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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for December 6, 2012

Present: Carol Oldenburg, President, Anne Mannisto, Erin McDermott, Claire Kreher, Jim Morche, Regina Mingela, Sandy Walts, Ellison Franklin, Alex Sheremeta, Judy DeFrancesco, Linda Bolam, Joe Thomas, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Denise Stacer, Linda Schwelnus, Martha Nork

1) Call to Order - Meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by C. Oldenburg, President/Chair.

2) Approval of Agenda - Agenda was APPROVED as submitted.

3) Approval of Meeting Minutes (October 18, 2012) -

1. Two corrections were made to section F. 8:

  • Mission Bay Books should read Mission based Books.
  • Addition of this sentence: "Friends are now shipping four cases of non-saleable books to Wayne County Jail monthly."

With these two corrections made the Minutes were APPROVED.

2. The Chair asked anyone interested in running for the Secretary position please let her know. Term begins in March, 2013. Volunteers are needed.

4) Old Business -

Review of Bylaws and Agreement between Friends and the Library
The recommendations of the Bylaws Committee reviewed. It was noted that no substantial changes have been made. Recommended changes were to clarify or better define certain areas (see document revisions). One change of note is the elimination of the 2nd Vice President position. It was felt it was not needed for an organization of this size. Discussion:

a. Question was raised regarding the wording in the Mission Statement. It was noted that it previously included language about ‘promoting reading in the community'. This language must have been changed sometime in the past. Board felt that since the Library mission statement includes this language, our support of the library includes fostering reading. Recommendation to leave Friends Mission Statement as presented.

b. Question was raised whether there is a Friends ‘constitution', as stated in the ‘Agreement' document. No one present has seen a copy of a constitution; the archives will be reviewed to see if there is.

The Board approved the Bylaws Committee recommendations. Recommendations will be presented for final approval at the Annual Meeting in March as required in the Bylaws.

5) President's Report - Carol Oldenburg, President

1. New Year Mission
Emphasis will be on growing the Friends membership by raising awareness of who we are and what we do. Membership has been static for several years. Will target new and young families in the community.

2. 2013 Projects:

a. Library Staff Appreciation - February 14, 2013 Luncheon

The following members volunteered to coordinate and host the event: Judy DeFrancesco, Linda Bolam and Regina Mingela

b. 2013/14 Election Nominating Committee
The Chair appointed the following to serve as the Nominating Committee: Erin McDermott (Chair), Sandy Walts and Regina Mingela. Ballots will be brought to the February meeting for review prior to March Annual Meeting.

c. 2013 Annual Meeting and Report
Erin McDermott, Vice President, will coordinate and chair the March Annual Meeting in the absence of the President. She will also compile and publish the annual report. Board members were asked to get their reports to Erin by February 1. A hard copy of the Annual Report will be supplied to each Board member, a few copies at the information desk and will be published on Friends website.

3. Position Descriptions

a. Board member minimum requirements
The Chair presented a companion document to the position descriptions being developed for each Board position. The intent is to provide basic qualifications and expectations for all Board members. After a thorough discussion the following changes were recommended:

  • Change "requirements" to read "EXPECTATIONS"
  • Eliminate last bullet point regarding excessive absence and reword the second to last bullet to read: "Attend and report at each monthly board meeting. When unable to attend, notify the president/chair and provide a report to the president. Unexcused absenteeism will be evaluated by the board."

With those changes the document was approved and will be appended to the position description documentation. All voting board members approved. There was one abstention - Joe Thomas.

b. Position titles; directors vs. managers (coordinators)
Chair asked for clarification on what Board responsibilities have what titles. After some discussion it was clear that there is confusion and no clarity regarding these positions. Archives will be searched to gather additional information. Discuss at January meeting.

6) Library Director's Report - Anne Mannisto provided the following updates:

a. Regular circulation is up 4% from October.
b. Board Vacancy-Alan Somershoe replacing Suzanne Miller
c. Food for Fines...going on til Dec. 22
d. Northville Record Digitized-Gone Digital program, article in NV Record today
e. Donor Recognition night-Sun. Jan. 27
f. Battle of the Books underway, event will take place Wed. March 20

7) Treasurer's Report - Carol Oldenburg for Denise Stacer

a. The Treasurer was not available to report.
b. The report was disbursed to the group.
c. After a brief review the report was approved as presented. Library administration was reminded to submit the Library Wish List for 2013 as soon as possible.

8) Corresponding Secretary's Report - Regina Mingela

a. Regina noted there was no report this month.

9) Committee Reports:

a. Membership Committee Report - Ellison Franklin
The current membership is at 241.
There were 26 new or renewed members in December.

b. Gift Store -Carol Oldenburg for both Martha Nork & Linda Schwelnus
Gift Store Friends Member sales were held in November. Total sales were $500.00 which was down from last year.

Gift Store Finance
Gift Store financial report was reviewed briefly. Sales are beginning to pick up with the approaching holidays.

c. Gift Books - Claire Kreher
15 gifts were given since the previous meeting. The total of the gifts was $505. 13 out of the 15 gifts were given in memory of William G. McAskin for the Genealogical room.

d. Newsletter - Sandy Walts
The newsletters for Board Members will now be mailed.

e. Used Books - Joe Thomas
MBB made payment for $2108.34 which is not reflected in the Treasurer's Report.
Joe and Paul met with John Oswalt and their payments will be up to date in January.
MBB has asked to have a representative from the Friends attend a meeting in January. Joe Oldenberg has been shadowing Joe for his position.

$1513 was made at the Fall Book sale.
The Spring 2013 sale will be May 30-June2

f. Read to Me - Judy DeFrancesco
Judy noted there was nothing to report for the month.

g. Programs - Jim Morche
Tuesday, Dec. 4, @ 7 p.m.¨The a capella 12th Night Singers, in traditional garb, set the tone for the holiday season at the Northville Community Center.

There was $172 collected in donations and 2 Friends memberships received during the 12th Night Singers program. There was $139 collected in donations during the Pix & Sticks Concert.

African Safari program June 18 2013.
Guernsey Dairy will be coming

Jim has also negotiated for a presentation on Light Houses of the Great Lakes. No date has been set.

At all friends programs a friend representative will make a solicitation for membership. Any donations that are collected at paid programs will be put back into the programs budget.

Jim would like the Friends to purchase CDs from the groups that come in to do programs. They would be donated to the library.

h. Development Committee - Erin McDermott

Reviewed the fundraiser. A group is meeting in early January for member donor night.

10) New Business -

a. May 9th will be the next Book and Author Luncheon. D.E. Johnson is the author and he has written three books. The books are historical fiction and are based on Detroit in the 1920s.

b. Erin made a motion to make a gift book donation in the honor of Martha Nork's mother.

11) Next Meetings: Thursday, January 17, 2013
2013 meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month through October.

Meeting Adjourned 8:55

Respectfully submitted:
Laura Lockhart

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