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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for May 16, 2013

Board of Directors Meeting of the Friends of Northville District Library
May 16, 2013


Members Present:
Carol Oldenburg, Denise Stacer, Aleta Lee, Judy DeFrancesco, Chris Litka, Regina Mingela, Martha Nork, Linda Schwelnus, Sandy Walts, Julie Herrin, Jim Morche

Members Absent:
Erin McDermott, Linda Bolam, Claire Kreher, Joseph Oldenburg

I. Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Carol Oldenburg, President.

II. Approval of the Agenda
The agenda was APPROVED as submitted.

III. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of April 18th 2013

The Meeting Minutes were APPROVED as submitted with this one correction: Aleta Lee was not present during the April 18th meeting.

IV. Old Business

The Summer Reading Sign-Up List was presented for members to select a time slot.

V. Committee Chair Reports

A. President's Report -Carol Oldenburg, President
1. Summer meeting schedule was discussed. Members APPROVED cancelling the July meeting. President will notify Board by email as to whether we'll meet in August.
2. Member Appreciation (i.e. "Sundaes on Sunday")
Chair will be Denise Stacer
Assistant Chair will be Linda Schwelnus
Date selected is September 29th 2013
3. Reminder that board members must be paid up to date as mandated by our By-Laws

B. Library Director's Report -Julie Herrin, Director
1. Circulation is down by 2%. Downloads of music and e-books are up 145% (2821 downloads for the month of April). Computer and wireless use still up. 881 Uses for AWE based units for April.
2. Staff changes include; Allison Brueckner moving to Virginia, Nicole Jenkins working as a substitute clerk, and Karen Hogan moving to Chicago.
3. Partnership changes are as follows:
--Museum Adventure Pass changed to Michigan Activity Pass;
--Park and Read now called "Big Green Gym" – information on website;
--Detroit Zoo: go online to get reduced price tickets to the zoo.
4. Volunteer Recognition Party will be August 13 2013. We need to put together a list to include all volunteers who should be invited.

C. Treasurer's Report -Denise Stacer, Treasurer
The report should reflects an opening date of April 1st and a closing date of April 30th. MBB check cleared, and payment is due for March.

**Major expenses for month included $1,800.00 for Gift Books as well as $15,750.00 for AWE Children's work stations.

LOSS of $8,427.98 for the month.

With the date correction, the Treasurer's report was APPROVED.

D. Corresponding Secretary's Report -Linda Bolam, Corresponding Secretary
No report

E. Membership Committee Report - Regina Mingela, Membership Chair
1. We have 153 members which include two businesses.
2. Second request letters for membership will be sent out.
3. Membership Table will be set up near the cashier's table at the Used Book Sale. If you sign up for membership, you get a free bag of books.
4. Summer Reading Tote bag orders must be sent out by May 25th.

F. Gift Store Report -Martha Nork/Linda Schwelnus
1. Income for February and March : $2,400.00
2. Expenses for February and March: $1,550.00
3. Profit for February and March: $ 750.00
4. Member Shopping Days brought in $323.00 in income. Last year, the amount was $230.00. This seems to be supported mostly by board members and library staff.

G. Gift Books Report -Claire Keher
No Report

H. Newsletter Report -Sandy Walts
Requested ideas for articles for July newsletter. June is deadline for submission.

I. Used Books Report -Joseph Oldenburg
1. Waiting to hear from Hillers regarding the donation of 350 bags. Joseph Oldenburg volunteered to get bags if Hillers doesn't come through.
2. Cash and checks will be accepted;
3. It was reported that VHS tapes do not sell and the Director has requested that the library no longer accept VHS tapes. Discussion noted that the library staff doesn't sort through donations, so it was suggested that donations just be accepted and recycle whatever is not selling.
4. After the used book sale, the Salvation Army will pick up all remaining books.

J. Read to Me/Little Me Report -Judy DeFrancesco
Cheryl Pearson will begin working with Judy in the Fall.
Contents of the "Books for Babies" bags were clarified. It was noted that additional bags will be need to be ordered in the Fall.

K. Programs Report -Jim Morche
Jim Morche has planned the following programs for the year:

Virtual African Safari June 6th, 2013, 7:00 p.m.;
Guernsey's Dairy August 20th 2013;
Light Houses September and/or October 2013;
Picks and Sticks November 5th 2013;
Theresa Irish* November 13th 2013;
Twelfth Night December 10th 2013.

*Cost for Theresa Irish will be split between the Board and the Library.

L. Public Relations Committee Report -Chris Litka
1. Letters sent out via email to Friends regarding upcoming book sale;
2. Flyers were placed in 22 businesses regarding Book Sale;
3. Press release sent to Northville Record about Book Sale
4. The Book Cellar bookmarks are now available for distribution at check out desk. Book Cellar;

M. Development Committee Report - Julie Herrin
Next meeting will be a strategic planning committee for the year. The committee will research with other libraries for ideas to incorporate. (I don't believe this is accurate but Julie will correct I'm sure).

N. Book and Author Committee Report -Linda Schwelnus
Everyone at the Board Meeting who attended thought the Book and Author Event was a well-received and successful event. Linda asked if anyone would be interested in taking on this role in the future.

VI. Other Business/Discussion

A. New Business

B. Upcoming Events
1. Used Book Sale: May 30th Friends Preview
May 31st – June 2nd Book Sale

C. Next Meeting - June 20th

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Aleta Lee, Recording Secretary

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