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Friends of the Library Minutes from February 18, 2010

Present: Dave Randall, Denise Stacer, Anne Mannisto, Claire Kreher, Andrea Murdock, Joe Thomas, Paul Snyder, Jennifer Gustafson, Martha Nork, Boni Trush, Sandy Walts, Christa Williams, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Steve Berner, Erin McDermott, Marcy Hershoren, Ellison Franklin

7:35 Meeting called to order.

Minutes from prior meeting amended and approved.

President's Report - Paul Snyder
President report deferred for later By-Laws committee report.

Library Director's Report - Anne Mannisto
Circulation in January was 4% higher than in the previous year's January. Programs are having a large turnout as well. There was a program on Craigslist in which 35 people attended. There are programs scheduled on Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills.

There were two substitute librarians hired for weekend positions.

The library received the results from the community survey. The survey showed that most of the original goals were met. There were over 400 phone respondents. The library found 90% of the people taking the survey had high speed internet at home. Most respondent's usage of the library hasn't changed. Those who use the library's website find the navigation to be easy to use.

The Endowment has $270,000. It is ten years old. The library is looking at ways to attract more donors.

The Friend's Annual Meeting is in the NDL newsletter.

Treasurer's Report - Denise Stacer
Report disbursed to group. There is nothing unusual to report.

Corresponding Secretary - Christa Williams
The Friends received a letter regarding the value of the Beall books for tax purposes.

Annual Meeting - Christa Williams
The desire is to draw a larger crowd to the meeting. The proposed agenda will have two speakers. Genitti's offered to donate food for the meeting. There has/will be communication to the community through the newsletter, the website, and the Northville Record.

By-Laws Review - Paul Snyder
Discussion centered on the proposed changes to the by-laws.

Gift Store - Martha Nork
40 coupons were returned from the newsletter. Amy is budgeting $2500 for the Friends. The store owes the Friends $250 in membership dues. The store is promoting Green Up Northville. They are selling a stainless steel water bottle for $10.

Member shopping days are April 30-May 2

Book Carts - Andrea Murdock
Andrea is upset that MBB gets first choice at the books. She feels that the quality of the books has gone down.

Book Cellar - Dave Randall
Dave reported that things are going well. The dealers are buying fiction books by the case.

Mission Based Books - Joe Thomas
Report disbursed to group.

New Business -
The first Friday in March the Artwalk begins again.
In April, the Art House will be featuring Sports books

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura Lockhart

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