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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes from June 17, 2010

Present: Ellison Franklin, Julie Herrin, Sandy Walts, Claire Kreher, Denise Stacer, Paul Snyder, Joe Thomas, Boni Trush, Christa Williams, Jennifer Gustafson, Jim Morche, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Erin McDermott, Martha Nork

7:02 Meeting called to order.

No meeting held in July due to lack of quorum. Meeting minutes amended and approved in August from June 17 Friends meeting.

Minutes from prior meeting amended and approved.

Guest Member Comments - Marilynn Randall
Marilynn indicated that she has charts from Dave if anyone cares for them. She noted he is still charting for the Cellar.
Paul noted that if she would like to submit them we would take a look.

President's Report - Paul Snyder
It's been a busy month for book pick-ups. Tuesday, May 25th, Joe and I drove to Milford to pick up a load of books from a closing private learning center. We were able to pick up hundreds of children's books. On June 3 & 4 I picked up books donated by the McKay Family on Rogers Street. With more to come, 63 boxes of books were picked up. Dave Randall gave me a call and gave me the contact number for books to be picked up at Curves last Monday. We were able to get a pick up truck's worth from there. On Saturday I'll be picking up another load from the Garage Sale on Dunlap Street. We don't know how much that will yield yet.
On June 6 I caught the final show of the Tipping Point Season, Southern Comfort, where our books were used as props. We received credit in their program as well as on their electronic display screen in the lobby.
On June 11 I, along with many of the Friends Board, attended the Library's Strategic Planning Meeting. This once every five year event was a good
opportunity to participate in the planning for the future of the library. I'm sure that we will begin to see the results of that effort soon.

Library Director's Report - Julie Herrin
There were five strategic objectives identified from the library meeting held on June 11. Task forces will be formed around each of these objectives. The strategic objectives are:
1.Community see library as relevant
2. Establish Formal Customer Service Program
3. Increase Database Usage By 100%
4. Product Access 24/7
5. 20% collection/program funding come from non-traditional sources

The summer reading program started for Adults on June 1. Julie wanted to thank the Friend's for paying for the program.

The Teen Corps will help with the summer reading program and circulation. They will be helping with crafts for the children. There will be fifteen teenagers in the Teen Corps this year.

The Novi library is now open. The parking lot isn't ready yet. Circulation is starting to slow down. 28% of May's figures were from Novi people.

September 17 is the Victorian Parade
July 21 is the Public Meeting

Treasurer's Report - Denise Stacer
Report disbursed to group.
We accepted an offer of $150 in gift cards from the Next Chapter Book Store. We made them Patron Level members for the donation.

Gift Books - Claire Kreher
$25 will be given towards a book of choice for Friend's members who served on the board.

Corresponding Secretary - Christa Williams
Nothing to report.

Used Books - Joe Thomas
The Friend's will be at the Art House on July 2 for "First Friday's".
July 7 is the Garden Walk.
Karen is working to make a library brochure for the Friend's to give out at various events. It's a good way to introduce the Friends to others outside the library.

MBB took over 800 books.

Membership - Ellison Franklin
To date there have been 202 Friend's memberships. Last year there were 288 Friend's memberships. There were 33 people who signed up as the result of the Summer Reading program. There were 78 memberships that resulted from the additional third mailing. The Friends is approximately $1500 off from last year's membership figures.

Gift Store - Laura Lockhart
A meeting was held with Amy Storm to go over various store financial policies. There are several areas identified where the store could change fiscal policy in order to better secure cash and card information. Amy indicated she wanted to step down from her position, so the best place to implement new policy is with the new person.

Summer Reading Program - Ellison Franklin
Volunteers are needed for registration. T-shirts will not be sold during registration. The shirts are going to be given away as prizes. The shirts will be sold in the store. There will be a cash register button for shirts.

Jim noted that the teenagers who are on the Teen Corps traditionally are given a six month membership to the Friends. Ellison asked for their names and addresses.

Programs - Jim Morche
Picks N Sticks - November
Vocal Ensemble - December
Mothers of Invention - March
Climbing Kilimanjaro - TBD

New Business -
Books for Babies - Judy DeFrancesco
The program is for Northville residents only. It is a national program. The purpose is to introduce new parents to the library. A secondary purpose is to encourage new Friend's membership. Judy is hoping to kick off the program in September.

Christa said thank you to Judy for all that she did to put the program together.

Old Business -
Denise indicated the library has requested replenishment of $4000 for programs $2000 is for youth programs, $1000 for teen programs, and $1000 for adult programs. Discussion centered on the need to reinstate money back into the budget when we are spending money on the Giving Tree.

The motion passed. All were in favor.

Millage -
The board will vote on the amount of the mills. It will have a termination date.

The Friends can't raise the needed funds. Friend's funds can't go to the things the library needs money for. Millage meetings will need to be held offsite. The Friend's will be researching best practices for how to operate in a millage campaign and what can and can't be said or done.

Marilynn wanted to know what percentage of the population knows the Friends exists.

Christa indicated that she doesn't feel the library is diversified in funding, especially in grant writing. She wanted to know if the library has a grant writer.
Julie indicated that there isn't a grant writer on staff however the librarians do look into their areas for possible grants. Discussion centered on a development program for a grants or a possible grants committee.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura Lockhart

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