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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for February 16, 2012

Present: Linda Schwelnus, President, Judy DeFrancesco, Anne Mannisto, Erin McDermott, Martha Nork, Carol Oldenburg, Claire Kreher, Sandy Walts, Denise Stacer, Alex Sheremeta, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Ellison Franklin, Joe Thomas

1) Call to Order - Meeting was called to order at 7:27 p.m. by L. Schwelnus, President/Chair.

2) Approval of Agenda - Agenda was APPROVED as submitted.

3) Approval of Meeting Minutes (January 19, 2012) - Corrections were made to previous meeting minutes. With the corrections, the minutes were APPROVED as submitted through email. Discussion centered on submitting all revisions in a "reply to all" policy so everyone can see all comments. Approved minutes will be submitted for online publishing. There will be no sending out meeting minutes after corrections from "reply to all" comments. This practice is not currently done after corrections are made during the meeting.
4) Guest Member Comments - None

5) President's Report - L. Schwelnus

a. Introduction of Alex Sheremeta as new teen board member. Positive feedback on the Teen Renovation.
b. Book Author Luncheon - Author Kevin Boyle who wrote Arc of Justice will be the guest speaker. The luncheon will be Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at noon. Tickets or the form can be mailed to register. The form can be found on library's website.
c. Taste of Northville - Discussion centered on who volunteered from the Friends and from the library. Let Denise know if additional tickets are needed. Erin will check with Joe to determine if there will be books to be donated at the event. Magnets will also be used as a giveaway.

6) Library Director's Report - Anne Manisto provided the following updates:

a. Circulation for January 2012 43,398. This figure is up 1.7% from January 2011. Ebooks - saw the highest monthly usage in the program to date. There were 75 attendees to the library program on January 10 regarding ebooks. It was a huge success. They will be running the program again in the spring.
b. Programs: REAL Research Program - For high school parents and children. 32 people attended; Digital Photography - 22 People attended
c. Upcoming Programs: Savvy Travel Tips, Underground Railroad, and Titanic
d. Battle of the Books - Wednesday, March 7 - Teams are bigger this year.
e. Teen Area Sign - The design has been finalized. It will have an entryway feel. The sign will be here by the end of March. The plaque has arrived indicating the Friends donated the funds to update the area.
f. Janway Wave Handle Bags have arrived.
g. Annual Magazine Shift - Denise helped and took the magazines to the high school for recycling.
h. Wish List - Digitization Project - Looking to make a decision fairly soon. There are two vendors who will be submitting bids. Meeting will be held, Wednesday, February 29.
i. The library has signed up for the Whatdoyougeek? Program. It refers to something you are passionate about. The library can support all sort of passions people are interested. The staff will participate in the program. It is to promote library awareness and funding of libraries. A committee will be formed and the library would like to have a Friend's member.
j. Constant Contact - Email that is tailored to groups based on their interests. It is a listserve.
k. Summer Reading Program Bag - There will be 300 bags. There will be no T shirts this year. It will promote the "green" agenda. The sponsors will be listed on the bag.
l. August 21, 2012 will be the Volunteer Event " Just Dessserts"
m. There are approximately 30 lithographs "Roots of Wonder" left after the 2010 Endowment campaign. The library proposes selling the remaining in the gift store. Discussion centered on pricing the art and contacting the artist, Mike Mullen, to better determine a price point. It was a proposal for the Friends to discuss.
n. National Library Week - April 8 - The library is asking for the friends to participate in a letter writing campaign regarding libraries.
o. Staff Appreciation - Looking to do something in February. Looking to do deli trays and desserts. February 29 will be the day the event is being held.

7) Treasurer's Report -Denise Stacer

a. One month left in the fiscal year.
b. Nothing unusual to report.
c. Waiting on Book Cellar receipts for expenses.
d. Proposed budget for the year was disbursed to group. Income for next year $48,300. Proposed expenses for next year $57,500. We are not proposing a balanced budget. We are proposing to go into our savings $9,200.
e. The library removed lighting project from current budget.
f. The question was asked about our bank accounts. Denise explained we currently have one account.
g. Judy moved to accept the budget. Linda seconded the budget. All were in favor. There were no objections to the proposed budget.

8) Corresponding Secretary's Report - No report

9) Committee Reports:

a. Membership Committee Report - Linda Schwelnus for Ellison Franklin
276 total for the year
37 renewals
b. Gift Store - Martha Nork
The store's sales are picking up in February. Martha wanted to thank Mike DeFrancesco for assembling the "Fairy Door".
c. Gift Store Finance - Linda Schwelnus
d. The gift store will accept gift certificates sold by the Chamber of Commerce, which can be used at many retail locations in Northville.
e. Gift Books - Claire Kreher
There were 34 gifts given since March 1, 2011. This is similar to the same number of books gifted during the previous year.
f. Used Books - Linda Schwelnus for Joe Thomas
The carpet has been installed in the book store.
g. Development Committee - Carol
Looking to do a "signature event" which will be done annually. The Development Committee decided to have an event at Genitti's. It will have a capacity of 125 people. The price is $50. $30 will go to the library. Potential profit of $4,500. The development committee has input for the evening's program. Looking at a potential date of October 13. There will be a 7 course meal. Genitti's will sell the tickets. If you have input as to what you want to see, discuss ideas with Erin or Carol.
h. Trustee Meeting Report - Linda Schwelnus
Elections were held. Financial reports were disbursed. Judy volunteered to go to February's meeting.
i. Newsletter - Sandy Walts
Need to have information submitted by first week of March. Sandy will send out an email for a letter stuffing campaign.

10) Old Business/New Business -

a. Annual Meeting Discussion - Discussion centered on past reports and streamlining the report process. When submitting reports it was agreed the person would include their name, title, and the date on the report.
b. Linda indicated she would not be running for President again.
c. The annual meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 28. The regular monthly meeting will follow.
d. Judy wanted to nominate Carol as the President. Carol accepted the position.
e. Discussion centered on coding Friends applications for different events to determine how many applications are returned.
f. Motion to donate The Magic Room, from the Friends of Northville Library as a gift book in memory of Jeffrey Zaslow from Martha. All were in favor.
g. Taste of Northville - Erin volunteered to participate. The event of the date is March 10, 2012

11) Next Meetings: Wednesday, March 28, 2012
2012 meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month through September.

Meeting Adjourned 8:39 pm

Respectfully submitted:
Laura Lockhart

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