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Friends of the Library Meeting Minutes for November 16, 2011

Present: Linda Schwelnus, President, Judy DeFrancesco, Anne Mannisto, Erin McDermott, James Morche', Martha Nork, Carol Oldenburg, Sandy Walts, Joe Thomas, Laura Lockhart, Marilyn Randall

Absent: Ellison Franklin, Claire Kreher, Denise Stacer

1) Call to Order - Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by L. Schwelnus, President/Chair.

2) Approval of Agenda - Agenda was APPROVED as submitted

3) Approval of Meeting Minutes (October 15, 2011) - One correction was made (Page 4, 1st paragraph). With those corrections, the minutes were APPROVED as submitted.
4) Guest Member Comments - None

5) President's Report - L. Schwelnus

a. There is a volunteer to chair the Book Author Luncheon. Christy Lypka has volunteered to manage the Book & Author Luncheon. Peggy Koppy will attend the first meeting with her.
b. Erin McDermott was thanked by Linda Schwelnus for the email newsletter sent to the Friends.
c. Annual Meeting Discussion
The chair reviewed the bylaws requirement to hold an annual business meeting in March where all the Friends members are invited to attend, annual reports from the Board and Committees are presented and the election of officers takes place. The March meeting this year was poorly attended. Discussion centered on the format for the 2012 meeting. Following recommendations were made:
- Do not invite a guest speaker or have a presentation.
- Significantly reduce the printing of the Annual Report. Inform members report is available for review online at Friends website and at the library front desk.
- Schedule meeting for March, 2012, after consultation with Library calendar, hold a regular meeting.
- Possibly add light refreshments.

6) Library Director's Report - Anne Mannisto provided the following updates:

a. 43,000 items were circulated in October.
b. The number of ebooks circulated this year has tripled since last year.
c. Just completed the "Community Reads" Gareth Stein - The Art of Racing in the Rain - There were over 200 people who attended the program at the Novi Library.
d. Teen Gaming Day was held at the library. There were 38 people who attended.

e. March 7, 2012 is the date of next "Battle of the Books"; advertising will begin December 7, 2011.
f. December 6 the Teen Renovation will commence. The renovation will take place over three days.
g. New Fiscal Year begins December 1 for the library. The program budget for the library will be decreased by $5,000. The materials budget will be decreased by $57,000.
h. The Library Newsletter will include an envelope to give to the library. This will be the last year for tax incentives.
i. Library has submitted requests for funding to the Finance Committee for review:
- Local History Librarian requesting $800.00 for the rebinding of 8-10 reference books
- Request for $1,110.00 to replace current lighting (at pillars) to LED lights
- Request for $725.00 for additional Emergency Light
Finance Committee will review and bring recommendations to Board.

7) Treasurer's Report - Linda Schwelnus for Denise Stacer

Treasurer's report was distributed and reviewed. Net income for month ending 10/31/11 was $2794.17. Year-to-date $37,871.48. Treasurer presented Finance Committees recommendations related to requests for funding:
a. Request for lighting
b. Request for rebinding
c. Question was asked by L. Schwelnus why wasn't lighting included in the library's budget? The response was the Friends have supported lighting projects and the thought was to bring it before the Friends again.
d. Book Binding tabled for next year's Wish List.
e. Lighting we will reimburse up to $725 for the Emergency Lighting and up to $1200 for the LED lighting
f. Request was made for $12,850.00 for computer surge protectors, circuit breakers and universal power sources. Committee recommended and Board APPROVED.
g. $800.00 was requested to support the "Books for Babies" program. This is the budget for now through February 2012. Committee recommended and Board APPROVED.

8) Corresponding Secretary's Report - No report
Carol Oldenburg will be meeting with Christa Williams to go over job duties and responsibilities.

9) Committee Reports:

a. Membership Committee Report - Linda Schwelnus for Ellison Franklin
Currently 267 members. There were 5 renewals from the latest mailing. The Gift Book envelope was included. Claire appreciated the envelope being included as she has seen some response in gift books.
b. Gift Store - Martha Nork
Christmas shopping is complete and the bills are being received. Revenue/expenses are on target. The plaque for the door is being made. The Friends Store will be on the map for December. Luggage Tags were displayed as a gift item.
c. Gift Store Finance - Linda Schwelnus
Store is entering busier selling season.

d. Books for Babies - Judy DeFrancesco

Judy worked with Martha and Barclay on creating a new Book for Babies handout. Gift bags were bought along with books and bibs. There was $642 spent out of the $800 budget. Judy will be going to the December story time.

e. Used Books - Joe Thomas
The Art House event was a success. They have asked us to come back in December for First Fridays. Joe wanted to thank the volunteers at the Art House.

Discussion was held on ordering more bags. Plastic versus paper was discussed. Martha has two catalogues for bag orders. She will bring the catalogues to the next meeting. This will be discussed at the December meeting.

f. Programs - Jim Morche
Pix N Sticks - 125 People at the Senior Center
Vocal Arts Ensemble - Had to cancel gave a referral for another group called Twelfth Night Singers. That will be held at the Senior Center. It will be on December 6.

10) Old Business - None

11) New Business

a. Teen Board Member- Linda Schwelnus
Looking to find teen members to join our board. Linda will meet with Suzanne to discuss approaching teens.
b. Friends attendance at Trustees meeting
Judy volunteered to attend the Trustee's meeting.

12) Next Meetings: Wed, Dec 14
2012 meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month through September.

Meeting Adjourned 8:20 pm

Respectfully submitted:
Laura Lockhart

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