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Agreement Between the Friends of the Northville District Library and the Northville District Library


The Association of Library Trustee Advocates, Friends, and Foundations (ALTAFF) strongly recommends that Friends organizations, Library Administrations and Trustees establish an agreement in order to clarify respective roles, responsibilities and expectations. This process-oriented document is designed to transcend any personnel changes in any of the three stakeholders over the years. Nonetheless, it is a compact that should be reviewed annually to determine whether any changes are warranted.

In furtherance of these recommendations, the Friends of the Northville District Library, the Administration of the Northville District Library and the Trustees of the Northville District Library agree as follows:

The Friends:
Agree to include a member of the Library Administration as a non-voting presence at all Board meetings and to allow a place on the agenda for a Library report.

Shall provide a representative or send a report each month for the public meeting of the Northville District Library Board of Trustees to update them on Friends activities and pending projects.

Agree to publicly support the Library and its policies.

Agree to engage in advocacy efforts on behalf of the Library under the guidance of the Library Director and the Board of Trustees.

Agree that if they cease to actively raise funds and promote the Library, they will disband, allowing for the formation of a new Friends of the Library group to be established in the future.

Agree to work directly with the Library Administration when proposing new Friends' projects or carrying out new Friends' programs.

The Library Director:
Agrees to update the Friends on the long-term planning process of the Library to help ensure that the Friends are aware of the goals and direction of the Library.

Agrees to share with the Friends the Library's funding and volunteer needs and discuss with the Friends how their resources and support might help toward filling those needs.

Agrees to publicly acknowledge the contributions of the Friends, as is practicable, on flyers, brochures, and displays, as a means of promoting the Friends, helping to recognize their efforts, and attracting new members, which ultimately results in more funding and community support for the Library.

Agrees to discuss with the Friends options for storage, sorting and sales of used books as well as office needs.

Agrees to discuss with the Friends space for a gift store in the Library when allocating Library space.

Agrees to assist the Friends, if possible, with promotional materials, duplication services, meeting room arrangements and scheduling coordination.

Agrees to display the Friends' brochures, membership materials and promotional notices in keeping with the Library Policy on Displays.

Agrees to allow Friends access to the Main Display Case on an equal basis with other community groups for the purpose of promoting the Friends Membership Drive and the Friends Gift Store.

The Board of Trustees:
Agrees to choose a volunteer from the Board or a designee from the Library Administration to attend the Friends Board meeting, when possible, as a non-voting member. The designee will report on policy and the issues that may be germane to the Friends.

FINANCES: It is recognized that the Friends of the Northville District Library is an independent 501 (c)(3) organization with responsibilities to its library, its constitution, its members and the citizens of the community. All monies raised will be spent exclusively for Library programs and services, Friends programs, Friends operating expenses, and other defined Library or Friends needs unless otherwise agreed to by both the Friends and the Library.

The Library Director will provide and discuss cost estimates of items on an annual "Wish List" for the upcoming Friends Fiscal Year (March to Feb) with the Friends Finance Committee no later than February of each year.

Criteria for approval of Wish List items will include its ability to meet the standards set forth in the Friends Constitution. Fiduciary responsibility to Friends members and donors will also be of primary concern to the Friends' Finance Committee before making recommendations to the full Friends Board.

Any questions regarding any item shall be forwarded to the Library Administration for clarification at the next Friends Board meeting, where final approval shall be considered. The Library Administration agrees to share with the Friends Board its method for selecting the item and the method used to select the provider during these discussions.

The Library Director has the final say in accepting or declining any and all gifts to the Library.

After approval of the items on the Wish List, the Friends shall provide a check for the agreed upon amount for that item during the fiscal year.


Agreed on the dates set forth below.


Friends of the Northville District Library

_________________________________ Date: ______________, 2009

Paul Snyder                                 President
Northville District Library Board of Trustees

_________________________________ Date: ______________, 2009

Robert Sochacki                          Chair
Northville District Library Administration

_________________________________ Date: ______________, 2009
Julie Herrin                                    Director
Northville District Library

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