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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for July 21, 2011

Present: Claire Kreher, Julie Herin, Ellison Franklin, Jennifer Gustafson, Linda Schwelnus, Erin McDermott, Jim Morche, Joe Thomas, Sandy Walts, Judy DeFrancesco, Paul Snyder, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Boni Trush, Denise Stacer, Lynn Favers, Martha Nork

7:35 pm Meeting called to order.

Meeting agenda and prior meeting minutes approved.

Guest Members Comments - None

President's Report - Jennifer Gustafson

The Friends are looking for a First Vice President replacement for Linda Schwelnus as Linda will be taking Jennifer's position in September. Jennifer has asked several people if they are interested however no one has volunteered.

Silent Auction/Wine Tasting - There will be discussion on this later in the meeting.

Bookmark Contest - Martha has been in contact with Julie. The contest will be in April.

Erin volunteered to attend the Trustees Meeting in place of Jennifer and Linda who are not able to attend.

Library Director - Julie Herrin

Summer Reading Program is going very well.

There are 19 Teen Corps members who are helping in the library this summer.

Julie said Thank You to everyone who helped out with the Farmer's Market.

Just Desserts will be in August. There were 113 invitations that were sent to volunteers who helped the library in the past year.

Reminder that the library is still looking for volunteers to march in the Victorian Parade.

The Teen Area is in the process of being finalized.

The newsletter will be going out next week.

Strategic Plan - A visit was made by the Assistant Superintendent of the Northville School District. The board wants to be more active on partnering with the schools and to say thank you for helping to pass the millage.

Wish List - There are two new requests to add to the wish list. There was an electrical event that made these requests necessary.

Erin asked if the library has looked into having free music downloads. The Novi library is currently participating in this and it might be something to participate in.

Treasurer's Report - Jennifer Gustafson for Denise Stacer
There is nothing unusual to report.

Corresponding Secretary - Erin McDermott for Lynn Favers

Erin gave something to Jim for Programs.

Membership - Ellison Franklin

Currently the Friends have 247 memberships. Memberships continue to be received throughout the year. Ellison did another mailing. A return envelope was included in the last mailing. She will report on the success of the envelope in the next meeting.

Gift Store - Martha Nork & Linda Schwelnus

There were $804 total sales in June. This is about the same as last year.

The store is looking to purchase a new cash register. Martha and Linda are researching their options and are postponing on making a decision until the fall.

Book Cellar - Joe Thomas

The Book Cellar has had a dramatic increase in donations.

Joe has two items for donation for the Silent Auction. There are two cookbooks which he is giving in addition to a book stand.

Joe wanted to know if there is anything that is needed to purchase from Borders as Borders will be closing.

Joe will be on vacation the first week of August. Paul will be handling the Cellar while Joe is gone.

Books for Babies - Judy De Francesco

The Books for Babies program started out with 100 book kits from the Association of Library Trustees, which is a division of the American Library Association. The total cost was $1,000 for the kits. Judy offered to start a program which would get the kits out to the new babies of the library patrons. Judy ended up trying many different distribution methods with the kits.

To begin, Judy started with individual appointments. This met with mixed success. Some patrons came to the appointment, some changed appointments, and some patrons never attended. Judy then started booking several appointments on the same day. She also gave patrons a choice on time, so it would fit the baby's schedule. There were a few patrons from other libraries who attended and Judy gave them gift bags after she told them what the library offered in the program schedule.

In January, Judy conferred with Dorie and she put together a new program. She took the gift bags to the Little Me Story time. When Dorie was finished, Judy would speak then pass out the bags. This was a huge success. The event was repeated two months later, and it also had excellent results.

Currently there are 29 kits left. Some thoughts to consider: Should we reorder? Should we make our own kits, buying books, etc. Would it be politically correct to copy from the A.L.A.? Judy does customize the kits for the library. She would be willing to do some investigation the book prices, bids, etc. She has enjoyed her role and would be willing to continue if the Friends chose to do so.

Programs - Jim Morche
Picks N Sticks
Vocal Arts Ensemble
Slide Presentation on Kilimanjaro
Petticoat Ladies are no longer
Joint Presentation with Novi

Wine Tasting - Jennifer Gustafson

The committee is looking to solicit donations from people in town.

Discussion centered on solidifying details.

Old Business -

Paul provided the group with a 2011 Spring Book Sale Debriefing.

Paul wrote a thank you letter for the volunteers from the book sale. He is asking for the approval of the Friends to send it.

New Business -

Discussion centered on attendance for Board Members.

Judy DiFrancesco was appointed a Director on the Friends Board.

Meeting adjourned 8:50 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura K. Lockhart

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