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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for October 18, 2011

Present: Linda Schwelnus, President, Judy DeFrancesco, Ellison Franklin, Julie Herrin, Claire Kreher, Erin McDermott, James Morche', Martha Nork, Carol Oldenburg, Paul Snyder, Denise Stacer, Sandy Walts, Joe Thomas

Absent: Laura Lockhart

  1. Call to Order - Meeting was called to order at 7:32 p.m. by L. Schwelnus, President/Chair.
  2. Approval of Agenda - Agenda was APPROVED as submitted
  3. Approval of Meeting Minutes (September 15, 2011) - One correction was made (Page 3, 1st paragraph). The gift store door will not be painted, should read "...a plaque will be on the gift store door...". The Fairy Door plaque will reflect the fairy theme. With that correction, the minutes were APPROVED as submitted.
  4. Guest Member Comments - None
  5. President's Report - L. Schwelnus

a. Carol Oldenburg, the new Corresponding Secretary was introduced.
b. Erin McDermott was thanked for the email newsletter sent to the Friends.
c. Christy Lypka has volunteered to manage the Book & Author Luncheon. Peggy Koppy will attend the first meeting with her.
d. Annual Meeting Discussion
The chair reviewed the bylaws requirement to hold an annual business meeting in March where all the Friends members are invited to attend, annual reports from the Board and Committees are presented and the election of officers takes place. The March meeting this year was poorly attended. Discussion centered on the format for the 2012 meeting. Following recommendations were made:
- Do not invite a guest speaker or have a presentation.
- Significantly reduce the printing of the Annual Report. Inform members report is available for review online at Friends website and at the library front desk.
- Schedule meeting for March, 2012, after consultation with Library calendar, hold a regular meeting.
- Possibly add light refreshments.

6.  Library Director's Report - J. Herrin provided the following updates:

a. Currently there are a record 20,244 NDL library card holders.
b. March 7, 2012 is the date of next "Battle of the Books"; advertising will begin December 7, 2011.
c. Library Director is reaching out to the community to educate/train school children on available online resources in the library. Some private school groups have already attended session at the library. Program was well received and there are plans to expand. In January the Director will be speaking to teachers regarding available resources.
d. Additional programs were reviewed: Online Basics, Genealogy, "Art of Racing in the Rain", and "Pets like People".
e. Wireless routers were purchased (to support 216 stations).
f. Old computers are being replaced.
g. Library received City Beautification Awards for their plantings and surrounding area.
h. Director requested Friends Board of Directors changes be submitted to her for website updates.
i. Library has submitted requests for funding to the Finance Committee for review:
- Local History Librarian requesting $800.00 for the rebinding of 8-10 reference books
- Request for $1,110.00 to replace current lighting (at pillars) to LED lights
- Request for $725.00 for additional Emergency Light
Finance Committee will review and bring recommendations to Board.
j. Question was raised whether "Freegal" online website for free music was purchased. Director stated it was not purchased do to the cost of $15,000.

7.  Treasurer's Report - Denise Stacer
Treasurer's report was distributed and reviewed. Net income for month ending 9/30/11 was $4,618.49. Year-to-date $23,399.16. Treasurer presented Finance Committees recommendations related to requests for funding:

a. Via email vote, the committee APPROVED the additional $20,000.00 requested to complete the renovation of library teen area.
b. Request was made for $12,850.00 for computer surge protectors, circuit breakers and universal power sources. Committee recommended and Board APPROVED.
c. $800.00 was requested to support the "Books for Babies" program. This is the budget for now through February 2012. Committee recommended and Board APPROVED.
d. Library requested an additional $1,349.00 to cover extra postage required for annual Endowment mailing. Library had previously received the $1,000.00 budgeted amount. Finance Committee recommended NOT approving the additional allocation. The committee did recommend the early allocation of the 2012 budgeted amount of $1,000.00, if requested. Board APPROVED the early allocation of 2012 budgeted dollars, if requested.
e. The return on the Hillers cards has been reduced from 5 to 3%. Larger percentage applies only if grocery purchases exceed $250,000. Cards are available at Friends Gift Store.

8.  Corresponding Secretary's Report - No report
Board voted to APPROVE the addition of Carol Oldenburg as corresponding secretary.

9.  Committee Reports:

a. Membership Committee Report - Ellison Franklin
Currently 267 members. The passing of Isabel Schultz was noted. She was a long time member of the Friends. A Friends membership will be awarded to Rosanna of Northville Market who donated the wine for the Wine Tasting fund raiser. The name will be on the t-shirts.
b. Gift Store - Martha Nork
Christmas shopping is complete, bills are coming in. Revenue/expenses are on target. New novelty glasses were presented.
c. Gift Store Finance - Linda Schwelnus
Revenue for last month was $932.00, slightly down from the previous year. Store is entering busier selling season.
d. Used Books - Paul Snyder & Joe Thomas
The used book sale was very successful. Total revenue was $1,459.00 (last year $900). The bag sale was also very successful with 200 bags sold. 45 volunteers assisted in the sale including local National Honor Society students. Thank you letters have been sent.

Paul Snyder reported he can no longer coordinate the Used Book Sale but remains willing to help with future sales. Board recommended looking at possible dividing the many Sale tasks to more than one person. Will review list of volunteers for new Coordinator possibilities.

Joe Thomas reported that Friends sold books at the Victorian Festival, sales totaled $140.00. Sales revenue was split evenly with the Historical Society. Books were also sold at the Art House First Friday in October, total sales were $96.00. Will also participate in the First Friday in November. Sales revenue was split evenly with the Art House. Joan of Art House complimented the Friends for working with other community groups.

It was noted that the Cemetery Walk will be ending with refreshments at the Art House. Look at selling Halloween books at next year's Cemetery Walk.

Paul Snyder reported attending and presenting at a Friends of Library Advocacy Workshop. Presentation is on the website.

e. NDL Development Committee Report and Trustees Meeting Report - No report

10.  Old Business

a. "Books for Babies" - Judy DeFrancesco

Program continues to be very successful. Approved funds will cover the purchase of bibs, bags, stickers and books. Items being ordered through the Friends Gift Store to utilize their discount. Theme will be "Read to Me" - Books for Babies. Will advertise Friends Store support. "Little Me" presentation was attended and very worthwhile.

11.  New Business

a. New fundraising idea - Sandy Walts
Following ideas were presented:
-The morning Kiwanis Club has disbanded. They have annually run a successful sausage sale at various community events, including the Art in the Sun and the Victorian Festival. Board discussed pros and cons and referred to the Development Committee for further discussion.
-An Online Cookbook was suggested. Customer pays $5.00 and Cookbook is emailed to them. Minimal costs.
b. Library Staff Recognition
Discussion was held regarding timing of the Staff Recognition event. Last year it was held in January and there were too many desserts. Suggestion was made to move event to February, possibly Valentine's Day.
c. Library Programs - Jim Morche'
81 attended the Jazz Vocal Ensemble. November program has 60 already signed up.
Future programs reviewed briefly.
d. Friends attendance at Trustees meeting Erin McDermott volunteered to attend the Trustee's meeting.

12.  Next Meetings: Wed, Nov 16, and Wed, Dec 14.
2012 meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month through September.

Respectfully submitted:
Carol Oldenburg for Laura Lockhart

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