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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for October 17, 2013

Board of Directors Meeting of the Friends of Northville District Library
October 17, 2013


Members Present:
Carol Oldenburg, Erin McDermott, Judy DeFrancesco, Martha Nork, Jim Morche, Claire Kreher, Linda Schwelnus, Chris Litka, Linda Bolam, Joe Oldenburg, Sandy Walts

Jean Hansen

Members Absent:
Regina Mingela, Julie Herrin, Denise Stacer

I. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 7 PM by President, Carol Oldenburg.

II. Approval of the Agenda
The agenda was APPROVED.

III. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of September 19, 2013

The minutes were approved with minor corrections.

IV. Members Comments
The Sundaes on Sunday event was well attended, with approximately 200 participants. There were many positive comments from attendees. It was suggested that the white board have a sign on both sides to direct patrons to the gathering. A Friends banner could also be used for advertising. Carol thanked Denise and Linda S. for coordinating this successful event.

V. President's Report
Carol thanked the many volunteers who helped with the Fall Used Book Sale.

VI. Library Director’s Report – Jean Hansen for Julie Herrin

A. Statistics for September circulation show a slight .58% increase over last year. Downloads of Freegal and Tumblebooks have decreased, and house computer use and AWE workstation use has dropped slightly. Wireless Use was the highest in 2013 at 826. Brainfuse, Homework Help tripled from August numbers, with 139 unique visitors. Definite increase from last month due to school starting and the promotion at open houses.

B. Julie and six librarians attended the Michigan Library Association meeting. Wendy did a presentation about Northville District Library’s digital historic resources, and noted the digitized Northville Record paid for with a generous contribution from the Friends. She has now added oral histories of Northville residents and Northville High School yearbooks with the help of Friends volunteers.

C. The youth magic program on October 8th had over 160 attendees. Jack Lessenberry’s program on Detroit and the Getting to Know Your iPad class were both sold out. The teen Halloween lock-in, “The Walking Dead”, is October 18th. Thank you to the Friends volunteers who help make this a fun night for the teens.

D. We are replacing the patron copiers with ones that will have the ability to scan to a flash drive or scan to an email. A new self-serve fax machine is being installed and will take debit and credit cards, and prepaid cards available at the desk. The cement work in front of the Library was completed.

E. Karen will be putting up a display for Friends of the Library week. October 28th is the deadline for the next Library Newsletter that will go out the first week of December.

F. It was commented that we need more information to the public regarding the fax machine, possibly having Karen Fehl put it in the Library Newsletter.

VII. Treasurer’s Report – from Denise Stacer (attached)
A. Income this month is from memberships, book cart, Book Cellar and MBB. $169 came from sales of used books at the Art House. Total income this month is $1536.37. Income from the Fall Used Book Sale will be included in the next treasurer’s report.
B. Expenses this month include the program on Michigan Lighthouses, some materials for Read to Me Program, purchased through the gift store, and $150+ for the Summer Reading Youth Party. Total expenses this month were $290.45. Net income this month $1245.92.
C. The Finance Committee will meet regarding the request for FNDL to “set aside” monies for the contribution to for the Library Millage Campaign (November 2014 election). The request is to be included in the budget plan for 2013 and 2014. $7,000 - $8,000 was cost of previous millage requests. A motion to pursue this plan was made, and APPROVED.

VIII. Secretary’s Report
A letter of acknowlegement was sent to Joe and Carol Oldenburg for their donation to benefit our Used Book Sales.

IX. Committee Reports

A. Membership Committee – (submitted by Regina Mingela)

  • At Sundaes on Sunday we had 5 new members ($150).
  • At the Used Book Sale we had 14 new members ($240 + 1 unknown amount).
  • Thursday, Preview Night, we signed up 11 of these new people.
  • In addition there are 3 new members ($140).
  • Total of 22 new members with memberships of $510 + 1 unknown.
  • We have 271 total memberships as of 10/14/2013.

B. Gift Store – Martha Nork

  • This past month had slow sales, with a $44.00 profit.
  • Thus far this year the store has approximately $2800.00 in profit.
  • Membership Days are Nov. 15-17.
  • We are participating in the “Haunted Fairy Door Treasure Hunt” on Oct. 26th, sponsored by Chicks for Charity.

C. Gift Book Program – Claire Kreher

  • Since September 17 we have added four books. Two gifts, totaling $95.00, were received in honor of someone.

D. Newsletter – Sandy Walts

  • The next newsletter is coming out before November 15. Deadline for news is October 20th.

E. Read to Me – Judy DeFrancesco

  • Only about four bags given away this month. Additional bibs are being ordered through the Gift Store.

F. Programs – Jim Morche

  • The Picks and Sticks program will have 75 seats available. Twelth Night is the scheduled holiday program. We have yet to select from the many possible programs for next year.

G. Public Relations – Chris Litka

  • A notice was sent to the Northville Record but not yet published. Chris will remind Kurt Kuban that we need it put in.
  • Patch has been successful.

H. Development Committee – Erin McDermott

  • The fundraiser at Cantoro’s will be Friday, April 4, 2014. It is a great venue.
  • No live music is planned. Addition of a silent auction or art is under consideration.
  • An Endowment letter will be going out in November from the Library Development Committee.

I. Used Book Operations – Joe Oldenburg

  • Cellar and cart sales for September totaled $964.02. We received MBB June 2013 payment of $239.30. Total UB operations for September were $1203.32.
  • The Fall Used Book Sale was very successful. Thanks to all who helped. 212 bags were sold and 14 new memberships obtained. Total UBS revenue was $1633.95.
  • Feedback from UBS volunteers was positive, with comments on how well organized the books were. They really like alphabetizing by author last name. The membership drive was good considering it was so late in the membership year. Pass along any additional positive or negative comments. They help us improve.
  • Spring Used Book Sale will be May 30 – June 1, 2014. Preview night is May 29th.
  • MBB Contract Analysis –
    a. A subcommittee is needed to evaluate status of MBB profit decline. Who would like to participate? We need a meeting soon. Notification to MBB regarding continuation of the contract must be done by end of January 2014. The contract is for a 2 year period.
    b. A subcommittee will be comprised of Erin McDermott, Mike and Judy DeFrancesco, and Joe Oldenburg. They will meet soon. Our biggest question will consider the handling of the recycling of books that do not sell.

J. Old Business

  • Lincoln Test Drive Fundraiser – Jim Morche
    a. Victory Lincoln held this function at the Novi Library and gave $20/ test drive for a total of $2,200.
    b. Jim has also talked to Hines Park Lincoln, but we would have to guarantee a certain number of participants.
    c. It was questioned if this fundraiser could be held in conjunction with The Taste of Northville in March. Jim will give an update at the Dec. 5th meeting.

K. New Business

  • Promotion for Friends of the Library Week
    a. So far we haven’t done much or had much coordination of activities. It was questioned what we might do in 2014 to make this a better celebration? We need to clarify the date for next year.
  • Chris Litka questioned how contacts that Cheryl Pearson made with the homeowners’ associations can be used to promote programs, millages, etc.
  • Northville Garden Club Award
    a. It was clarified that, in January, a $50 annual gift is given to the Friends of the Northville Library to benefit the Gift Book Program from the profits of the Northville Garden Club Greens Mart Sale.


Our next meeting will be a combined Nov.-Dec. meeting on December 5, 2013 at 7 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Bolam, Secretary

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