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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for March 28, 2012

Present: Linda Schwelnus, President, Julie Herrin, Anne Mannisto Erin McDermott, Martha Nork, Claire Kreher, Joe Thomas, Denise Stacer, Ellison Franklin, Jean Hansen, Regina Mingela, Christoph Bartschat, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Judy DeFrancesco, Sandy Walts, Carol Oldenburg, Alex Sheremeta

1) Call to Order - Meeting was called to order at 7:31 p.m. by L. Schwelnus, President/Chair.

2) Approval of Agenda - Agenda was APPROVED as submitted.

3) Approval of Meeting Minutes (February 16, 2012) - Corrections were made to previous meeting minutes. With the corrections, the minutes were APPROVED as submitted through email.

4) Guest Member Comments - Jean Hansen introduced herself. She is on the Board of Trustees for the library. She thanked the Friends for all of our hard work and effort during the previous year.

Regina Mingela - Introduced herself to the Friends. She has lived in Northville for 25 years. She has worked in the gift store for a year. She is excited to join the group and she loves the library.

5) Election of Board Directors and Officers - All Nominees were elected as is.

6) President's Report - Linda Schwelnus, President

a. Linda introduced Christoph Bartschat, a sophomore from Northville High School, who was conducting research on the Friends. He will be writing a paper on his findings.
b. Battle of the Books was held in March. It was a successful event. The Battle of the Books was funded by the Friends
c. ALTAFF - Linda proposed purchasing 18 buttons for $22 which show we are Friend Board Members. Discussion centered on the purchase of the buttons and the decision was made to purchase the buttons
d. Book and Author Luncheon - Please let Linda know if you are interested in participating.

7) Library Director's Report - Julie Herrin provided the following updates:

a. Julie thanked Linda Schwelnus for filling Jennifer Gustafson's position and working with the library throughout the remainder of the year.
b. Julie thanked the Friends for the staff appreciation luncheon which was held on February 29.
c. Circulation for February 2012 was up 9% and there was a 14% increase in door count. Ebook usage and database searches continue to increase.
d. Programs - 425 youth attended 21 different programs. There were 118 people who attended the magic show. The adult programs are well attended as well. There were 102 for the Gardening program. There were 40 adults who attended the downloadable ebook program.
e. The library wanted to know if the Friends wanted the Showcase for May. Typically the Friends use the showcase in May for the Membership drive.
f. Endowment - The total income for 2011 was $17,235 The total market value is $328,041. The library took a distribution of $1,000 to supplement the book budget
g. Bequest - $32,800 from Chris Hinkle which will be invested in the endowment.
h. Anne and Julie attended the Public Library Association Conference
i. Judith will be retiring at the end of June.
j. Geek the Library committee - PR campaign of the library and how the library is relevant in today's age. There was not a Friend's member on the committee. Julie inquired if a representative from the Friends would like to join. Denise, Linda, and Erin volunteered to be on the committee to represent the Friends. The next meeting is on April 30.
k. The vendor for the Digitization project has been decided. Graphic Sciences who is a Michigan company will be taking on the project. The project will take about 6 months. A new server will be bought for the library to house the project.

8) Treasurer's Report -Denise Stacer

a. The Friends gave almost $70,000 to the library over the course of the previous year.
b. Martha noted that the financial statements need to say "Read to Me" not "Books for Babies". Books for Babies is trademarked.

9) Corresponding Secretary's Report - No report

10) Committee Reports:

a. Membership Committee Report - Ellison Franklin

  • 100 new members or renewals
  • 280 memberships for 2011
  • Ellison will be doing a second mailing. Ellison will be doing something for the Summer Reading for a membership drive. Discussion was held on using the Northville High School Senior Party List to see if business are interested in joining

b. Gift Store - Martha Nork

  • Total Income $15,768
  • Total Expenses $15,344
  • Martha attended a class on social networking and business. The store is now on Facebook.
  • The toffee is selling really well. It's $5.50 a bag.
  • Member shopping days May 4 - May 6.

c. Gift Books - Claire Kreher

  • 35 gifts totalling $1,456 were given to the Gift Book Program during the past year. There were 19 gifts "In Memory of..." and 16 gifts "In Honor of...". A total of more than 53 titles were purchased for the library's collection.

d. Used Books - Joe Thomas

  • $36,000 was sold in gift books during the year.
  • The Book Cellar was refurbished. Art from the Art House will be displayed and sold in the Cellar.
  • Joe is interested in having a text book drive.
  • Used Book Sale will be May 31 - June 3
  • Looking for a volunteer to take over the Used book sale.

e. Development Committee - Erin

  • April 17th will be the next meeting. There is nothing new to report at this time.

f. Trustee Meeting Report - Jean Hansen

  • Geek the Library is getting a big push.

11) Old Business/New Business -

a. Christoph asked what the best way for teens to get involved in the library. Discussion was held among the group of all the different ways teens can be involved and participate in the library.

b. Linda thanked Erin for all of the work on the annual report.

12) Next Meetings: Thursday April 19, 2012

2012 meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month through September.

Meeting Adjourned 8:20

Respectfully submitted:
Laura Lockhart

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