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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for April 19, 2012

Present: Carol Oldenburg, President/Chair; Erin McDermott; Martha Nork; Judy DeFrancesco; Claire Kreher; Joe Thomas; Ellison Franklin; Alex Sheremeta; Regina Mingela; Linda Schwelnus; Julie Herrin

Absent: Laura Lockhart; Denise Stacer, Sandy Walts

1.) Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Carol Oldenburg, Chair.

2.) Approval of Agenda - Agenda APPROVED as submitted.
President Oldenburg asked about the history of "Agenda Approval." Director Joe Thomas will check Robert's Rules of Order to verify necessity of approving agenda.

3.) Approval of Meeting Minutes (March 28, 2012)
Upon review, the following corrections were made to March meeting minutes. Under the Gift Store report; indicate that total revenue was for the period 2011-2012. Also, add the contribution of the Gift Store to the Friends in the amount of $3,500. With those corrections, the minutes were APPROVED as corrected.

4.) Guest Member Comments - None present.

5.) President's Report - Carol Oldenburg

a. Friends Annual Report is on library website. Erin will send an email to members informing them that report is on-line.
b. A Board member's directory was distributed and members were asked to review and update their contact information.
c. A calendar of Friends events was circulated and members were asked to review and update with any events that should be added or revised.
d. A Friends "Photo Release Form" was reviewed. It was determined the form was not being used and not needed.
e. It was APPROVED that we will combine the November/December
meetings and will meet on December 6, 2012. We will revisit this
if necessary.

6.) Library Director's Report - Julie Herrin provided the following updates:

a. Julie circulated an article from The Northville Record about the new teen area. Article is also on Record website.
b. Circulation was up slightly (1.69%). E-book usage is up 67%. Library on- line databases use is up 58%.
c. The teen area sign is up.
d. Applications for Teen Corps are available. Twenty positions are available for teens to volunteer in the library during the summer.
The Library Director requested funding for tee shirts for the teen corps. It was recommended that this item be added to "Wish List" and be a line item in the budget.
e. Northville Record microfilm has been sent to Graphic Sciences for
f. "Geek the Library" campaign has begun. Staff will wear tee shirts
promoting the program and will march in the July 4 parade wearing
the shirts. Staff will also wear the shirts when visiting schools.
g. Michael McEvoy, Library Tech, broke his ankle and will be out for a month.
h. Library has purchased on-line subscription to Consumers Reports.
i. The "Park and Read" program offers a day pass for parks during the
summer. Passes are checked out at the library.
j. The NDL newsletter goes out the first week in June. The deadline for submitting articles is May 1.
k. The Titanic program was a big success; "Glory Days of Detroit" and
"Detroitland" will be on May 16.
l. A program on the 1940 census will take place on April 24.
m. A program on Mango Foreign Languages (competitor to Rosetta Stone) will take place May 1.
n. "E-book Petting Zoo" is scheduled for May 7.

7.) Treasurer's Report - No report.

8.) Corresponding Secretary's Report - No report.
Regina Mingela was welcomed to the Friends Board as new Corresponding Secretary.

9.) Directors Reports:

a. Gift Store - Martha Nork

• Store breakfast was on April 19. It was well attended.
• New items in the store for Mother's Day.

b. Gift Store Finance - Linda Schwelnus

• March income of $1400 is higher than last year. FNDL buttons were distributed.

c. Gift Book Program - Claire Kreher

• There was one gift since the last meeting. There were also two gifts for the GB Program received at the meeting, for a total of three.

d. Membership Committee - Ellison Franklin

• 40 letters were mailed to businesses and contributors to Wine
• 121 new members or membership renewals have been collected.
• New/renewal members indicate ‘areas of interest' on application. It was urged that these volunteers be utilized and added to the Friends volunteer pool.

e. Newsletter -No report.

• The Chair will notify Newsletter Director of the deadline for the NDL newsletter.
f. "Read to Me" Program - Judy DeFranscesco
• Program will continue until the end of May and will resume in the fall.
• The Director requested coverage for next presentation on April 27. The Chair will cover. Gift bags are ready for distribution.

g. Used Books - Joe Thomas

• No financial report.
• Used Book sale is May 31-June 3, 2012.
• Brighton Library visited NDL Book Cellar to learn about the vendor Mission Based Books.
• Chair will ask Paul Synder about publicity for book sale.
• Fliers will be available in the Friends mailbox for Board members to distribute.
• Friends continue to search for a volunteer to coordinate the Used Book Sale in the spring and fall.

h. NDL Development Committee - Erin McDermott

• Met Tuesday, April 17, 2012.
• Reviewed a report on donations to Endowment.
• Planning a fundraiser at Genitti's on October 13. Tickets will
be $50 with $20 benefiting the library. Entertainment for the event is still under consideration.
• Working on plan to increase planned giving.
• Another volunteer is needed to attend meetings.
• Next meeting is May 23, 2o12.
• April 30 - "Geek the Library" meeting.

i. Board of Trustees - No report.

There has not been a meeting since Friends March 28 meeting.

10.) Old Business

a. Book/Author luncheon tickets are still available.
b. Library showcase is devoted to FNDL activities and encouraging membership in May. Thanks to volunteer Board members: Ellison,
Martha, Denise, and Sandy for planning and facilitating the display. They will meet April 24 at 3:00 p.m. at the library. Display will be up May 1.

11.) Next Meeting: Thursday, May 17, 2012, 7:30

Meeting Adjourned 8:34

Respectfully submitted:
Ellison Franklin

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