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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for June 20, 2013

Board of Directors Meeting of the Friends of Northville District Library
June 20, 2013


Members Present:
Carol Oldenburg, Denise Stacer, Aleta Lee, Linda Bolam, Judy DeFrancesco, Claire Kreher, Regina Mingela, Martha Nork, Joe Oldenburg, Sandy Walts, Julie Herrin, Jim Morche

Members Absent:
Erin McDermott, Chris Litka, Linda Schwelnus

I. Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Carol Oldenburg, President.

II. Approval of the Agenda
The agenda was APPROVED as submitted.

III. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of May 16th 2013

The Meeting Minutes were APPROVED as submitted with this exception: Correction to the Library Director’s Report should read: “Karen Hogan moved to Chicago; Allison Buchner moved to Virginia; and Nicole Jenkins changed to a part-time position.”

IV. Old Business


V. Committee Chair Reports

A. President's Report -Carol Oldenburg, President
Time deferred to allow additional time to discuss Used Book Sale.

B. Library Director's Report -Julie Herrin, Director
1. Circulation is slightly down from last year by 2.91%. Circulation has been down four months in a row. Downloads of music and e-books are up 22% over last year.
2. As of June 20th, the Summer Reading Program has registered 500 children, 136 teens, and 156 adults. Friends registered 310 of the 500 children. Last year we had 827 registered for the Summer Reading Program, so we’re very pleased with the numbers this year.
3. On June 17th 2013, Julie and four Library Board members attended the City Council Meeting because there was a proposal from the DDA concerning parking in the area between the Senior Center and the Fire Department. Among the proposals given was one to open traffic to one-way traffic exiting onto the parking lot in front of the library. This would run directly through the bricked pedestrian area. The Library and Friends feel this poses a danger to our patrons. There is a lot of foot traffic as well as bicycles and strollers using that area. These proposed changes were aimed at alleviating the parking situation for the Garage Restaurant. Strong opposition was expressed at the City Council Meeting.
4. The Library has hired three new staff members: Donia Sloan and Kristen Brown are new Circulation Clerks, and Barb Dynanen will be newest Digital Clerk.
5. The Director thanked those who provided lists of names for Volunteer Appreciation event.

C. Treasurer's Report -Denise Stacer, Treasurer
The report reflects an opening balance on May 1st of: $41,433.65
And a closing date on May 31st of:                               $43,828.52
1. There was a $400 withdrawal for start-up petty cash for the Book Sale. Question was raised as to whether this was too much starting change ($100/day). After some discussion the Treasurer recommended leaving that set amount to avoid the possible need for “emergency” withdrawals.
Treasurer’s report moved, seconded and Approved as submitted.

D. Corresponding Secretary's Report -Linda Bolam, Corresponding Secretary
No report.

E. Membership Committee Report - Regina Mingela, Membership Chair
1. Current membership is 229 paid members. Of those, 25 new members came during the book sale.
2. Regina proposed removing the names from the spreadsheet of those former members who have not renewed their membership despite three reminder notices. She will send those names to Carol, who will contact them by phone for one last effort to persuade them to renew.

F. Gift Store Report -Martha Nork
1. Income for May: $2,400.00
This is $300 more than this time last year.
2. Jim & Prudy Vannier, owners of Northville Gallery, donates the Fairy Books to the store (at a cost to him of $1.50 per book) which we then sell. A note of appreciation will be sent to the store’s owner thanking him for his support of the Friends.

G. Gift Books Report -Claire Keher
As of 5/16/2013, we have received:
--1 CD
--5 books donated to the collection (three “In Honor” and two “In Memory).

H. Newsletter Report -Sandy Walts
Next newsletter goes out mid-July. As the Fall Newsletter will not be out in time for the “Sundaes on Sunday” event, a reminder post card will be sent to notify Friends of this event.

I. Used Books Report -Joseph Oldenburg
1. Friends Spring Used Book Sales brought in a total of $1,578.16. A summary financial report was distributed. (See attached)
2. Feedback was solicited from Used Book Sale volunteers. A summary list of comments and recommendations was distributed.
a. Patrons liked the alphabetical organization in fiction/nonfiction.
b. Make Floaters more recognizable by having them wear Friends aprons.
c. Keep Book Cellar open during the sale.
d. Have a supervisor more available for answering questions.
e. The Thursday Preview will be continued as a “perk” for Friends. If someone outside wants to attend, they will be accommodated.
f. Next year, the Preview Sale must start at 6:00 p.m. rather than 5:00 p.m. to allow more set up time. Set up the day before and morning of the Used Book Sale is not possible due to other Library activities. Board agreed to start Preview Night at 6:00 p.m.
3. A discussion arose regarding the age and condition of both the Book Cellar and Gift Store signs. They are both very heavy and in poor condition. Joe will investigate getting new lighter-weight signs for outside the library to advertise the Book Cellar. Will also work with Martha to purchase a new Gift Store sign.
4. Jim Morche has requested a complete spreadsheet of names, addresses and phone numbers to help him in scheduling workers for the next Book Sale.
5. Video and audio cassettes will no longer be accepted for the Book Cellar or sale because they do not sell and take up a great deal of space. If they come in with the donations, they will be accepted then recycled.

J. Read to Me/Little Me Report -Judy DeFrancesco
This program has been adjourned until Fall. An additional Volunteer will join Judy in the Fall. The Board expressed their support of this program and its continuation. A new member signed up this month. (Good job, Judy!)

K. Programs Report -Jim Morche
The June program, “African Safari” was well attended and the photography beautiful. A presentation on “Lighthouses” will be presented September 17th and “Letters from Home”, a salute to Veterans, will take place November 13th.

L. Public Relations Committee Report -Chris Litka
No Report.

M. Development Committee Report - Julie Herrin
A planning meeting will be held on August 8th, 2013.

N. Book and Author Committee Report - Carol Oldenburg for Linda Schwelnus
Debra Stanifer has been appointed the new coordinator of the Book and Author Luncheon. Library’s portion of the May luncheon ($297.00) was received and deposited.

VI. Other Business/Discussion

A. New Business
Per Board support, the Friends July and August meetings are cancelled. Any items of importance will be communicated via email.

B. Upcoming Events
August 13, 2013: Library Volunteer Recognition.
September 29th, 2013: “Sundaes on Sunday” – the Friends event to recognize and thank their members.
October 3 – 6: Fall Used Book Sale.
Next Meeting: September.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Aleta Lee, Recording Secretary

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