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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes from May 20, 2010

Present: Claire Kreher, Denise Stacer, Julie Herrin, Anne Mannisto, Joe Thomas, Paul Snyder, Ellison Franklin, Jim Morche, Sandy Walts, Martha Nork, Christa Williams, Erin McDermott, Boni Trush, Jennifer Gustafson, Roz Fink, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Marcy Hershoren

7:32 Meeting called to order

Jim added used book sale to agenda after programs. Approval of the agenda passed after amendment by Jim.

Minutes from previous month's meeting amended and approved.

President's Report - Paul Snyder
Meetings Attended:

  • Endowment Committee 4/21
  • Used Book Volunteers Meeting 4/26
  • Vicky McLean Millage 5/4
  • Library Budget Meeting 5/6
  • Friends Finance Meeting 5/10
  • Membership Meeting 5/13
  • Book Cellar Redesign Meeting 5/13
  • Genesee District Library Presentation 4/23

The GDL has 14 branches and 8 separate Friends Groups. I was asked by the FOML to present to them during a volunteer recognition breakfast on how they might be able to work together based in part on the success we've had with the Art House and the Historical Society.
Book and Author Luncheon - Best attended and best talk I've experienced so far. Author Alysia Sophios with her book "Where Hope Begins" is also a reporter for American Idol for a California Fox affiliate.

Library Director - Julie Herrin & Anne Mannisto
April's circulation was up due to the Novi library being closed. 50,000 items were circulated throughout the month. RFID was the saving grace on the circulation staff.

The meeting room upgrade is 99% complete.

The 10th Anniversary of the Endowment will be in November. There will be a display in the alcove. There will be programs that the library is putting together along with a mailing to patrons. The performance on the endowment money has been a 20% increase in the past year.

The library has added a new investment database by the name of Valueline. It is heavy on stock analysis.

Four members of the Board of Trustees for the library are up for election in November. The filing deadline to run is in mid-July.

The Summer Reading Program will be kicking off on June 1 for Adults. The program will kick off on June 18 for the Youth and Teen Programs.

Upcoming Library Events:
August 24 will be the Volunteer Recognition Program "Just Desserts".
The Librarians will be participating in the Victorian Festival Parade on September 17.

Budget Crisis:
It is due to declining income. The library's revenue comes from property taxes (95%), state aid, and interest income make up the other 5%. There is an estimated decline in revenue for 2010, 2011, and 2012.

As a result of the crisis, the library fines will be increasing from $0.10 to $0.20 on July 1. Fines have been the same for over 50 years. There will be a millage election in November. It will be a source to replace lost income. If there is no additional income, the library is looking at closing on Friday's during the school year which would impact staff salaries. The service level of the library will not be the same as it has been in the past. There will be an article in the June Library Newsletter detailing the issues. There will be a public meeting on July 21.

The library will be having an all day planning session with the Board and Library Staff on June 11. Friend's members are welcome.

Treasurer's Report - Denise Stacer
The fee for the meeting room upgrade has been paid.
There is nothing usual to report.

The Finance committee is looking to make a counter proposal to the Gift Tree. They are looking at giving $3,500. This would be towards the purchase of the tree.

Paul made a motion to give $3,500 to the library for the Giving Tree. Roz seconded the motion.

Christa noted that she is concerned that we will have to give up our wall space and the space size is potentially too small.

In response to Christa's concern - the artist has figured out how to space the tree appropriately.

The question was asked was there a projected end date for the tree?
The response was given that it is $1,000 a leaf and there are 150 leaves. It will take a while.
Denise noted we are voting on the concept of art.
Christa noted that she feels there are other ways we could spend the money given the budget crisis.
Joe asked who will be tracking the money given by the Friends.
The response is the Friends will track and notify the library.

The motion passed. All present board members approved the measure except Christa who opposed.

Denise then made a motion to approve the budget as presented.
The motion passed. All present board members approved the measure.

Joe worked with Ellen to spruce up the Book Cellar. They are looking at a budget of $1,000. They want new carpet, paint, and maybe a counter. Ellen is working on a proposal.

Claire noted that a number of people have retired. They are considering books in honor of service for Steve Berner, Dave & Marilynn Randall, and Margaret Eminger. A group will be forming to determine the criteria for bookgiving.

Corresponding Secretary - Christa Williams
Nothing to Report

Used Books - Joe Thomas
Everything has been scanned by MBB at the DPW.
We will have a special sale at the Garden Walk.
Joe met with the volunteers. They were supportive & glad for the meeting. They got a chance to voice their complaints. They are starting to send out email reminders to the volunteers of their time slots.
The Cellar will be closed the Saturday before Memorial Day.
We received a large donation of brand new Hallmark books.

Membership - Ellison Franklin
The membership campaign for 2010 has not been as successful as 2009. Ellison recommended a 3rd mailing of the brochure only.

The decision was made to do another mailing.

Gift Store - Martha Nork
Report Disbursed to Group
Member shopping days went well. Martha wanted to thank the staff for their participation.

Amy Storm indicated that she wants to retire as the Finance person. They will be looking for a new person.

Summer Reading Program - Roz Fink
Last year 147 shirts were ordered. Roz would like to order 122 shirts this year. This year the shirts will be a gift to the kids. The shirts will not be sold. The estimate is $1000 for the shirts.

July 9 the Library will be hosting a Lock-In. The Library is looking for volunteers to help.

Programs - Jim Morche
The Victorian First Ladies Program has been canceled.
The Petticoat Ladies will replace the Victorian First Ladies in March as the Mothers of Invention.

Used Book Sale - Jim Morche
The date of the sale will be September 30 thru October 3. Jim inquired as to who will be running the sale in 2011.

New Business -
Paul noted in regards to the millage he has spoken with many people in library groups and consultants. He is looking to see what can be legally spent from our operating budget to coordinate the Friend's effort.

The Board has decided to move forward with going for the millage. It will be during the November election. $76,000 has to come out of the salary budget. The last millage was in 1994. If the millage is voted no in November it means closings will begin in January.

Christa made a proposal to start the meetings at 7:00. The proposal was passed.

Meeting adjourned 9:38 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura K. Lockhart

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