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Guidelines for Internet Use

The Northville District Library offers computers to the public for use in accessing the Internet, including 2 that are equipped with Adaptive Features for patrons with restricted vision. Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint are installed on all these computers. There are 17 Public Computers on the Lower Level near the stairs and 3 in the Local History Room.

The Library also offers 2 Express workstations. The Express computers cannot print and usage is limited to 15 minutes.

Please refer to the "Northville District Library Policy on Internet Access" for a full explanation of the Library's philosophy of services in regard to the Internet.

The following guidelines detail the process of using and printing from the Internet computers, and are formulated for fair and equitable use of the library's resources.

  1. Residents of Northville (city and township) and TLN reciprocal communities must have a valid library card to sign up to use a computer. Non-residents (outside of Northville or a community with reciprocal borrowing in The Library Network) may be issued a visitor cards, good for one day only. They must present a piece of valid identification to obtain a temporary visitor card. No one may use the computers without either a library card or ID.
  2. Time on the Internet is limited as follows:
    With a Valid Library Card:  Maximum of 3 hours per day, Session length one hour
    Visitor Card (provided with valid ID): Maximum of 1 hour per day, Session length one hour
    Express Workstation (NO LOGIN, NO PRINTING): 15 minutes, 1 session
    Extensions on time allowed are provided ONLY when there is no one else waiting.
  3. Patrons with restricted vision will have priority access to the specially equipped Adaptive Features computers. You will be asked to vacate an Adaptive Feature workstation if there is a patron who requires these special software and hardware features.
  4. Printing from the Internet computers costs 10 cents per page for black and white documents and 50 cents per page for color documents. All printing will be sent to the Reference Desk printers, where patrons should pick up their pages and pay for them. The library cannot accommodate requests from patrons to add their own special paper into the printer.
  5. Patrons MAY NOT insert anything into the computers other than 3.5" disks, blank CD-R or CD-RW disks, USB Storage drives, Compact Flash and other Multi-media formats, headphones, or other approved media. Patron may NOT insert Zip Drives, DVD-RW, Blank DVD's, or any unapproved media and peripherals. In addition, external peripherals, such as mice, joysticks, printers, keyboards, and other peripherals not listed may NOT be installed or used with library equipment. Headphones are available upon request at the Reference Desk.
  6. The Library does not allow installation of ANY software of ANY kind by patrons. This includes Portable Applications and U3 technology.
  7. Library staff are available to provide limited assistance in basic Internet use, such as help in navigating the Internet. The Library offers classes and tutoring at both the beginning and advanced level in using the Internet at scheduled times.
  8. Users are responsible for any damage, physical or electronic, they cause to computers. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for any damage done by their children.
  9. The library reserves the right to limit the number of patrons using one Internet computer at a time.
  10. The use of library equipment to access material that is illegal, obscene, or harmful to minors is prohibited (see the Library's Policy on Internet Access).
  11. Cell phones may not be used while at the Public Computers. Users should go to the designated area near the elevator to use their cell phones if necessary.

Any violation of these Guidelines or the Library's Policy on Internet Use may result in loss of library privileges, immediate expulsion from library, and/or contact of local authorities as required. Any attempt to circumvent any aspect of the Library's network and/or computer security or user sign-up system will result in immediate loss of privilege.

Revised May 18, 2007

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