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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for March 21, 2013

Members Present:
Erin McDermott, Regina Mingela, Judy DeFrancesco, Chris Litka, Claire Kreher, Martha Nork, Linda Bolam, Linda Schwelnus, Julie Herrin and Aleta Lee and guests

I. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. by Erin McDermott, Vice President.
Introduction of those present were made.

II. Election for 2013-2014 Term

The Nominating Committee presented the slate of nominees for the Friends Board:
Carol Oldenburg – President
Erin McDermott – Vice President
Denise Stacer – Treasurer
Aleta Lee – Recording Secretary
Linda Bolam – Corresponding Secretary

The nominees were APPROVED as submitted.

III. Friends Bylaws Review

The Board reviewed and approved revision to the Bylaws, as appropriate, at the December, 2012 meeting. Per the Bylaws, final approval occurs at the next Friends Annual Meeting. The Bylaws were APPROVED as submitted.
Discussion held concerning the agreement between Friends and the Northville District Library.

IV. Annual Report

The Annual Report was presented and reviewed by the members present. $46,000.00 is the balance at the end of the fiscal year. Annual Report will be posted on the NDL Friends website.

V. Committee Chair Reports

A. Gift Store -Martha Nork, Director
Doing well in the store this month. Linda Schwelnus, Store Treasurer, reported a $14,400 annual income from the Gift Store.

B. Read to Me Program -Judy DeFrancesco, Director
Books were ordered and received for the reading program and eighteen bags have been distributed this month.

C. Membership -Regina Mingela, Director
2013 Membership drive is going well. Memberships continue to be received and are tallied on an ongoing basis. It was suggested that a supply of the tri-fold membership flyer be kept in the Friends cupboard so individuals can pick them up for distribution at various community events, i.e. such as Friends Programs, Chamber of Commerce events, various Realtors around town and other events where Friends membership can be highlighted.

D. Library Director -Julie Herrin, Director

  • The new computers have arrived and are in service already. The A.W.E. work stations hardly need instructions.
  • There were 159 contestants in "The Battle of Books". The winner was team "Hat Tricks" with 262 out of 275 points.
  • The library will be closed Friday, March 29 for installation of new carpeting. The new lights around the staircase are now installed.
  • Cheryl and Richard Pierson will receive a "Leaf on the Giving Tree" for recognition of their $1,000.00 donation to the Memorial Fund.
  • Regarding the McAskin Memorials to the Genealogy Collection, the decision was made to purchase historical copies of the Detroit Free Press. Claire Kreher reported an additional $30.00 gift was received to the McAskin Fund.

E. Public Relations -Christina Litka, Director

She will meet with the President when she returns to clarify her role. She will also work on bookmarks to be distributed at the circulation desk. We need to work on our presentation for the Friends contribution at the "Taste of Northville" next year.

VI. Other Business/Discussion

A. It was suggested that the Board discuss the possibility of changing the date of our Membership Drive next year to avoid conflict with other library fundraising and the use of the showcase. Use of library showcase could be used to highlight membership drive.
B. Contents of the "Read to Me" program bags were clarified.
C. It was suggested that new Friends members who join and volunteer be contacted so they are acknowledged and we can benefit from their willingness to work.

D. Mission Based Books (MBB): original MBB contract was discovered and they will again approach MBB when Joe Oldenburg (Used Books Director) returns. Additional copies of the MBB contract cannot be located. A suggestion was made to investigate Better World Books, another used book vendor.
E. It was suggestion that the Friends Board Directory be updated.
F. It was suggested that the signage for the "Taste of Northville" be enhanced. Perhaps coordinate it with other existing library signs, but at least increase sign visibility. The "Good Libraries Need Good Friends" sign has apparently been misplaced.
G. It was noted that a comment was overheard at "Taste of Northville" that the individual was "almost a leaf recipient due to their donations", but they are not on Friend's membership roster. It was suggested they could have meant that they have donated directly to the Library – not the Friends.

VII.  Next Meeting: Thursday, April 18, 2013
2013 meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month through October.

The Recording Secretary thanks Linda Bolam for her assistance with the minutes.
Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm, and the participants enjoyed light refreshments.

Respectfully submitted,
Aleta Lee, Recording Secretary

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