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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for September 15, 2011

Present: Claire Kreher, Julie Herin, Ellison Franklin, Linda Schwelnus, Joe Thomas, Sandy Walts, Judy DeFrancesco, Paul Snyder, Denise Stacer, Martha Nork, Laura Lockhart

Absent: Erin McDermott

7:31 Meeting called to order.

Meeting agenda and prior meeting minutes approved.

Guest Member Comments

Paul sent a volunteer list around for the Fall Book Sale. He has contacted the National Honors Society to get volunteers. He is contacting Hillers and Busch's about donating bags. Everything is going well and according to plan.

President's Report - Linda Schwelnus

Jennifer made it to Germany. Everything seems to be going well for her. The main topic that has occurred since the last meeting was the wine tasting. Discussion centered on the wine tasting, the profits earned, and changes for next year.

Linda has sent Laura copies of the To Do List for future events.

The Friends got invited to the Chamber of Commerce annual meeting.

Library Director - Julie Herrin

Statistics have increased for circulation from the previous months.

The Summer Reading Program showed an increase in numbers from the 2010 program:
891 youth - 40 more than last year
2216 total attendance
100 people attended the final party

175 Teens - 159 more last year
Volunteer appreciation party - 60 people attended

The Library Board and staff have been attending school open houses to meet and greet people and to thank them for passing the millage. Julie feels that the program has been successful. They have attended 10 open houses.

The teen area has been finalized. They will be doubling the shelving. There will be new tables, vibrant colors, and a better use of space overall. $40,000 is the final estimate on the cost.

Wish List - Surge Protectors for Circuit Boxes $6,194
Power Backup Source in the Server Room $6,656
Teen Renovation $40,000 This will cover Shelving, Chairs, Tables, Stools, Sign, Gateway
Newsletter - Giving to the Library $2,349 This will cover adding an extra page and an envelope. The library's donation will be staff hours.

Treasurer's Report- Denise Stacer

We are in fiscal month six. There is nothing unusual to report.
We are creating a procedure to handle monetary requests from the Library for additional items that have not been budgeted in the current Friend's year.
• The Library will bring a request to fund a project or purchase to Friends' Board monthly meeting. These requests are things that are above and beyond the library's normal operating and maintenance budget.
• There is discussion of the request and questions at Friends' Board meeting. The library can provide clarification.
• The request goes to the Friends' Finance Committee. The Finance Committee investigates how this request fits in the current budget and plan of the Friends' organization and prepares a recommendation on approval/denial for the Board.
• The Friends' Finance Committee brings their recommendation to Friends' Board next monthly meeting.
• Friends' Board votes to approve/deny the request.
Discussion was held amongst the board and centered on the new monetary procedure.

Corresponding Secretary - Linda Schwelnus

Lynn Favors resigned from her position. We are currently looking for a new corresponding secretary.

Membership - Ellison Franklin

There are currently 263 members to date. The last mailing was not successful. It was in the newsletter. The thought was to send a postcard to those who have not responded.

Gift Store - Martha Nork & Linda Schwelnus

The store is down a little from last August. Christmas items are starting to arrive. A breakfast meeting will be held with store employees on October 4.

There is a "Fairy door" theme in town. The cost is $50. A plaque would be placed on the door to the gift store. The Fairy Door plaque will reflect the fairy theme and it would place it us on a Fairy map. It might generate more traffic to the store.

Book Cellar - Joe Thomas

MBB has a "teacher's day" where they will donate children's books to teachers. There is no cost to the teachers and it will provide children's books for classrooms. We want to bring Ninas in to take part in this opportunity.

Victorian Festival is this weekend. We will be selling children's books at the Festival.

The Cellar is in the process of printing new bookmarks. Joe was approached by a new printing company to submit a bid.

First Friday in October at the Art House

NDL Development Committee - Joe Thomas

The decision was made that there should be a community wide mailing about the tax credits that are expiring.

Old Business-

Books for Babies - Judy will be attending story time in October. She is doing some research to figure out how to better the program.
The recommendation is to reorder 50 kits to get through the rest of the year. The cost of the kit is $7.Next year Judy is looking to tailor the program a little more.

80% of the people who attended the Books for Babies got a library card.

The Friends are looking for someone to replace Peggy Koppy for the Book and Author Luncheon.

New Business-

Judy will attend the trustee's meeting.

Next meeting October 18 in the Story Time Room.

Meeting adjourned 8:55 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laura K. Lockhart

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