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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for December 15, 2010

Present: Claire Kreher, Julie Herrin, Anne Mannisto, Paul Snyder, Ellison Franklin, Jim Morche, Sandy Walts, Martha Nork, Erin McDermott, Jennifer Gustafson, Linda Schwelnus, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Denise Stacer, Joe Thomas, Christa Williams, Boni Trush,

7:41 pm Meeting called to order.

No meeting held in November due to Lack of Quorum.

President's Report - Paul Snyder
Discussion centered on library staff recognition to be implemented in January or February.

Paul had a discussion with Joe regarding having a spring book sale, possibly in April. It would be an abbreviated sale from Friday through Sunday. There would be less stock on the floor and it would be easier to maneuver through the tables. This would be in addition to the fall book sale.

Paul made comments on the different changes and accomplishments that took place on the Friends board while he served as the President. The mission statement and the by-laws were changed. The documents were streamlined. The millage was passed. An operating agreement between the Friends board and the library was passed.

Paul thanked the board for their continuing support. He added he was proud of all that was accomplished.

Laura made a motion to appoint Jennifer from FVP to the Acting President. The motion passed. All were in favor.

New President's Report - Jennifer Gustafson
Jennifer thanked Paul for his tenure as the Friends President. She presented Paul with a certificate of Appreciation.

Library Director - Julie Herrin & Anne Mannisto
Julie thanked the Friends for the wonderful relationship they have with the library. There is much value added by the Friends. Anne noted that the library had an amazing year and it wouldn't have been possible without the Friends.

Gift Store - Martha Nork
The store is doing well. They plan on giving more than the stated $2500.

New Business/Old Business -
Jim indicated he provided the names of the students who should receive letters for NHS to Christa.
There were 52 Hiller's cards given out during the Picks N Sticks and the Vocal Arts Ensemble programs.

Martha and Ellison volunteered to coordinate the staff appreciation.

Meeting adjourned 7:59 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura K. Lockhart

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