board of Trustees Dec. 19, 2002
Revision approved by the Board of Trustees Dec. 17, 2009


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