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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for April 18, 2013

Members Present:
J. Herrin, C. Oldenburg (Chair), E. McDermott, D. Stacer, L. Bolam, J. DeFrancesco, C. Kreher, C. Litka, R. Mingela, M. Nork, J. Oldenburg, L. Schwelnus, Sandy Walts,

Members Absent:
A. Lee, J. Morche'

1. Call to Order
Meeting was called order at 7:00 p.m. by Carol Oldenburg, President/Chair

2. Approval of Agenda
Agenda was approved with no additions or deletions

3. Approval of Meeting Minutes

A. February 21, 2013. Revised minutes were reviewed and approved with changes noted.
B. March 21, 2013, Annual Meeting minutes were reviewed. Following changes were made:

1) Delete 'Regarding Book Cellar Books'.
2) Change Books for Babies to reflect appropriate program title "Read to Me",

With those changes the minutes were approved.

4. Old Business

A. Annual Meeting Update – Erin, McDermott
Chair asked for a brief update on the Annual Meeting. It was reported that the meeting had two guests attending. Director and Committee heads presented annual reports. Following the meeting refreshments were enjoyed. The Chair thanks Erin for managing the annual meeting in her absence. L. Schwelnus volunteered to assist next year in proofing the written annual report.

5. President's Report – Carol Oldenburg

A. NDL Website – Friends Portion
Thanked to everyone who have updated their portion of the Friends section of the NDL
B. Missing sign: "Good Libraries need Good Friends". Everyone please search for the missing banner. Will also check with J. Morche when he returns.
C. Chair asked if everyone received their BOD Directory, everyone did
D. Reported the Approved Bylaws have been updated on website.

6. Library Director's Report – Julie Herrin

A. National Library Week Celebrations:

1) The director thanked the Friends for their letter to the editor in the Northville Record. It was greatly appreciated.
2) The library display case reflects "a day in the life of a library" and follows staff around in photos and text.
3) Community leaders Geek Posters have been centralized on the lower level in celebration of National Library Week
4) A Geek contest has been developed.

B. Programs:
Two very popular programs were presented: 'What to do with you tablet computer' and 'Teddy Bear's Picnic Puppet Show'. Programs may be repeated in the summer.

C. Statistics:
 There was a 3.4% drop in circulation
 58% increase in downloading
 Freegal had 178 users who downloaded 732 songs
 Brain Fuse had 44 unique visits, 254 uses
 Over 800 WiFi users

D. Other:

1) The installation of new carpeting on the stairs and in the staff areas is complete.
2) The AWE youth computer workstations purchased by the Friends are very popular and easy to use. Sessions were: Feb=766, March=904.

7. Treasurer's Report – Denise Stacer

The attached report is for the first fiscal month ending March 31, 2013 (date will be corrected on the report). A great deal of Friends Membership monies coming in thanks to a great job by the Membership Committee. Expenses are just beginning. Next month we will show a deficit despite that fact that the MBB total payment ($6,000+0 was received. Deficit is due to the $15,000.00 purchase of the youth computers.

Summer Reading program will be starting soon and it was noted that $700.00 was deleted in error from the budget. This is to support the youth bags and the end of summer party. MOTION was made to add $700.00 to the Summer Reading program budget. Motion passed.

Motion was made to add $100.00 to the Battle of the Books budget to cover refreshments at the post Battle of the Books evaluation meeting. After some discussion the motion passed with one dissenting vote.

Motion was made to approve the Treasurer's Report with corrections/addition noted. Motion passed.

8. Corresponding Secretary's Report – Linda Bolam
Additional Friends of Northville Library information/membership brochures have been provided to the Northville Chamber of Commerce office for their distribution to visitors and realtors. Suggestion was made to mark the brochures with an initial to identify sources of new members.

9. Committee Reports

A. Membership Committee Report – Regina Mingela

1) 2013 Membership Drive Update
March and April brought in 101 renewal members and 10 new members. Five of the new members were a direct result of the Library Newsletter. Total membership since November 2012, is 150. Board members were reminded to submit their own membership renewals.

Second request letters will go out in May to those who have not responded. Also, a letter is being composed/sent to urge area businesses to support the library through a Friends business membership.
2) Lists are being compiled of members volunteering for participation in various Friends activities. A discussion centered on acknowledging their interest in volunteering and utilizing these individuals.
3) Question was raised as to whether a visual measure of the membership goal and progress will be displayed. Members supported this idea.

B. Gift Store – Martha Nork/Linda Schwelnus

March was a very good month in sales with the Easter boost. Sales in May should also be good with the Mother's Day celebration. After that period sales will slow during the summer. Member Shopping Days are Friday, May 3rd – Sunday, May 5th. During this semi-annual event Friends members receive a 25% discount on all purchases in the store with a few exceptions (clearance items, Geek t-shirts, and books from the Historical Society). Normal Friends discount is 10%. New members who have volunteered for the Gift Store have been contacted.

C. Gift Books – Claire Kreher

The McAskin Memorial Fund to the Library Genealogy collection has totaled $1,145 in gifts from 21 people. In collaboration with the family the decision was made to purchase the digitized historical Free Press Newspaper (1831 – 1922). Cost is $1,026, the remaining $119 will be used to purchase genealogy books. Additional gifts for the month included one gift 'in honor of' ($25) and one gift 'in memory of' ($25).

D. Newsletter – Sandy Walts

The newsletter went out in March. Next edition will go out in July. Articles will be due in June. Chair thanked Sandy for her efforts.

E. Used Books – Joseph Oldenburg

1) MBB Contract Update
A check in the amount of $6,174.00 was received from MBB which brings their payments up to date as of February 28, 2013. New contract is being signed by the Friends President. This contract will be for one year. Subsequent contracts will be for a two year period.
2) Used Book Sale, May 30, Friends Preview, May 31 – June 2, 2013
UBS Chair will confirm with Jim Morche he will be obtaining the volunteers that will work the sale days. Other volunteers are being sought to load/unload books before and after the sale. Whatever books are left after the sale and have not been allocated for another agency (i.e. Veterans Hospital, Wayne County Jail) will go to MBB. Dates of the fall book sale have been confirmed, they are Oct 3rd (preview night), Oct 4-6, 2013.

F. Read to Me Program – Judy DeFrancesco

This month was a very successful and fun month. Fourteen gift bags were given out at the April Story Time. 2013 total to date is 32. In addition, two bags were given to patrons who were browsing in the Library. One patron approached Judy to tell her how much she appreciated the gift bag she had gotten previously. Her goal is to read every book on the list of Newberry Medal winners to her child(ren). This is one of the informative bookmarks in the gift bag. The program will continue through June until the Summer Reading program begins. Read to Me program will then start up again in September.

G. Programs – No Report

H. Public Relations – Chris Litka

1) Bookmarks
Mock-up of bookmark layout was reviewed. Book mark will measure 2" x 6.5" and be printed on cardstock. Motion was made and approved to purchase 1,000 bookmarks at $93.00. The Library Director approved handing out bookmarks at the front checkout area.
2) Promotional Opportunities
Looking for opportunities to raise awareness in the community of the Friends organization, its goals and support of the library:
 Notices in community newsletters, condo associations
 Separate Friends table for signing up new members at programs and events, both in the library and outside events
 Participate in the Used Book Sale, if someone joins the Friends at the sale, they receive a free canvas Friends bag and get to fill it with books at no additional cost. A lengthy discussion centered on this and it was decided to hold a separate meeting with key individuals to discuss the feasibility.

I. Development Committee – Erin McDermott

Letters went out to previous Endowment Donors. Next Development meeting is May 1, 2013

10. New Business

A. Photo of new 2013/2014 Friends Board was taken and will be updated on the NDL Friends website.

11. Upcoming Events:

A. Book and Author Lunch is May 9, 2013. Registration ends April 25th.

B. Next Friends Board Meeting: May 16, 2013

Respectfully submitted:
Linda Bolam

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