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Teacher Tips

Library Information for Educators

Assignment Alert: Give the Library a “Heads-Up”


Teachers are strongly encouraged to contact the library before assignments are issued to ensure that resources are available for students. Sending Assignment Alert forms to the library helps librarians to develop strong materials collections to supplement curriculum needs and to better satisfy demand for class assignment resources. Teachers are busy, so the library has made submitting Assignment Alert forms easy:

Assignment Alert: Print & Fax Form

Assignment Alert: Online Form





Library Materials: More than Just Books


Please consider assignments with a variety of resources including books, encyclopedias, reference materials, magazine articles, online student databases and websites. Librarians are pleased to help children find valid information online as well as in print. Due to high demand for certain topics the library may limit the number of resources that may be checked out and cannot guarantee that items may be placed on reserve.

In addition to print sources, the library also provides many helpful online student databases. Click here to learn more about online informational databases:

Class Visits: Storytimes & Library Tours

To schedule a library visit please call (248) 349-3020:

Student Tips for Using the Public Library: 5 Things Every Student Should Know

Help students prepare for independent research by sharing the following tips:

  1. Ask a Librarian: If you have questions or need help, ask a librarian!
  2. Get a Library Card: A Library card is required to check out materials and to use the Internet and student informational databases.
  3. Return Library Materials on Time: Resources may be limited at the public library. Please, return materials on time so that other students may benefit from using them.
  4. Carry Cash for Copies: Photocopies and black & white computer printouts cost 10 cents per page. Color computer printouts cost 50 cents per page.
  5. Bring Supplies: Be prepared with your own pencils, pens, markers, paper, scissors, rulers, tape, etc. The library does not supply these items.

Check it Out! Policy on Library Cards & Borrowing Guidelines

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