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Friends of the Library Minutes from November 18, 2009

Present: Claire Kreher,  Dave Randall, Marcy Hershoren, Ellison Franklin, Denise Stacer, Anne Mannisto, Joe Thomas, Paul Snyder, Jim Morche, Sandy Walts, Martha Nork, Jennifer Gustafson, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Steve Berner, Erin McDermott, Boni Trush, Christa Williams, Roz Fink, Andrea Murdock, Margaret Eminger, Boni Trush

7:31 Meeting called to order.

Minutes from prior meeting amended and approved.

President’s Report - Paul Snyder
On October 28th an agreement was reached with MBB to begin our trial period.  The trial period was extended from 90 days to 150 days allowing for a full three month rotation to better understand the impact of the agreement on the Friends and MBB.  At that time either party will be at liberty to sever the relationship.  Since that time, the available used books were sorted and MBB has begun listing them.

On October 29 attended the FOML workshop at the Pittsfield Branch of the Ann Arbor library system.  It was well attended and well reviewed. 

Over the course of the last few weeks, Joe and I have made several trips to the DPW to store discarded and other books to save for our next sale.  The storage room outside the sorting room has a lot more room now and the books from the library sort seem to be slowing down some. 

Library Director’s Report – Anne Manisto
There was a plaque hung in the Youth Department thanking the Friends for their donation.

Circulation has increased from the previous month’s totals.  The number of people attending the library programs has also increased.  The library had a National Gaming Day program, Thanksgiving Craft program, and the Kickoff for Battle of the Books.  The Battle of the Books will be on March 24, 2010.

There are new library databases for patrons to use.  They focus on online computer tutorials.

The library is making progress on sorting the discards.  They will need volunteers to help with the CD’s.  The labels will need to be pulled from all of the CD’s.  The RFID tagging process is going well.

A strategic planning phone survey is being done. This is being done to see how the library is doing aligning with the strategic plan and the needs of the community.

One wish list item is the library is going to need money for Battle of the Books.  They are requesting $2,300.

The Endowment mailing cost $44.  The library is requesting $44 to cover the cost of postage.

The library’s fiscal year starts December 1, 2009.  The financial problems that the state is facing are starting to catch up with the library.  $30,000 has been cut from the materials budget and $4,000 has been cut from the programming budget.  The library is looking to the Friends for help.  They need $4,000 for programming.  The need it to offset the revenue decline.

Paul made a motion that the Friends approve to give the library $4,000 in the next fiscal year.  Denise seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  All were in favor.

Treasurer’s Report – Denise Stacer
Report disbursed to group.
There was nothing unusual to report.

Corresponding Secretary – Paul Snyder in absentia for Christa Williams
The Friends received a thank you card from the Canton Library Friends.

Membership- Ellison Franklin
There are 348 individual Friends members.
There are 290 household Friends members.
The third mailing went out.  There was $340 returned from the mailing.  The membership drive begins again in March.

Gift Store – Martha Nork
The store had an excellent October.  There was approximately $1,900 in sales.  The store is planning a “Secret” staff sale.

Denise inquired if we could sell bookmarks at the Battle of the Books.
Anne replied she would do some checking and get back with the Friends.

Book Cellar – Dave Randall
Sales are starting to drop off, due to MBB contract.  This was anticipated.  The spreadsheet needs a tracking portion for MBB books sold.

Used Book Sale – Jim Morche
Northville High School will do two used book drives during the year.

Programs – Jim Morche
Picks N Sticks took place on November 10.  There were close to 100 people.  They played for $150.  They were given free memberships to the Friends.
Vocal Ensemble – December 1
Irish Music – March 21, 2010

Some libraries are starting to charge an “admission” fee for their programs.

FOML – Paul Snyder & Joe Thomas
There was a linking opportunity on October 29, 2009.  The cost was $20.  It took place at the Pittsfield Township Library.  The topic was finding ways to conserve energy and “green” up the Library.  The program was very interesting.  There were three speakers.  Topics of discussion included: changing light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs, putting timers on drinking fountains, using skylights in new construction, using discipline in turning off lights, and planning meetings in rooms to fit the size of the group.  The food was good!  There will be another linking opportunity in February,

ALTAFF – Paul Snyder
Discussion centered on the Books for Babies program.  If we order by December 31, the rate won’t change.

Old Business – Paul Snyder
Operating Agreement – Is partially signed.

Jim noted that Paul should be commended for getting the agreement to go through.

New Business – Paul Snyder
Jim suggested as historian to get the Friends meeting minutes posted online.
Paul moved that we put the meeting minutes online. Ellison seconded the motion.  All were in favor of the motion.  The Friends meeting minutes will now be posted online starting with the minutes from November 18, 2009.

There is an audit being done on “energy” at the Library.

Meeting adjourned at 8:38 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura Lockhart                                                                                             

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