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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for February 21, 2013

Present: Julie Herrin, Carol Oldenburg, Claire Kreher, Sandy Walts, Judy DeFrancesco, Linda Bolam, Joe Oldenburg, Linda Schwelnus, Denise Stacer, Laura Lockhart, Regina Mingela, Christine Litka

Absent: Jim Morche, Martha Nork, Alex Sheremeta, Erin McDermott, Ellison Franklin, Joe Thomas, Aleta Lee

1) Call to Order – Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by, Carol Oldenburg President/Chair.
The Chair introduced Christine Litka who will be working as the Friends Public Relations Director. She also indicated that Aleta Lee would be working as the Recording Secretary. Aleta was not present at the meeting

2) Approval of Agenda – Agenda was APPROVED as submitted.

3) Approval of Meeting Minutes of December 6, 2012 & January 17, 2012
The Chair thanked Laura for her dedication and service to the Board, and noted a gift book is being donated to the library in her honor. The Board wished her good luck and noted she would be missed.

a. The December 6, 2012 meeting minutes were APPROVED as submitted.
b. The January 17, 2013 meeting minutes were APPROVED with the addition of the year 2012- 2013 to Treasurer's Report 7(e).
c. The clarification was made to the Membership Committee Report that the committee approved the Membership Fees.

4) Old Business

a. Book and Author Luncheon – Linda passed around the sign-up sheet for the Book and Author Luncheon.
b. Nominating Committee – The Chair presented the ballot for the upcoming election. It was noted that Sandy Walts was listed twice and wasn't due for re-election until 2014. Her name will be deleted from the Directors up for election this year. Members also recommended that the Teen Volunteer category be removed as well as Committee members. Both are appointed positions and are not elected. Ballot was approved.
c. Annual Meeting Minutes - Members were reminded to send their reports to Erin by March 1st for inclusion in the Annual Report.

5) President's Report –Carol Oldenburg, President

a. The Chair requested a substitute attend the February Board of Trustees meeting, February 28, 2013. Judy DeFrancesco volunteered to attend and represent the Friends.
b. Friends Website - Many areas are not current, need to be updated regularly. Members were asked to review their areas and send updates to Karen Fehl. Chris Litka, new PR person will review the entire site for additional updates needed.
c. In April, there will be a group photo taken of the new board.

6) Library Director's Report – Julie Herrin provided the following updates:

a. Regular circulation is up 3.79% from January. The door count is up 5.69% from January. Ebook activity is up 74% compared to 2012.Wireless activity was near 800.
b. There is a new part time Librarian. Her name is Vicki Dixon. She started February 12, 2013.
c. The new lights have arrived. They will be installed after hours. There is new carpeting scheduled as well. The library will be closed on March 29, 2013 for the carpeting of circulation area.
d. The Donor Recognition party was a success despite the weather. 40 people attended.
e. The library newsletter will have an extra page for the annual giving campaign. It will be similar to last year's campaign. It will be delivered the week of March 1. The letters to past donors will follow in April.
f. The audit was completed with no irregularities. It will be discussed at the February Board Meeting.
g. The Battle of the Books will be on Wednesday, March 20.
h. Julie inquired if the Friends would like to makes changes to the Friends page on the website.

7) Treasurer's Report – Denise Stacer, Chair

a. The report was disbursed to the group.
b. The income for January was $3,283.54. The expenses for January was $10,512.33 with a net loss for the month of $7228.79
c. The year to date was a net loss of $11,829.81 which is what is expected.
d. The Proposed 2013/2014 budget was discussed. The finance committee voted to recommend approval of the library wish list. The library wish list is $19,220 less than the 2012/2013 budget. The finance committee recommends creating the annual budget based on the approval of the library wish list.
e. A motion was made to approve the 2013/2014 budget as presented. Motion passed.
f. Denise is looking for outstanding receipts so she can close out 2012.

8) Corresponding Secretary's Report – Linda Bolam

a. "Thank You" note was sent to Alex Shermata the Teen Representative to the board to express appreciation for her service during the past year.
b. Jim Morche's phone number was sent to Traci Sincock at Northville Chamber of Commerce to affix to our calendar entry regarding the Friends Spring Used Book Sale. This was done with his permission.

9) Committee Reports

a. Membership Committee Report – Regina Mingela
221 paid memberships, 18 paid business memberships
239 total memberships paid in 2012
24 new memberships paid in 2013 as of 2/20/13
263 memberships since Nov. 1, 2011

Carol noted that the Friends have the display case in April. The display case will feature Membership and events the Friends participate.

b. Gift Store –Linda Schwelnus
The store gave $3500 to the Friends to fulfill the annual commitment.
February has been a good month. The store has made $800 in February

c. Gift Books – Claire Kreher
Eight gifts were given since the previous meeting in January. There were six given in memory. There was one given in honor. There was one gift book given. The total of the funds received was $265.

d. Newsletter – Sandy Walts
The newsletter will be coming out in March. It is currently at the printer.
Sandy is looking for volunteers to help assemble the newsletter.

e. Used Books –Joseph Oldenburg
Joe Thomas and Joe Oldenburg attended a meeting with Mission Based Books. Mission Based Books has asked to re-negotiate their contract with NDL. Due to financial challenges, they can no longer provide a minimum dollar per book and have requested a change in the division of profit from the current 50%-50% to 60% to MBB and 40% to NDL.

It was noted that MBB still has not paid Friends since July 1, 2012. After a lengthy discussion, Board approved the contract changes but will not sign until MBB has paid the Friends the money owed since 2012. MBB will be notified payment from July 1, 2012 through February 28, 2013 must be received by March 31st. At that time the contract can be signed and the new arrangement retro to March 1, 2013.

The Friends approved the motion that they will sign a contract with MBB April 1, if payment is received in full thru February 28, 2013 and received by March 31, 2013.

Used Book Cellar -
a. Additional volunteers have been recruited.
b. Plan to work to raise awareness of the Cellar to library patrons. A book mark has been drafted advertising the Book Cellar and Friends membership. Cost of printing will be researched by PR and will be discussed at the April Meeting.

f. Read to Me – Judy DeFrancesco
The books have not yet arrived. Judy is waiting on the book shipment.
Judy updated the website with information for how to contact her directly.

g. Programs –Jim Morche
African Safari program June 18, 2013.
Guernsey Dairy will be coming in 2013

Jim has also negotiated for a presentation on Light Houses of the Great Lakes. No date has been set.

h. Book and Author Luncheon – Linda Schwelnus
The event will be held on May 9. D.E. Johnson will be the author speaking. There are three books which are historical fiction based on the city of Detroit.

i. Development Committee – Carol Oldenburg for Erin McDermott
The committee met and funding programs were discussed, Giving Campaign, Endowment

j. FOML – Paul Snyder
Paul discussed the Friends of Michigan Libraries Outstanding Library Award. Two $400 awards are given. He gave nominating forms to Carol. The annual FOML meeting will be in Freemont, MI on April 18, 2013. Registration forms were given to Carol.

10) New Business

a. Regina asked for a new phone directory. A new phone directory will be distributed after the annual meeting.
b. The committee was asked to think about ordering cloth gift bags with the Friends logo to sell in the Gift Store. Could potentially use to sell at the Used Book Sale. Will discuss in April.
c. April Board Meeting, new photo will be taken for the website with all 2013-2014 Board members.
d. Members were notified that gift books have also been donated honoring Ellison Franklin (past Membership Chair) and Joe Thomas (past Used Book Director).

11) Next Meetings: Thursday, March 21, 2013
2013 meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month through October.

Meeting Adjourned 8:50

Respectfully submitted:
Laura Lockhart

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