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Friends Meeting Minutes

Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for February 20, 2014

Board of Directors Meeting of the Friends of Northville District Library
February 20, 2014


Members Present:
Carol Oldenburg, Erin McDermott, Martha Nork, Linda Bolam, Joe Oldenburg, Sandy Walts, Julie Herrin, Deborah Stanifer, JudyDeFrancesco

Members Absent:
Claire Kreher, Chris Litka, Regina Mingela, Linda Schwelnus, Jim Morche

I. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM by President, Carol Oldenburg.

II. Approval of the Agenda
The agenda was APPROVED.

III. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of January 22, 2014

The minutes were APPROVED with no corrections.

IV. President's Report- Carol Oldenburg
A. Erin has received all but one report for inclusion in the Annual Report. An email reminder will be sent out. Linda Schwelnus will assist with proofreading of the report.
B. Judy DeFrancesco volunteered to attend the Library Board meeting during Carol’s absence in March.

V. Library Director’s Report – Julie Herrin

A. Statistics

  • Circulation was down by over 7%, probably due to the inclement weather.
  • Downloading and WiFi use were up.
  • Forty-three groups used the meeting room in one month.

B. Board of Trustees new officers

  • Alan Somershoe – Chair
  • Paul Snyder – Vice chair
  • Robert Sochacki – Secretary
  • Jean Hansen – Treasurer

C. Staff

  • Karen has been named full time PR Librarian, also a new PR intern has been placed.
  • Gale Cengage Award – Wendy Mutch with the help of Michael McEvoy and numerous volunteers, and our Local History Site has won the Gale Cengage Learning Award for Excellence in Reference & Adult Library Services. Not only was the Northville Record digitized, for which we thank the Friends, but also Oral histories and Northville High School yearbooks dating back to 1921.

D. Credit card are now accepted for tickets to the Spring Fund Raiser and for fines and lost items over $5.

E. Audit is complete and the library had a very good report, ending the year with about $113,000 to transfer to fund reserve.

F. Classes – “How to Use Your Tablet Computer” classes were full and had very enthusiastic attendees.

G. New Computer Catalog is on its way with no firm delivery date yet. It is quite different and modern.

H. Endowment Giving – Great improvement seen with an increase from $4,475 in 2012 to $15,752 in 2013.


VI. Treasurer’s Report – Deborah Stanifer (for Denise Stacer)
A. The fiscal year ends on February 28, 2014. All funding requests should be sent per email to Denise Stacer to assist her with closure of the 2013 books.
B. Judy DeFrancesco questioned if the Read to Me budget request was approved. The request was approved.
C. The Treasurer’s Report was APPROVED.

VII. Secretary’s Report – Linda Bolam - no report

VIII. Committee Reports

A. Membership Committee – Regina Mingela - no report

B. Gift Store – Martha Nork

  • Income for January was up by $20 compared to January of 2013, which was great considering the weather and vacationing volunteers.
  • Physical inventory will be done before the end of the fiscal year, with a report submitted to Denise Stacer.

C. Gift Books – Linda Bolam (for Claire Kreher)

  • Since January 16th we have received eight gifts (3 Memorials, 4 Honor and one Gift). We received $375.00.
  • Eight books have been added to the Northville District Library collection.

D. Newsletter – Sandy Walts

  • Annual reports from committee chairs are due to Sandy for editing and inclusion in the next Newsletter.

E. Read to Me – Judy DeFrancesco

  • We gave out 25 gift bags from January to February.
  • New membership forms will be included in future bags.
  • There will be no story time in March since Judy and Cheryl Pearson will be out of town.
  • Our book supply will run out by April and additional books will need to be purchased through the Gift Store. We usually order 100 books.
  • The program has had great attendance despite the weather.

F. Programs - Jim Morche – no report

G. Public Relations - Chris Litka – no report

H. Development – Erin McDermott

  • Invitations for the April 4th Library Fund Raiser have been mailed. Invitations went out to Friends, library volunteers and previous donors.
  • Julie Herrin sent out 500 letters seeking community sponsors. $3000 has already been received from six sponsors.
  • It was suggested that receipts for donations could be improved with a nice design and paper stock instead of just paper receipts.

I. Used Book Operations – Joe Oldenburg

  • Used book operations will continue during Joe’s upcoming vacation.
  • MBB is going out of business February 28. No checks have been received from them yet. They currently have 3400 of our books. “Look at a Book” of Miamisburg, OH has picked up our 650 Books of Value. The books will go on their database and we will receive a 50/50 split on sales. Administrative costs will include a $39.99 monthly charge from Amazon, and mailing and shipping costs. They will pick up pallets of books from us or UPS can ship books in cartons to them. There is no contract involved. No decisions will be made regarding a vendor replacement until at least April.
  • Other national vendors are to be considered. Other local libraries are also looking at possibilities to handle their used book sales.
  • Help of two strong men is needed to move about 200 boxes of books from storage to the library the morning of the Member Preview Night for the Spring Used Book sale, May 29th. Help is also needed a few hours a month in picking up books.
  • Eagle Scouts, Girl Scouts, and students working on school community projects have been using our gently used books and helping to set up libraries in inner city schools that don’t have them.

IX. Old Business

A. Erin McDermott is coordinating participation in Taste of Northville on March 8th, from 12 to 3 PM. Boxes of children’s books and books on cooking, crafts, and gardening along with the Friends’ banner will be readied for transport the Northville High School.

X. New Business - None to discuss


The meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Bolam, Secretary

Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for October 17, 2013

Board of Directors Meeting of the Friends of Northville District Library
October 17, 2013


Members Present:
Carol Oldenburg, Erin McDermott, Judy DeFrancesco, Martha Nork, Jim Morche, Claire Kreher, Linda Schwelnus, Chris Litka, Linda Bolam, Joe Oldenburg, Sandy Walts

Jean Hansen

Members Absent:
Regina Mingela, Julie Herrin, Denise Stacer

I. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 7 PM by President, Carol Oldenburg.

II. Approval of the Agenda
The agenda was APPROVED.

III. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of September 19, 2013

The minutes were approved with minor corrections.

IV. Members Comments
The Sundaes on Sunday event was well attended, with approximately 200 participants. There were many positive comments from attendees. It was suggested that the white board have a sign on both sides to direct patrons to the gathering. A Friends banner could also be used for advertising. Carol thanked Denise and Linda S. for coordinating this successful event.

V. President's Report
Carol thanked the many volunteers who helped with the Fall Used Book Sale.

VI. Library Director’s Report – Jean Hansen for Julie Herrin

A. Statistics for September circulation show a slight .58% increase over last year. Downloads of Freegal and Tumblebooks have decreased, and house computer use and AWE workstation use has dropped slightly. Wireless Use was the highest in 2013 at 826. Brainfuse, Homework Help tripled from August numbers, with 139 unique visitors. Definite increase from last month due to school starting and the promotion at open houses.

B. Julie and six librarians attended the Michigan Library Association meeting. Wendy did a presentation about Northville District Library’s digital historic resources, and noted the digitized Northville Record paid for with a generous contribution from the Friends. She has now added oral histories of Northville residents and Northville High School yearbooks with the help of Friends volunteers.

C. The youth magic program on October 8th had over 160 attendees. Jack Lessenberry’s program on Detroit and the Getting to Know Your iPad class were both sold out. The teen Halloween lock-in, “The Walking Dead”, is October 18th. Thank you to the Friends volunteers who help make this a fun night for the teens.

D. We are replacing the patron copiers with ones that will have the ability to scan to a flash drive or scan to an email. A new self-serve fax machine is being installed and will take debit and credit cards, and prepaid cards available at the desk. The cement work in front of the Library was completed.

E. Karen will be putting up a display for Friends of the Library week. October 28th is the deadline for the next Library Newsletter that will go out the first week of December.

F. It was commented that we need more information to the public regarding the fax machine, possibly having Karen Fehl put it in the Library Newsletter.

VII. Treasurer’s Report – from Denise Stacer (attached)
A. Income this month is from memberships, book cart, Book Cellar and MBB. $169 came from sales of used books at the Art House. Total income this month is $1536.37. Income from the Fall Used Book Sale will be included in the next treasurer’s report.
B. Expenses this month include the program on Michigan Lighthouses, some materials for Read to Me Program, purchased through the gift store, and $150+ for the Summer Reading Youth Party. Total expenses this month were $290.45. Net income this month $1245.92.
C. The Finance Committee will meet regarding the request for FNDL to “set aside” monies for the contribution to for the Library Millage Campaign (November 2014 election). The request is to be included in the budget plan for 2013 and 2014. $7,000 - $8,000 was cost of previous millage requests. A motion to pursue this plan was made, and APPROVED.

VIII. Secretary’s Report
A letter of acknowlegement was sent to Joe and Carol Oldenburg for their donation to benefit our Used Book Sales.

IX. Committee Reports

A. Membership Committee – (submitted by Regina Mingela)

  • At Sundaes on Sunday we had 5 new members ($150).
  • At the Used Book Sale we had 14 new members ($240 + 1 unknown amount).
  • Thursday, Preview Night, we signed up 11 of these new people.
  • In addition there are 3 new members ($140).
  • Total of 22 new members with memberships of $510 + 1 unknown.
  • We have 271 total memberships as of 10/14/2013.

B. Gift Store – Martha Nork

  • This past month had slow sales, with a $44.00 profit.
  • Thus far this year the store has approximately $2800.00 in profit.
  • Membership Days are Nov. 15-17.
  • We are participating in the “Haunted Fairy Door Treasure Hunt” on Oct. 26th, sponsored by Chicks for Charity.

C. Gift Book Program – Claire Kreher

  • Since September 17 we have added four books. Two gifts, totaling $95.00, were received in honor of someone.

D. Newsletter – Sandy Walts

  • The next newsletter is coming out before November 15. Deadline for news is October 20th.

E. Read to Me – Judy DeFrancesco

  • Only about four bags given away this month. Additional bibs are being ordered through the Gift Store.

F. Programs – Jim Morche

  • The Picks and Sticks program will have 75 seats available. Twelth Night is the scheduled holiday program. We have yet to select from the many possible programs for next year.

G. Public Relations – Chris Litka

  • A notice was sent to the Northville Record but not yet published. Chris will remind Kurt Kuban that we need it put in.
  • Patch has been successful.

H. Development Committee – Erin McDermott

  • The fundraiser at Cantoro’s will be Friday, April 4, 2014. It is a great venue.
  • No live music is planned. Addition of a silent auction or art is under consideration.
  • An Endowment letter will be going out in November from the Library Development Committee.

I. Used Book Operations – Joe Oldenburg

  • Cellar and cart sales for September totaled $964.02. We received MBB June 2013 payment of $239.30. Total UB operations for September were $1203.32.
  • The Fall Used Book Sale was very successful. Thanks to all who helped. 212 bags were sold and 14 new memberships obtained. Total UBS revenue was $1633.95.
  • Feedback from UBS volunteers was positive, with comments on how well organized the books were. They really like alphabetizing by author last name. The membership drive was good considering it was so late in the membership year. Pass along any additional positive or negative comments. They help us improve.
  • Spring Used Book Sale will be May 30 – June 1, 2014. Preview night is May 29th.
  • MBB Contract Analysis –
    a. A subcommittee is needed to evaluate status of MBB profit decline. Who would like to participate? We need a meeting soon. Notification to MBB regarding continuation of the contract must be done by end of January 2014. The contract is for a 2 year period.
    b. A subcommittee will be comprised of Erin McDermott, Mike and Judy DeFrancesco, and Joe Oldenburg. They will meet soon. Our biggest question will consider the handling of the recycling of books that do not sell.

J. Old Business

  • Lincoln Test Drive Fundraiser – Jim Morche
    a. Victory Lincoln held this function at the Novi Library and gave $20/ test drive for a total of $2,200.
    b. Jim has also talked to Hines Park Lincoln, but we would have to guarantee a certain number of participants.
    c. It was questioned if this fundraiser could be held in conjunction with The Taste of Northville in March. Jim will give an update at the Dec. 5th meeting.

K. New Business

  • Promotion for Friends of the Library Week
    a. So far we haven’t done much or had much coordination of activities. It was questioned what we might do in 2014 to make this a better celebration? We need to clarify the date for next year.
  • Chris Litka questioned how contacts that Cheryl Pearson made with the homeowners’ associations can be used to promote programs, millages, etc.
  • Northville Garden Club Award
    a. It was clarified that, in January, a $50 annual gift is given to the Friends of the Northville Library to benefit the Gift Book Program from the profits of the Northville Garden Club Greens Mart Sale.


Our next meeting will be a combined Nov.-Dec. meeting on December 5, 2013 at 7 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Bolam, Secretary

Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for January 22, 2014

Board of Directors Meeting of the Friends of Northville District Library
January 22, 2014


Members Present:
Carol Oldenburg, Martha Nork, Claire Kreher, Linda Schwelnus, Linda Bolam, Joe Oldenburg, Sandy Walts, Regina Mingela, Julie Herrin, Deborah Stanifer

Members Absent:
Judy DeFrancesco, Chris Litka, Erin McDermott, Jim Morche

I. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 7 PM by president, Carol Oldenburg.

II. Approval of the Agenda
The agenda was APPROVED.

III. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of December 5, 2013

The minutes were APPROVED with no corrections.

IV. President's Report- Carol Oldenburg
A. Friends received a donation of $750 from Northville resident, Judith Costigan. Not previously a FNDL member, she was sent a Friends’ membership.
B. The annual calendar was reviewed, with the addition of the Taste of Northville Business Showcase on March 8th. “Sundaes on Sunday” will be on October 19th, which is the first day of national Friends Week. The room for this event is already booked

  • Discussion of Taste of Northville continued. Erin McDermott will be asked to coordinate the event. An application will be completed to reserve two tables: FNDL Table for Used books that are given to visitors (gardening books, children’s books and cookbooks), and the Library Table for publicity use. Two table skirts will be ordered. Twelve free tickets to the event come with the reservation. Erin will be consulted regarding the number of boxes of books needed and the use of the banner. Questioned if candy will be distributed as last year? Will discuss other event chairs at April meeting.

V. Library Director’s Report – Julie Herrin

A. Statistics for December showed circulation down by 5% although downloading eBooks and Wi Fi continue to be high. Programs were offered for Affordable Care Act, Downloading eBooks, and Bargain Shopper Mom, but attendance was low due to the weather. February programs, How to Use Your iPad, and How to Use Your Kindle Fire were full. We had 279 groups use the Study rooms and 33 use the Meeting room.

B. Facilities continue to receive attention. A leak in the front entrance was repaired January 20th. Bids have been going out on our 17- year -old building for HVAC upgrade and repair and carpeting of the main floor.

C. As mentioned, Taste of Northville is March 8th from 12 to 3, and the Library will have a presence.

D. As a result of the annual mailing for Development $11,657.50 has been donated by 76 donors. Last year we received $5,000 in donations. In 2012 when there was a tax credit and an envelope in the newsletter we had $17,000 in donations.

E. Youth chairs have been added to the Library Wish List. The desired chairs are maple with 13” legs.

F. A disclaimer will be included on publicity pieces that go out for the Adult Summer Reading Program. After discussion with the PR Librarian and the Head of Adult Services, it was decided that winners of the reading challenge will be put on the Library website.

G. The Director questioned whether tote bags would be given out for the Youth Summer Reading Program. It was noted that the tote bags are a means of advertising contributors and a big hit with participants. Julie will check with Roz Fink to see if they will be used this summer.


VI. Treasurer’s Report – Deborah Stanifer (for Denise Stacer)
A. The budget report through the end of December 2013 was reviewed. The $8,775.57 decrease noted was due to completion of the Library Wish List. Total income this month was $3,573.70 from Membership, Used Books, grants/donations and money from the Gift Store. Total expenses: $12,349.27 due to payment for gift books to library, a couple of music programs, the wish list and stamps.
B. The Treasurer’s Report was APPROVED.
C. Proposed Budget 2014-2015 – The finance committee met. We used numbers provided by each budget line item chair along with the Library Wish List and historical data to create a budget.

  • INCOME– Membership did an amazing job this year thanks to Regina and committee. Used Books under Joe Oldenburg’s leadership continues to evolve to get the most for our donations of books. Additional income was derived from the Book and Author Luncheon, Program donations, and the Gift Store. Interest from the bank account and Hillers are continuing to decrease.
  • EXPENSES – The Library Wish List was reviewed. Additional Administrative costs were reviewed. It was noted that $2,500 has been set aside in the 2014 budget in case the Ballot Question Committee requests additional funds.
  • The finance committee recommends that the Board approve this budget.

  • D. The Proposed Budget for 2014-2015 was APPROVED.
    E. Denise Stacer sends a special thanks to Deborah for stepping up and taking on duties of treasurer so quickly.

    VII. Corresponding Secretary’s Report – Linda Bolam
    A. No report this month.

    VIII. Committee Reports

    A. Membership Committee – Regina Mingela

    • We currently have 282 members.
    • The Friends have the library display case beginning April 1st. A committee comprised of Regina, Martha Nork and Linda Bolam will plan the display. Purpose is to reinforce importance of Friends’ membership and emphasize the programs that we support.

    B. Gift Store – Martha Nork/Linda Schwelnus

    • December income was $1,900.00. This includes $67.00 of credit card rewards.
    • Income was up $130.00 over December 2012.
    • 4th quarter resale purchases were up this year.
    • We spent $180 from the CFCU Summer of Sharing grant for the new outside store sign. The $820 remaining from the grant was given to the library for their use.
    • $1,000 was transferred to Friends account in December.

    C. C. Newsletter – Sandy Walts

    • The next newsletter will be out by March 15th before the Battle of the Books and membership drive. Submissions requested by the end of February.

    D. Gift Book Program – Claire Kreher

    • Since December 5, 2013 we have received three gifts totaling $95.00 (2 Memorials, 1 Honor).
    • Thirteen books and one DVD were added to the Library.

    E. Read to Me – no report

    F. Programs – no report

    G. Public Relations – no report

    H. Development – Julie Herrin for Erin McDermott

    • 300 letters have been sent out to solicit sponsors for the April 4th Library Fund Raiser. Overall sponsorships are down from prior years. The question was raised if others are also experiencing this decline in town.
    • Tickets for the event go on sale February 10th.

    I. Used Book Operations – Joe Oldenburg

    • Mission Based Books (MMB) is going out of business as of Feb. 2014. Oct., Nov., Dec. 2013 and Jan. 2014 income is due to us. The $5000 annual income we anticipated from them will be impacted. MMB currently has approximately 5500 unsold NDL books. We will need to decide what to do regarding this issue by Feb. 4.
    • Options:
      a. Take all books back (300 boxes).
      b. Tell them to recycle the books.
      c. They will send us list of valuable books (over $5 value) and the remainder could go to “Teacher’s Day” event at MBB Canton warehouse.
      d. We could deal with a Miamisburg, Ohio bookseller, Look At a Book, on all our books or only books of value. They have sent us a proposal to take over from MBB.
    • Julie will check with other libraries in Michigan to see if they deal with the Ohio company.
    • Problem is going to be dealing with recycles.
    • A discussion followed. Motion made and seconded that we let Joe examine the options and decide what he feels is best for Friends. Motion APPROVED.
    • Joe will call Waste Management regarding recycle.

    IX. Old Business

    A. Nominating Committee Report

    • The ballot is ready and will be included in the 2013 Annual Report.
    • The role of corresponding secretary and recording secretary to be combined in one “Secretary”.

    X. New Business - None


    Next meeting is February 20, 2014 in the Story Time Room.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Linda Bolam, Secretary

Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for December 5, 2013

Board of Directors Meeting of the Friends of Northville District Library
December 5, 2013


Members Present:
Carol Oldenburg, Erin McDermott, Judy DeFrancesco, Martha Nork, Jim Morche, Claire Kreher, Linda Schwelnus, Chris Litka, Linda Bolam, Joe Oldenburg, Regina Mingela, Julie Herrin, Anne Mannisto

Marilyn Randall

Members Absent:
Denise Stacer, Sandy Walts

I. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 7 PM by president, Carol Oldenburg.

II. Approval of the Agenda
The agenda was APPROVED.

III. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of

The minutes were approved without comment.

IV. President's Report- Carol Oldenburg
A. The Nominating Committee for the 2014/2015 Board elections will be composed of Chris Litka, Regina Mingela and Joe Oldenburg. The Board Officers as well as Judy DeFrancesco, Claire Kreher, Martha Nork, Sandy Walts, and Linda Schwelnus are up for re-election and ineligible for a place on the committee.
B. The FNDL Board is invited to the Library Staff Luncheon on December 11, 2013 from 12 to 2 PM. RSVP to Julie Herrin.
C. The Annual Meeting is March 20, 2014. Start thinking of your annual report. Reports go to Erin McDermott by the end of February. Linda Schwelnus will help Erin with the proofreading the report.
D. Volunteers are needed to participate in the Millage Question Committee. Real work will begin this summer. A planning meeting is Dec. 9th at 7:30 PM.

V. Library Director’s Report – Julie Herrin

A. Important future dates:

  • Millage Ballot Question Committee meeting Monday, Dec. 9 at 7:30 PM in the Story Time Room.
  • Staff Holiday Luncheon Dec. 11 from 12 -2 PM.
  • Battle of the Books March 26, 2014.

B. Statistics

  • Circulation of materials for the Library collection was down 1% from last year.
  • Download Destination had over 20,000 ebooks and e audiobooks checked out.
  • Mobile usage of our Wi Fi is at an all-time high with over 1,000 users last month.

C. Programs have been well attended.

  • Fourteen Youth programs were held with over 400 participants.
  • Michigan Legend and Lore – 75 participants
  • Adult Book Discussion on Nov. 11 – 16 participants
  • Friends and Library program, Thousand Letters Home on Nov. 14 – 63 participants
  • Foreign Films – 71 participants
  • Games Day – 43 teens and adults
  • The Twelfth Night Concert is Dec. 10 at the Library.

D. Community Reads – Detroit City is the Place To Be

  • Books circulated to Northville patrons over 175 times.
  • Jack Lessenberry for Michigan Radio – 66 participants
  • Author visit at Novi Library – over 150.

E. SHW (architectural engineering firm) Report

  • Current state of the building, outlook for major repairs and projected cost. There were 31 detailed pages of conditions and repairs to be made, now, and in the next 5-10 years.
  • Carpeting is the number one priority.

F. Public Fax and copy machines

  • Machines will scan to USB drive and to an email address.

G. Holiday Tree at the Community Center

  • Friends invited to help decorate. Library staff made ornaments out of recycled book pages.

H. Development Annual Giving Mailing

  • Mailed 550 letters with envelopes and personalized salutation and notes.
  • We have received 37 donations for a total of $6,875 thus far.
  • In 2012 we received $4,475, plus a bequest of $32,803.
  • In April 2013 we received $1,925.

I. Wish List

  • Chairs for the computer area and chairs for the youth puzzle tables are requested in the next FNDL budget.


VI. Treasurer’s Report – from Denise Stacer
A. Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and APPROVED.
B. We are seeking a CPA to audit the FNDL books since the retirement of Mr. Holland who previously had done the audits.
C. A wish list from the Library will be submitted to the Finance Committee, and includes replacement of chairs for computers downstairs in the Library. Cost is estimated at $5,000.00.
D. The Finance Committee (Claire, Denise, Linda S., Martha Nork and Joe O.) recommended that the FNDL Board earmark $2,500.00 from the 2013-2014 Budget for the Millage Question Committee. Any unexpended funds at completion of the campaign will be returned to the FNDL. Additionally needed funds could be requested in the 2014 Budget Year. A motion of support was made and APPROVED.
E. Carol noted that we need additional members for the Finance Committee.
F. We were asked to estimate possible expenses for 2014 and submit them to Denise Stacer.
G. Carol read a note from Denise Stacer to announce her resignation. She will not be running for reelection. This is a key position that requires some experience and comfort managing a budget as well as daily/monthly expenses. Deborah Stanifer, who is now retired, expressed an interest in this position and is willing to return as Treasurer. Her experience will make the transition much easier. Denise asked that she be replaced as soon as possible and is willing to work with her replacement.
H. A motion to appoint Deborah Stanifer as Interim Treasurer was made, seconded and APPROVED. Deborah will train with and replace Denise Stacer for the remainder of this year.
I. A motion was made and APPROVED to donate $50.00 for a gift book in Denise’s honor to recognize her years of service to FNDL.

VII. Corresponding Secretary’s Report – Linda Bolam
A. No report this month.

VIII. Committee Reports

A. Membership Committee – Regina Mingela

  • We now have 278 members.

B. Gift Store – Martha Nork/Linda Schwelnus

  • Member Shopping Days were very successful this year.
  • A new sign was obtained for the Gift Store
  • There was revenue of $1953.00 this month.

C. Gift Book Program – Claire Kreher

  • Since October 17 we received 7 gifts totaling $240.00 (3 Memorials, 3 Honors, 1 gift). We were able to add 4 books to the Library collection.

D. Read to Me – Judy DeFrancesco

  • We had two very successful months. 14 gift bags were passed out to happy babies.
  • Judy has provided this program for two years on her own, and 3-4 years sponsored by FNDL. She will be reevaluating this program in March. A request was made for feedback on the program. The Board gave very positive support of its value.
  • The book bags that are handed out include information on FNDL. Mothers seem to be getting more interested in what the Friends are all about and what they do. It was suggested that future membership forms used in the bags be identified as from “Read to Me” participants.

E. Programs – Jim Morche

  • Twelfth Night will be held in the library this year.
  • “Women’s Prisons in Northville” will be presented by Joe Oldenburg on June 10, 2014.
  • Laurie Ferret will be presenting “Ghost Stories of the Great Lakes”, the third part of the Antarctica series. To be scheduled.
  • Jim reported $129.00 was collected at “Picks ‘n’ Sticks” in 2012.

F. Public Relations – Chris Litka

  • Information is going to the Northville Patch on a daily basis.
  • Press releases have been sent to the Northville Record.

G. Development Committee – Erin McDermott

  • The fundraiser at Cantoro’s will be Friday, April 4, 2014. It is a great venue.
  • The Library Fund Raiser will be held at Cantoro’s on April 4, 2014. Wines of Northern and Southern Italy will be featured. Tickets will be $45.00 each, with $35.00 of each ticket being returned to the Library. We hope to raise $10,000 and entertain 75 guests. Friends were encouraged to plan to support this event.
  • “Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover” is the topic of a fundraiser at the event. Guests will purchase various paperback books with a gift card relating to the book’s title hidden inside.

H. Used Book Operations – Joe Oldenburg

  • A letter of appreciation was received from The Children’s Center in Detroit, thanking us for donating books for their teen clients. A gentleman from the Children’s Center has taken leftover children’s books from the last Used Book Sale for use at the Center.
  • The Fall Used Book Sale was very successful. Thanks to all who helped. 212 bags were sold and 14 new memberships obtained. Total UBS revenue was $1633.95.
  • Update on Archives-Joe has completed the archives which are now stored in the book sorting room in the library. He needs the minutes, annual reports and newsletters from 2003 -2007

IX. Old Business

A. Programs - Donations

  • Jim suggested we should not actively solicit money at future programs but should instead emphasize joining the FNDL.
  • After much discussion it was decided to continue to actively solicit Friends memberships and have a fishbowl for “Donations Appreciated”. Attention does not need to be drawn to the donations, but it is available for those who may be interested in donating.

X. New Business

A. Adult Summer Reading Program – Linda Schwelnus

  • Linda questioned why winners of the Adult Summer Reading program were not communicated in some manner (i.e. via Library website), and also how we could get more publicity for FNDL from the Adult Summer Reading Program.
  • The Library Director noted that there are privacy issues related to publicizing names. It was also noted that gift awards should come from local vendors (i.e. Library gift store, Next Chapter, etc.). Julie will discuss these concerns with appropriate staff and respond back to the FNDL Board.


A. Mission Based Book Contract – a sub-committee met and reviewed all options. Though revenue with new contract will be lower, it still could be greater than our sales. In addition to selling many of our books, we also send MBB about 150 books per week for recycle. This is a huge asset to our relationship with them. Committee recommended renewing the contract for a two-year period. The motion was made and APPROVED to accept the committee’s recommendation and sign the two-year contract with MBB.
B. An additional change will be made to the contract. We will have MBB return books they haven’t sold but are in good condition. We will then add the books to our carts, cellar and book sales.


Next meetings: January 16, 2014 and February 20, 2014. Meeting will be held in the Story Time Room.

The meeting adjourned at 9 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Bolam, Secretary

Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for September 19, 2013

Board of Directors Meeting of the Friends of Northville District Library
September 19, 2013


Members Present:
Carol Oldenburg, Erin McDermott, Judy DeFrancesco, Regina Mingela, Martha Nork, Jim Morche, Julie Herrin, Claire Kreher, Linda Schwelnus, Chris Litka, Linda Bolam, Joe Oldenburg, Sandy Walts

Jean Hansen, Paul Snyder

Members Absent:
Denise Stacer

I. Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M. by Carol Oldenburg, President.

II. Approval of the Agenda
The agenda was APPROVED.

III. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of June 20, 2013

The meeting minutes were APPROVED as submitted.

IV. Old Business

V. Committee Chair Reports

A. President's Report -Carol Oldenburg
1. On behalf of the Friends, Linda Schwelnus applied for a grant through a “Summer of Sharing” from Community Financial Credit Union. The $1,000.00 award will be used by the library to purchase adult books, DVDs, toys, and provide new signage for the Gift Store.
2. The library banner has been located and will be stored in the used book sorting room.
3. Judy DeFrancesco will attend the September 26, 2013 Board of Trustees Meeting for Carol Oldenburg.

B. Library Director's Report -Julie Herrin
1. Very good summer with 56,000 checkouts in July, the highest circulation ever. Also had highest use of children’s AWE workstations at 1,274 uses. Databases continue to be used in summer months. Brainfuse had 344 uses by 49 unique visits. Ninety-seven users downloaded 631 songs from Freegal in August. August Download Destination had a 63% increase of downloadable ebook and audiobooks over last year.
2. The Youth Summer Reading final number is 959, up 16% over last year. Three August programs had 446 attendees, and 196 at final party. The number of Adult Summer Reading participants was 233, up 6% over last year. Teen Summer Reading participants numbered 235, up 12% over last year. Seventy (70) volunteers and families attended the Volunteer Recognition Event.
3. New staff includes: Kristine Towne, Digital Services Librarian, and two new circulation clerks, Donia Sloan and Kristyn Brown.
4. The library has a new phone system. We have accepted a Bid to Repair concrete in front of the library. The new cleaner from Allied is Michael.
5. Library staff and a board member attended seven open houses at local schools to showcase our services. Staff also marched in the Victorian Festival Parade.
6. There has been no further news from the city on any changes to the parking lot.

C. Treasurer's Report -Carol Oldenburg for Denise Stacer
1. The report reflects an opening balance of $43,828.52 as of June 1, 2013 and a closing balance of $48,529.26 on August 31, 2013. Net Income was $4,580.74. (See Treasurer’s Report for detail.)
A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as submitted was moved, seconded, and APPROVED.
2. The annual CPA review of the books is to be scheduled.

D. Corresponding Secretary's Report -Linda Bolam
1. Additional Friends brochures were distributed to the Northville Community Center, Northville City offices, Northville Twp. offices, and the Chamber of Commerce.
2. A letter of acknowledgement was sent to Community Federal Credit Union for the $1000.00 “Summer of Sharing” grant to the Friends of the Northville District Library.
3. A thank you letter was sent to the Vannier’ at Northville Gallery for their donation of ten “Northville Fairies” books to the Gift Store.
4. A letter from Dorie Freebury, Head of Youth Services at NDL, was read, acknowledging the financial and volunteer support of the Friends of the Library with the “Dig in Reading” Youth Summer Reading Program.

E. Membership Committee Report - Regina Mingela
1. We have 250 memberships, less than ten are businesses. One birthday gift membership was received. Jim Morche has approached four financial institutions in Northville. Contributors were asked to hold their checks until November so their names can go on the Summer Reading Program tote bags for 2014. Mention of the donors will be made in our newsletter.
2. Regina made telephone calls regarding four early renewals to clarify their wishes regarding payment.

F. Gift Books Report -Claire Keher
1. Since June 20, 2013, we have received a $25 Gift Memorial, and 26 books and 3 CD’s were added to the collection.

G. Newsletter Report -Sandy Walts
1. The newsletter will be out by November 15th. Deadline for any news will be October 20.

H. Read to Me -Judy DeFrancesco
1. This month started off with a very large group of new babies and a return of the Story Time programs.
2. This summer Judy’s husband designed a new label for the giveaway bags. He then printed it on sticker labels to make it easier to attach to the bags.
3. A wonderful new lady, Cheryl Pearson, has begun working with Judy this month and is interested enough to continue when she retires.
4. We gave out 20 gift bags and got many Thank-you comments on them.

I. Gift Store -Linda Schwelnus and Martha Nork
1. Total sales are $840.00 above the total last year.
2. A new sign is being planned. Sandy Walts will help with the design.
3. Lights in the store continue to be a problem. According to Julie Herrin a new fixture is needed.
4. Michael, the new custodian, will be asked to vacuum regularly.
5. Nov. 15-17 are Member Shopping Days. There is a 25% discount for Friends members.
6. New products include Tiger mugs and Lions mugs @ $15 each, Wings mugs, and bottle openers. This information will be put up on Facebook.
7. An email will be sent to Julie Herrin to have notice of the Member Sale placed on the website for the Friends Store.

J. Programs Report -Jim Morche
1. The program on lighthouses had 75 registered, but only 65 attended. In the future we will book 10% over capacity to better fill all available seats.
2. $18 in donations was collected at the last program. Donation from Programs/Events will now be a line item in the budget.
3. Upcoming programs include:
- “Legends & Lore of Michigan” on Oct. 29
- “Picks & Sticks” on Nov. 5
- “A Thousand Letters Home” on Nov. 13
- “Twelfth-Night” on Dec.10, in the Community House
4. Tentative programming for 2014:
- “No Bars Hold” on women’s prisons in Northville – May 2014
- A musical program – June 2014

K. Public Relations -Chris Litka
1. Notice of the Fall Used Book Sale (USB) was placed on the Northville Chamber of Commerce Web newsletter.
2. Notices will be placed on Northville by Aysha Jamal, the Northville Record, and in an email blast to FNDL.
3. Mailings on the Friends were sent to 60-80 homeowner’s associations.

L. Development Committee Report - Erin McDermott
1. Development Committee has asked if the Friends would share their membership list so these members could be included in the Endowment Fund mailing. Board supported sharing the list. Discussion emphasized that the list should never be shared outside the organization. The goal is to reach out to library supporters regarding planned–giving.
2. The first week of April 2014 is slated for a fundraiser at the new Cantoro’s Market on Haggerty Rd.

M. Sundaes on Sunday - Linda Schwelnus
1. Sundaes will be served in the library September 29, from 1 to 4 PM. Cookie bakers are designated and workers signed up. Cookies may be dropped off at the library on Saturday.

N. Used Books Report - Joe Oldenburg
1. The Fall UBS is October 3 – 6, with the Friends Preview on Thursday at 6 PM.
2. Non-fiction books will be in John Carlo Room, fiction books will be in the Story Time Room and lobby area. Sign up for set up and working the sale days is being handled by Jim Morche.
3. New Book Cellar hours begin Oct. 11, 2013. Sunday hours will be terminated, and additional hours added on Friday from 11 AM to 5 PM. Hours on Monday are 11-5 PM and 6:30 – 8:30 PM, and on Saturday 1:30 – 4 PM.
4. On our old contract with MBB we made approximately $1,000/month. On the new contract we are making about 40% on sales. The checks are still about 18 days late. We are below last year’s revenue. MBB discussion will be held in the future as it is a large issue. In the future we will not make budget at the current rate.
5. Cart sales make approximately $665/month. $500/month is average for Book Cellar sales.

O. New Business
1. 2014 Millage Renewal was presented by Northville Library Board of Trustees Treasurer, Jean Hansen, and Secretary, Paul Snyder. They discussed the possible consequences of a millage renewal vs. non-renewal on the library budget and 5 Year Plan.
2. The request for renewal of the library millage needs to go on the November 2014 ballot, although the impact would not effect the budget until the following year.
3. A community-based Question Committee will be formed. The Friends must comply with state regulations as a 501(c)(3) organization. Charitable nonprofits that possess 501(c)(3)status can donate .2 (x) yearly budgeted expenditures to promote millage renewal for library on statewide basis. 25% of that total ($2,430) could be allowed by law on a local basis. We could donate to the Question Committee in each fiscal year. As an organization the Friends cannot campaign for the millage or raise funds. The Friends can only notify members and the general public that there is a millage vote on the ballot.
4. To facilitate future planning, the Library is having consultants come in to evaluate the physical status of the library and future infrastructure projects that may be needed for future maintenance.

Our next meeting is October 17 at 7 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Bolam, Secretary

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