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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for October 21, 2010

Present: Ellison Franklin, Anne Mannisto, Sandy Walts, Claire Kreher, Denise Stacer, Paul Snyder, Joe Thomas, Boni Trush, Christa Williams, Jennifer Gustafson, Jim Morche, Martha Nork, Linda Schwelnus, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Erin McDermott,

7:07 Meeting called to order.

Minutes from prior meeting amended and approved.

President's Report - Paul Snyder
Discussion was held on upcoming election and the possibility of sending letter to the newspaper. A motion to send a letter to the Northville Record signed by the Friends encouraging support for the millage was passed. Joe opposed the measure. All other board members who were present were in favor.

Library Director's Report - Anne Mannisto
There have been a lot of different programs in the library lately. Five different communities joined together to for the community read program. The book was Annie's Ghosts.

The circulation figures from August had no comparison to last year's figures due to the library being closed for the remodel.

Circulation for September was 40,280. This was down 1.9% from the previous year's figures.

The library has been doing many database programs with school age children. It helps to facilitate getting reputable information on the internet.

The investment program series will begin again in January.

The final figures for the Summer Reading Program were as follows:
159 Teen
850 Youth
206 Adult
The Teen & Youth figures decreased for the Summer Reading Program in 2010 however the Adult figures increased for the year.

August 24 the library held the Just Desserts program to thank all of the volunteers who donate their time to the library.

Support for the Library Millage was added to the library website. The ballot was included on the website along with a fact sheet.
This is the ten year anniversary for the endowment fund. The endowment fund is used for enhancements and emergency situations. During the endowment fund celebration, the Giving Tree will be revealed. Mike Mullen has created 100 prints to be given to the first 100 donors of $100 or more. For all donors, there are multiple ways to get your name on the tree. The Friends typically pay for the mailing and printing of the endowment fund campaign.

The library will be giving the friends shelving in the youth portal to make up for the area at the front of the library that is being appropriated for the Giving Tree.

The library is looking at renovating the Teen area. They are looking at ways to create more shelving. There has already been someone out looking at the space. Depending on the millage, there will be two packages that will be proposed. The library might look to the Friends to help with renovation costs.

Treasurer's Report - Denise Stacer
Report disbursed to group.
Nothing new to report.

Corresponding Secretary - Christa Williams
The library sent a letter to the Friends regarding the Giving Tree. The Friends will be given a plaque on a rock at the base of the tree.

Joe asked how many of the 14 letters that went out were just from Friends donations. The answer was none.

There was a Thank You letter sent to the Friends for the $81.37 donation to the Mill Race Village.

Books for Babies - Judy DeFrancesco
The program was started September 15th. Judy visited four people in September and ten people in October. She has visited both a mixture of fathers and mothers. Judy is looking to increase the publicity of the program after the election.

Used Books - Joe Thomas
Books were sold at the Victorian Festival.
We will be participating in the First Friday's in October.
Books are being sold at the Solid Grounds Coffee Shop.
The First Friday's in November might be postponed.

Membership - Ellison Franklin
We received 8 new members after the used book sale.
To date there are:
264 family memberships
322 individual
20 businesses

Gift Store - Martha Nork
Linda Schwelnus is taking over for Amy Storm. She has been working with Amy on getting trained.
Martha wanted to remind Denise that the sales tax is due.
Member shopping days begin November 21.

Programs - Jim Morche
Picks N Sticks - November
Vocal Ensemble - December
Mothers of Invention - March

Book Sale - Jim Morche
The sales from the book sale were as follows:
$94.25 - Thursday - Preview night
$665.30 - Friday
$540.66 - Saturday
$313 - Sunday
$1613.21 - Total Sales

There was no donation of the leftover books to MBB due to MBB having already scanned the books. The recycling of books proved to be a problem at the book sale. An opportunity was identified and going forward the Friends will explore the possibility of a charity to accept the books after the book sale.

Discussion was held on various charities that accept book donation and that will schedule removal of the books.

New Business -
Paul wanted to say Thank You to Judith and Dory for getting the coffee pot on such a short notice.

Old Business -
The Laura Bush book can not be returned. The library is looking for ideas as to what to do with the book.

Meeting adjourned at 9:12 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Laura Lockhart

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