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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for August 19, 2010

Present: Sandy Walts, Anne Mannisto, Claire Kreher, Denise Stacer, Paul Snyder, Joe Thomas, Boni Trush, Martha Nork, Jim Morche, Erin McDermott Laura Lockhart

Absent: Ellison Franklin, Christa Williams, Jennifer Gustafson

7:07 Meeting called to order.

No meeting held in September due to lack of quorum. Meeting minutes amended and approved in October from August 19 Friends meeting.

Guest Member Comments - Marilynn Randall
Marilynn indicated that she would like to ask a question later in the meeting. Paul indicated that would be fine.

President's Report - Paul Snyder
I've decided to change the practice we've had in regards to the President's Report. As I have reviewed past reports, I find that most of the things I report on are things you will hear in other reports, i.e. my attendance at different library functions that you will hear reports in detail about (Battle of the Books / Used Book Sale), my activities on various committees that will subsequently produce a report (finance committee, membership committee, endowment committee), or my participation in other activities (moving books to the DPW or to recycle). In the interest of time I will only report on issues germane to the operations of the Friends of the Northville District Library and that the board would not hear in a report later in the meeting. I believe this change will save valuable time that could be put to better use.

With that being said, here then is my report for August, 2010. ALTAFF has issued a new username and password for our use on their website. The username is: FFZJUNE11 and the password is: ARTWORK.

Paul reported that he met with Allison and let her know about the meeting start time so it could be corrected on the website.

Library Director's Report - Anne Mannisto
The circulation in July went down 2% compared with July of last year. This is thought to be because of the Novi library opening.

The summer reading program is either being finalized or is winding down. The adult program ends on August 31. The library tried something different and had the summer reading party on a Saturday. Traditionally, the party was held on a Thursday or Friday. There were fewer kids that participated. Next year they will revisit and will decide when to have it.

The library is starting to publicize for the Community Read event. The book is Annie's Ghosts. The library will hold a book discussion on September 29 where a historian will speak on the topic.

September 17 is the Victorian Parade

The 10th Anniversary for the Endowment is this year. People are giving more than ever. There is $270,000 in the fund as of December 2009.

Millage - The library is asking for two tenths of a mill. There will be a public hearing on the budget. The meeting will be Thursday, August, 26. The library will be passing a budget with cuts.

Treasurer's Report - Denise Stacer
Report disbursed to group.
Nothing to report.
Paul noted there is $4000 for programming that needs to be accounted for.
Denise noted she would make the correction.
There were questions about the sales tax figures.

Gift Books - Claire Kreher
There was approved funding for six books at $25. Two people have accepted the book donations.

Corresponding Secretary - Paul Snyder for Christa Williams
Nothing to report.

Used Books - Joe Thomas
The Friends made $85 from the Art House Sale and $70 from the Gardenwalk.
The Library Relevancy Document was handed out at both events.

The Art House has put up a bookshelf for our books. We will be there the first Friday of November.

Doris Oltersdorf will be taking over the scheduling of the volunteers.

MBB sales for May $800
MBB sales for June $1300
MBB sales for July - Preliminary reports show exceeding $1300

Next Chapter bookstore donated many books to us after their flood. MBB has scanned all of the books.

The Senior Center donated books to us. They were taken to the DPW.

The Book Cellar refurbishment will be postponed until after the millage.

The Friends will be at the Victorian Festival with books.

Marilyn indicated that the MBB statistics used to be dispersed to the group. She asked will the MBB statistics still be provided.

Joe indicated that those statistics are available to the board at the Finance Committee meeting which precedes the monthly meeting.

Membership - Martha Nork for Ellison Franklin
The teens from the Teen Corps have been given their six-month membership.

Gift Store - Martha Nork
Sales figures for May and June are up compared to last year's figures.

Linda Schwelnus will take over for Amy Storm.

The store will again hold a rummage sale in conjunction with the used book sale.
Martha is in a "snit" due to not being listed in the Chamber Directory.

Paul indicated that he would like to have a thank you party at the next board meeting for Amy's tenure with the Friends.

Used Book Sale - Jim Morche
The tables are reserved. Jim will be contacting the NHS to assist after school is back in session. They have already committed to participating. The books will be brought over on September 30.

Programs - Jim Morche
Picks N Sticks - November 9
Vocal Ensemble - December
Mothers of Invention - March
Climbing Kilimanjaro - TBD

Old Business -
Jim asked how the Hiller's program is going. He also indicated he would pass out cards at the next event on November 9 for Picks N Sticks.

Erin brought in binders. They are in the cellar.

New Business -
National Gaming Day is Saturday, November, 13. This is a gaming day for all non-electronic games. The library is looking for volunteers from 12:00-5:00 pm.

Jim asked Sandy to include a reminder in the newsletter to remember the endowment fund in your will. It was also suggested by Denise to remember the Friends in your will.

Meeting adjourned at 8:19 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Laura Lockhart


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