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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for September 19, 2013

Board of Directors Meeting of the Friends of Northville District Library
September 19, 2013


Members Present:
Carol Oldenburg, Erin McDermott, Judy DeFrancesco, Regina Mingela, Martha Nork, Jim Morche, Julie Herrin, Claire Kreher, Linda Schwelnus, Chris Litka, Linda Bolam, Joe Oldenburg, Sandy Walts

Jean Hansen, Paul Snyder

Members Absent:
Denise Stacer

I. Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 7:05 P.M. by Carol Oldenburg, President.

II. Approval of the Agenda
The agenda was APPROVED.

III. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of June 20, 2013

The meeting minutes were APPROVED as submitted.

IV. Old Business

V. Committee Chair Reports

A. President's Report -Carol Oldenburg
1. On behalf of the Friends, Linda Schwelnus applied for a grant through a “Summer of Sharing” from Community Financial Credit Union. The $1,000.00 award will be used by the library to purchase adult books, DVDs, toys, and provide new signage for the Gift Store.
2. The library banner has been located and will be stored in the used book sorting room.
3. Judy DeFrancesco will attend the September 26, 2013 Board of Trustees Meeting for Carol Oldenburg.

B. Library Director's Report -Julie Herrin
1. Very good summer with 56,000 checkouts in July, the highest circulation ever. Also had highest use of children’s AWE workstations at 1,274 uses. Databases continue to be used in summer months. Brainfuse had 344 uses by 49 unique visits. Ninety-seven users downloaded 631 songs from Freegal in August. August Download Destination had a 63% increase of downloadable ebook and audiobooks over last year.
2. The Youth Summer Reading final number is 959, up 16% over last year. Three August programs had 446 attendees, and 196 at final party. The number of Adult Summer Reading participants was 233, up 6% over last year. Teen Summer Reading participants numbered 235, up 12% over last year. Seventy (70) volunteers and families attended the Volunteer Recognition Event.
3. New staff includes: Kristine Towne, Digital Services Librarian, and two new circulation clerks, Donia Sloan and Kristyn Brown.
4. The library has a new phone system. We have accepted a Bid to Repair concrete in front of the library. The new cleaner from Allied is Michael.
5. Library staff and a board member attended seven open houses at local schools to showcase our services. Staff also marched in the Victorian Festival Parade.
6. There has been no further news from the city on any changes to the parking lot.

C. Treasurer's Report -Carol Oldenburg for Denise Stacer
1. The report reflects an opening balance of $43,828.52 as of June 1, 2013 and a closing balance of $48,529.26 on August 31, 2013. Net Income was $4,580.74. (See Treasurer’s Report for detail.)
A motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as submitted was moved, seconded, and APPROVED.
2. The annual CPA review of the books is to be scheduled.

D. Corresponding Secretary's Report -Linda Bolam
1. Additional Friends brochures were distributed to the Northville Community Center, Northville City offices, Northville Twp. offices, and the Chamber of Commerce.
2. A letter of acknowledgement was sent to Community Federal Credit Union for the $1000.00 “Summer of Sharing” grant to the Friends of the Northville District Library.
3. A thank you letter was sent to the Vannier’ at Northville Gallery for their donation of ten “Northville Fairies” books to the Gift Store.
4. A letter from Dorie Freebury, Head of Youth Services at NDL, was read, acknowledging the financial and volunteer support of the Friends of the Library with the “Dig in Reading” Youth Summer Reading Program.

E. Membership Committee Report - Regina Mingela
1. We have 250 memberships, less than ten are businesses. One birthday gift membership was received. Jim Morche has approached four financial institutions in Northville. Contributors were asked to hold their checks until November so their names can go on the Summer Reading Program tote bags for 2014. Mention of the donors will be made in our newsletter.
2. Regina made telephone calls regarding four early renewals to clarify their wishes regarding payment.

F. Gift Books Report -Claire Keher
1. Since June 20, 2013, we have received a $25 Gift Memorial, and 26 books and 3 CD’s were added to the collection.

G. Newsletter Report -Sandy Walts
1. The newsletter will be out by November 15th. Deadline for any news will be October 20.

H. Read to Me -Judy DeFrancesco
1. This month started off with a very large group of new babies and a return of the Story Time programs.
2. This summer Judy’s husband designed a new label for the giveaway bags. He then printed it on sticker labels to make it easier to attach to the bags.
3. A wonderful new lady, Cheryl Pearson, has begun working with Judy this month and is interested enough to continue when she retires.
4. We gave out 20 gift bags and got many Thank-you comments on them.

I. Gift Store -Linda Schwelnus and Martha Nork
1. Total sales are $840.00 above the total last year.
2. A new sign is being planned. Sandy Walts will help with the design.
3. Lights in the store continue to be a problem. According to Julie Herrin a new fixture is needed.
4. Michael, the new custodian, will be asked to vacuum regularly.
5. Nov. 15-17 are Member Shopping Days. There is a 25% discount for Friends members.
6. New products include Tiger mugs and Lions mugs @ $15 each, Wings mugs, and bottle openers. This information will be put up on Facebook.
7. An email will be sent to Julie Herrin to have notice of the Member Sale placed on the website for the Friends Store.

J. Programs Report -Jim Morche
1. The program on lighthouses had 75 registered, but only 65 attended. In the future we will book 10% over capacity to better fill all available seats.
2. $18 in donations was collected at the last program. Donation from Programs/Events will now be a line item in the budget.
3. Upcoming programs include:
- “Legends & Lore of Michigan” on Oct. 29
- “Picks & Sticks” on Nov. 5
- “A Thousand Letters Home” on Nov. 13
- “Twelfth-Night” on Dec.10, in the Community House
4. Tentative programming for 2014:
- “No Bars Hold” on women’s prisons in Northville – May 2014
- A musical program – June 2014

K. Public Relations -Chris Litka
1. Notice of the Fall Used Book Sale (USB) was placed on the Northville Chamber of Commerce Web newsletter.
2. Notices will be placed on Northville by Aysha Jamal, the Northville Record, and in an email blast to FNDL.
3. Mailings on the Friends were sent to 60-80 homeowner’s associations.

L. Development Committee Report - Erin McDermott
1. Development Committee has asked if the Friends would share their membership list so these members could be included in the Endowment Fund mailing. Board supported sharing the list. Discussion emphasized that the list should never be shared outside the organization. The goal is to reach out to library supporters regarding planned–giving.
2. The first week of April 2014 is slated for a fundraiser at the new Cantoro’s Market on Haggerty Rd.

M. Sundaes on Sunday - Linda Schwelnus
1. Sundaes will be served in the library September 29, from 1 to 4 PM. Cookie bakers are designated and workers signed up. Cookies may be dropped off at the library on Saturday.

N. Used Books Report - Joe Oldenburg
1. The Fall UBS is October 3 – 6, with the Friends Preview on Thursday at 6 PM.
2. Non-fiction books will be in John Carlo Room, fiction books will be in the Story Time Room and lobby area. Sign up for set up and working the sale days is being handled by Jim Morche.
3. New Book Cellar hours begin Oct. 11, 2013. Sunday hours will be terminated, and additional hours added on Friday from 11 AM to 5 PM. Hours on Monday are 11-5 PM and 6:30 – 8:30 PM, and on Saturday 1:30 – 4 PM.
4. On our old contract with MBB we made approximately $1,000/month. On the new contract we are making about 40% on sales. The checks are still about 18 days late. We are below last year’s revenue. MBB discussion will be held in the future as it is a large issue. In the future we will not make budget at the current rate.
5. Cart sales make approximately $665/month. $500/month is average for Book Cellar sales.

O. New Business
1. 2014 Millage Renewal was presented by Northville Library Board of Trustees Treasurer, Jean Hansen, and Secretary, Paul Snyder. They discussed the possible consequences of a millage renewal vs. non-renewal on the library budget and 5 Year Plan.
2. The request for renewal of the library millage needs to go on the November 2014 ballot, although the impact would not effect the budget until the following year.
3. A community-based Question Committee will be formed. The Friends must comply with state regulations as a 501(c)(3) organization. Charitable nonprofits that possess 501(c)(3)status can donate .2 (x) yearly budgeted expenditures to promote millage renewal for library on statewide basis. 25% of that total ($2,430) could be allowed by law on a local basis. We could donate to the Question Committee in each fiscal year. As an organization the Friends cannot campaign for the millage or raise funds. The Friends can only notify members and the general public that there is a millage vote on the ballot.
4. To facilitate future planning, the Library is having consultants come in to evaluate the physical status of the library and future infrastructure projects that may be needed for future maintenance.

Our next meeting is October 17 at 7 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Bolam, Secretary

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