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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for September 20, 2012

Present: Carol Oldenburg, President, Julie Herrin, Erin McDermott, Claire Kreher, Jim Morche, Regina Mingela, Sandy Walts, Martha Nork, Linda Schwelnus, Ellison Franklin, Paul Snyder, Alex Sheremeta Laura Lockhart

Absent: Judy DeFrancesco, Joe Thomas, Denise Stacer

1) Call to Order - Meeting was called to order at 7:33 p.m. by C. Oldenburg, President/Chair.

2) Approval of Agenda - Agenda was APPROVED as submitted.

3) Approval of Meeting Minutes (August 16, 2012) - Corrections were made to previous meeting via email. With the email corrections, the minutes were APPROVED.

The Chair has requested that the Recording Secretary distribute meeting minutes for review a couple weeks prior to the meeting to allow for ample time for review and updating before the meeting. It is important that corrected minutes are reviewed prior to approval and posting on library website.

4) President's Report - Carol Oldenburg, President

a. Gift Book Presentation - The Chair announced that the Friends will donate money to purchase new books to honor and thank Linda Schwelnus for her service as President of the Friends when the previous president left office mid-term. Linda expressed her appreciation to the Board.
b. New Friends Board Members - Linda Bolam will be joining the Board in October. She will serve as Corresponding Secretary as Regina transitions to Membership Chair. Regina is working with Ellison to assume Membership duties. The Corresponding Secretary duties will be expanded to work with Membership to assist with membership correspondence and mailings.
c. National Friends of the Library Program - The Board has supported holding the Friends appreciation on Sunday, October 21, 2012. It will be advertised as "Sundaes on Sunday". Chair will contact individuals to act as Chair of the event.
d. Friends Archives - Library asked to reclaim a shelf in a locked glass cabinet in the Local History Room which housed 12 binders of old Friends records. Records have been moved to the storage cabinet in Friends storage room. Plan is to review and appropriately archive the materials which will then be housed in the Friends filing cabinet in that same room. Joseph Oldenburg, a trained and experienced archivist, has volunteered to facilitate.

5) Library Director's Report - Julie Herrin provided the following updates:

a. Regular circulation is down 3% from August 2011. Ebook circulation was up 118%. Database use was up 160% as well.
b. Freegal is being used by the Library Patrons. There have been 147 patrons using the service and 599 downloads.
c. Staff and Library Board Members went to every school Open House (Elementary, middle and high schools). There has been a great response to the new services.
d. The Library Newsletter featured the Digitization Project, the Library Fundraiser, Freegal, Brainfuse and the Maybury portrait. Fall programs and fall story times are beginning. Many programs are already full.
e. The Digitization Project is going forward. This is consisting of converting microfilm and digitizing the Northville Record. Historically, the Friends have paid for the microfilm and indexing. At this point in time, there is no need for further indexing. The Library is requesting the Friends pay annually for the ongoing digitization. The cost associated is $0.14 an image. This will be an approximate cost of $500 to the Friends annually.
f. The Volunteer Recognition party was held in August. There were 60 people who attended. Each person who attended received a Geek the Library flash drive.
g. The Library would also like to recognize the Friends during the Friends of the Library week October 21. It will be featured on the webpage, in the newspaper, and on Patch.
h. Geek the library is doing well. The Library has over 30 geek portraits. There will be a Geek meeting to plan a Halloween event.
i. The Library will be marching in the Victorian parade on September 21. They will be wearing Geek the Library shawls.
j. In 2009, the Friends paid for the annual giving brochure. The library is asking for the Friends to pay for it again. The approximate cost associated to the Friends is $500. This would cover the printing of 1000 brochures. The friends are acknowledged on the back of the brochure. This money is being requested in addition to the money needed for the mailing.

6) Treasurer's Report -Denise Stacer

a. The Treasurer was not available to report

7) Corresponding Secretary's Report - Regina Mingela

a. Regina read a note from Dorie Freebury, Youth Services Librarian, thanking the Friends for the volunteers and the $6,000 for the summer reading program.
b. The Corresponding Secretary read a 1974 condo association newsletter sent by Lois Winters, which urged residents to join the newly formed Friends group.
c. The Corresponding Secretary read segments from the Friends of the Michigan Library Newsletter. Included was information on the October 26 Friends workshop that will be held in Dexter. Additionally other Friends groups fundraising ideas were also included in the information relayed.

8) Committee Reports:

a. Membership Committee Report - Ellison Franklin
The current membership is at 234. Last year there were 262 members plus 2 honorary members.
Jim asked for a breakdown of based on membership type. Ellison indicated she would email the information requested.
The President indicated that the membership committee will be reviewing membership processes, timing, and form prior to the next membership year.
b. Gift Store -Martha Nork & Linda Schwelnus
The Store had the summer volunteer picnic and potluck in August. The new cash register was purchased. The cost was $179.99. A performance protection plan for the cash register was purchased for $35.
Member shopping days will be November 16, 17, & 18.
March thru August there was $2900 in profit.
c. Gift Books - Claire Kreher
4 gifts were given since the previous meeting. The total of the gifts was $62.
d. Newsletter - Sandy Walts
Will be sent out in mid-November. Please submit all entries to Sandy by October 21.
Max Printing can address the newsletter. There would be an additional charge. There would be a $50 setup charge. Sandy will research further the costs associated with addressing the newsletter.
e. Used Books -Joe Thomas
The Chair was not available to report
f. Read to Me - Judy DeFrancesco
The Chair was not available to report
g. Programs - Jim Morche
Tuesday, Oct. 2@ 7 p.m.: Vocalist Leslie Mason and husband guitarist Jesse Mason will present classic jazz numbers in the Carlo Room of the Library.

Thursday, Nov. 8 @7 p.m: The rollicking 4-member Picks & Sticks string band will present their high-energy renditions of many of your favorite country, folk and traditional tunes in the Northville Community Center.

Tuesday, Dec. 4, @ 7 p.m.┬ĘThe a capella 12th Night Singers, in traditional garb, will set the tone for the holiday season at the Northville Community Center.

There will be a hat left on stage for contributions for Picks & Sticks and 12th Night.

There may be one more travelog with Steve Jochmans, who has presented twice. This presentation will be in regards to his trip to the North Pole.

Jim has also negotiated for presentations by another speaker on Belle Isle, Light Houses of the Great Lakes, and Ghost Stories of the Great Lakes over the next two years. No dates have been set.

h. Development Committee - Erin McDermott
Books and Beyond is the theme for the library fundraiser. Bob Posch will be the entertainment. It will be $75 per person. Sponsorships are a second way of getting additional funds. The event will be held on October 13. The limit on the number of tickets the Friends can sell is 150. Tickets can be purchased at Genitti's. The library will receive $30 from each ticket sold. There are 36 people who have signed up currently. The re has been $4000 in sponsorship.

9) Old Business/New Business -

a. Signage for Book Cellar. This has been tabled until the next meeting.
b. Jim Morche attended a coffee hour at the Northville Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the Friend on September 12. He met with some of the staff and 8 business people. He spoke with them about the importance of supporting the library, the value of the Friends, and advantages of Friends membership and gave them Friends applications. Jim feels that we are not taking full advantage of Chamber of Commerce membership in terms of networking, resource utilization, member discounts, utilization of their mailing list and involvement of their members on the Friends Board. In the past there have been four Chamber of Commerce members who have served on the Friends Board and an attorney has provided free legal input. Jim is willing to participate in future Chamber of Commerce activities on behalf of the Friends.

10) Next Meetings: Thursday, October 18, 2012
2012 meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month through October.

Meeting Adjourned 8:46

Respectfully submitted:
Laura Lockhart

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