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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for August 16, 2012

Present: Carol Oldenburg, President, Julie Herrin, Erin McDermott, Claire Kreher, Joe Thomas, Denise Stacer, Judy DeFrancesco, Jim Morche, Regina Mingela, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Sandy Walts, Martha Nork, Linda Schwelnus, Alex Sheremeta, Ellison Franklin

1) Call to Order - Meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by C. Oldenburg, President/Chair.

2) Approval of Agenda - Agenda was APPROVED as submitted.

3) Approval of Meeting Minutes (June 21, 2012) - Corrections were made to previous meeting minutes. With the corrections, the minutes were APPROVED with one correction to the minutes. Addition to 8) h. Development Committee, The motion passed.

Joe Thomas suggested that each board member submit a report to Laura Lockhart with all data that was reported on during the meeting.

4) President's Report - Carol Oldenburg, President

a. Carol noted National Friends of the Library Week is October 21-27, 2012. She requested feedback regarding recognizing and celebrating our Friends members at the All That Jazz program that month. It was noted that those events are by registration and are usually full which would prohibit adding to the program. Other ideas were discussed. Denise suggested having an ice cream social as this has been done before. The theme would be "Sundaes on Sunday." Since several Board members were missing, Carol will email the Board to determine a consensus to continue with this event. This will be further researched and finalized at the September meeting.
b. Carol asked for volunteers to form a By-Laws Review Committee. Erin McDermott, Regina Mingela, and Judy DeFrancesco all volunteered to review the By-Laws. A meeting will be scheduled.

5) Library Director's Report - Julie Herrin provided the following updates:

a. Circulation is up 3% from July 2011. Ebooks, databases and computer use is up as well.
b. Summer Reading Program:
Youth 827 registered, 142 attended the final party. The total number of participants was 1,231
c. There are two new employees who have started at the library. Lisa Bachman is the new Serials clerk. Sarah Tinker is the new computer page.
d. Volunteer Recognition Party will be on August 21 at 7:00 pm.
e. The Northville Record digitization project will be ready for the public in September for the Victorian Festival. This will be publicized in the Northville Record and Patch. Additionally the project will be publicized on the front page of the Newsletter and the Friends page.
f. The Community Read selection for this year will be "Picking Cotton" by Jennifer Thompson-Cannino and Ronald Cotton. The event will be held on November 14.
g. A program on the Innocence Project will be held on October 10th at the Northville District Library.
h. There will be an Open Budget Meeting on August 23rd at 7:00 pm prior to the monthly Library Board Meeting.
i. The DIA contacted the Library regarding a portrait of William Maybury (c. 1934), and their interest in a permanent loan. Library enthusiastically accepted the portrait and it will be hung in the Local History Room".
j. The library has obtained Freegal. This is a new music download site. The entire Sony and related catalogs are available. Patrons are able to download 3 free MP3s per week. The site is popular in Novi and Redford.
k. Brainfuse is a live tutoring and homework help service which is available to Library patrons. Retired teachers and graduate students undergo a rigorous evaluation process for selection. Skill building sets are available as well as papers can be submitted for correction. Live help is also available from 2 pm to 11 pm.

6) Treasurer's Report -Denise Stacer

a. Balances as of July 31, 2012: Total Income: $23,231.53 Total Expenditures: $6,390.46 CFCU balance $70,278.16
b. Wish List Items - Denise gave the Library a check for $36,000 at the beginning of the year for the digitization project.

7) Corresponding Secretary's Report - Regina Mingela

a. Regina read a Thank You note from Carolyn Toyer to Joe and Paul for picking up 100 books on a rainy day and for being so nice.
b. Erin made a motion to purchase a gift book in Carolyn Toyer's name with the $20 donation she gave to the library. The motion passed.

8) Committee Reports:

a. Membership Committee Report - Carol Oldenburg for Ellison Franklin
The board supported the continuation of Membership cards to new and renewing memberships. Stationary will be purchased with the membership card attached. The cost is $137.
b. Gift Store - Carol Oldenburg for Martha Nork & Linda Schwelnus
The cash register in the Store has to be replaced after 10 years. A new register will be purchased, estimated cost is $179.99.
ster. Linda reported that the store income for July is up slightly. Expenses were down slightly for July.
c. Gift Books - Claire Kreher
3 gifts were given since the June meeting. The total of the gifts was $85.
d. Newsletter - Carol Oldenburg for Sandy Walts
Nothing to Report
e. Used Books -Joe Thomas
The Friends provided books to give away at the Farmer's Market.
Denise asked Joe to speak with Mission Based Books regarding timely payments, there has been a delay in receiving checks. Joe noted he would contact MBB regarding the delay in payments. Carol asked whether there was a time frame for payment highlighted in the agreement. Joe is going to check.

f. Read to Me - Judy DeFrancesco
Nothing to Report
g. Programs - Jim Morche
All that Jazz on October 2
Picks N Sticks - November 8
12th Night Singers - December 4
May 2013 - Veteran's Day Recognition Program
h. Development Committee - Erin McDermott
"Books and Beyond" is the theme for the library fundraiser. Bob Posch will be the entertainment. It will be $75 per person. Sponsorships are a second way of receiving additional funds. The event will be held on October 13. The limit on the number of tickets the Friends can sell is 150. Tickets can be purchased at Genitti's. The library will receive $30 from each ticket sold.

9) Old Business/New Business -

a. Signage for Book Cellar. Julie has a metal sign holder that the Friends can use, Discussion centered on pros and cons of the sign holder and where the sign holder should be placed. Judy volunteered to look into getting a sign made. Carol made a motion that the Friends would use the sign holder provided by the library for the lower level that would direct patrons to the Book Cellar when it is open. The motion passed with Joe Thomas providing the only dissenting vote.
b. Recruitment of board members - Jim noticed that there is not much interaction between the Friends and the Chamber of Commerce. This discussion will be tabled until the September meeting.
c. Teen Member - Jim inquired if there was a teen member.
d. Denise asked for a Geek update and Julie gave a brief update. There has not been a new meeting set.

10) Next Meetings: Thursday, September 20, 2012
2012 meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month through October.

Meeting Adjourned 8:35

Respectfully submitted:
Laura Lockhart

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