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Friends of the Library Minutes from January 21, 2010

Present: Margaret Eminger, Dave Randall, Denise Stacer, Anne Mannisto, Joe Thomas, Paul Snyder, Marcy Hershoren, Jennifer Gustafson, Ellison Franklin, Martha Nork, Boni Trush, Sandy Walts, Christa Williams, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Steve Berner, Erin McDermott, Claire Kreher, Andrea Murdock

7:35 Meeting called to order.

Minutes from prior meeting amended and approved.


President's Report - Paul Snyder

On Dec. 23 an all day sort took place at the DPW by Joe Thomas, MBB, and myself.  Joe can report on how many books were listed based on that sort.  Several high value books were identified during the sort.

Each Tuesday, Joe and I continue to remove books from the area outside the sorting room and deliver them to the DPW.

Committee formation.  I've called for the formation of several committees to move forward on some items that need our attention.  There are a lot of people who have volunteered for the Membership committee and we should call a meeting soon.  There has already been one very productive meeting on by-laws and the constitution with Laura, Joe and I but we need to staff up some of the other groups.  Two committees that will need to take precedence are the Nominating Committee and the Annual Meeting Committee.

Christa volunteered to chair the Annual Membership committee.


Library Director's Report - Anne Mannisto

The Library wants to thank the Friends for the Christmas treat that was provided.

Circulation was 8% higher in 2009 than it was in 2008.

Programming continues to draw in patrons.  The story times fill quickly during the winter months.  There was a program on Job Searching online - 29 people attended.  There was a Social Networking Program - 20 people attended.  The Couponista lady will be putting on a program on how to cut costs.  There will be a program in February on Craigslists and Database research.

The library has gotten two different proposals for the media upgrade to the meeting room.  They are hoping for some help from the Friends with the cost.

A volunteer sign up for the Battle of the Books was distributed.

The RFID project is almost complete.  The library is looking to be converted in the spring.  The due date slips will be going away at that time.

Follow Up: The wingback chairs will be cleaned and sent out for repair.

Displays- The Nat'l Endowment for the Humanities has laminated posters of American artwork.  They are being hung throughout the library.  There was a Children's writing/poster contest for Martin Luther King Jr. day that is on display.

Book Marks have been donated by the residents of Star Manor.

The library stocks the library at Allen Terrace with about 100 large print & regular print books.  It is time to change out the books.  The library is requesting help with the project.


Treasurer's Report - Denise Stacer

Report disbursed to group.  There is nothing unusual to report.

Dave noted that there wasn't a line item on the Income Statement from MBB.

Denise responded that the check from MBB didn't come until January, so it would be added in next month's report.

Corresponding Secretary - Christa Williams

The Friends received a Christmas card from John & Julie Oswalt at MBB.

The Friends received their plaque for the Chamber Membership Update.


Membership - Ellison Franklin

Sandy and Ellison are working on the newsletter.  It will go out in early March.

There will be a display board advertising the Annual Meeting.


Gift Store - Martha Nork

The December report was not yet complete from Amy.

There was $2700 in income for the month.


Book Cellar - Dave Randall

The carts picked up during the month of December.  They made $946.   The Book Cellar is selling between 15-20 bags of books at a time.  They are tracking the unusual activity to see if they can determine a cause.

Joe noted there is a difference between brick and mortar sales and online sales.

Joe asked if the fiction books are still being moved.  Joe is concerned with the time crunch.


Mission Based Books - Joe Thomas

Report disbursed to group.

November figures are down from what was anticipated.  We are now reporting on shipped figures verses the sale of the book figures.

Dave asked how long will MBB keep the book before it gets returned.

Joe replied around four months.

Every item will now be scanned before going to the DPW.


FOML & ALTAFF - Paul Snyder

There will be another linking opportunity in Ypsilanti on February 10, 2010.  Paul will be using the operating agreement as part of a communications seminar.  Paul noted if anyone would like to attend, they can sign up at the FOML website and submit the fee for reimbursement.

Novi Library Friends - The October linking will take place there in the new building.

The Books for Babies bags have arrived with the materials. Something is needed to include with the materials to indicate the bag is from the Friends.


Old Business -

Denise and Martha did an excellent job at the staff appreciation in December.  The library was given cake, cookies, and various snacks which came from the local bakeries Sweet 220 and Wildflowers.

The Nominating Committee will consist of Marcy, Ellison, and Christa.

Paul will provide a record of who needs to run.


Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Laura Lockhart                                                                                              


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