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Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for Thursday, September 27, 2012

1. Call to Order: Chair Robert Sochacki called the Regular Meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

1.1 Roll Call - Present: Trustees Robert Sochacki, Jean Hansen, Mike DeFrancesco, Paul Snyder, Suzanne Miller and Jim Morché. Also present: Julie Herrin, Library Director; Anne Mannisto, Assistant Library Director; Carla Eggert, Administrative Assistant. Staff member Suzanne Schimanski-Gross was in the audience. Absent: Trustee Joe Corriveau.
1.2 Approval of the Agenda: MOTION: Jim Morché made a motion to accept the agenda as amended. Paul Snyder seconded the motion. Motion passed.
1.3 Approval of Regular Board Meeting Minutes of 08-23-12: MOTION: Mike DeFrancesco made a motion to approve the August 23, 2012 minutes as corrected. Paul Snyder seconded the motion. Motion passed.
1.4 Citizens' Comments: None.

2. Correspondence: None.

3. Director's Report

Statistics: Julie Herrin reported that circulation is down about 3% and the door count is down about 2%. Database searches are up over 100%. There were 164 users of Freegal who downloaded 755 songs so far in September.
Youth Programming: Our fall programming has started and we have had 300 youth attend 13 programs.
Adult Services Programming: The Adult Book Discussion Program had 18 participants. The Foreign Film was attended by 68 patrons and the Victorian Gardening Program had 43 attendees.
Teen Services: The creations from the Teen Altered Books Program were displayed at the Northville Art House and 80 people visited the display.
Staff: Julie reported that the Open Houses at the schools were a success, with Nancy Clarizio, Dorie Freebury, Julie Ramsden, Laura Curtsinger, Suzanne Schimanski-Gross, Karen Fehl, Cynthia Simpson, Anne Mannisto and Julie Herrin all attending them at various schools, along with Board Members. Dorie attended a webinar on Getting Ready for K-8 Research and Karen attended a webinar on Gale Research Databases. Julie, Allison Brueckner and Julie Ramsden attended Overdrive Training Seminars. Allison also attended a workshop on the Children's Internet Protection Act. Six librarians will be attending the Michigan Library Association (MLA) Conference in November. Julie, Carla and Wendy Mutch will attend the MERS Conference next week. Julie will record a video for the Northville Patch on Tuesday, Oct. 2.
Collections and Services: Julie reported that the digitization of the Northville Record is complete, though staff are still working on the interface and correcting a few errors that have been found.
Technology: Julie reported that Michael McEvoy is planning to purchase 19 new public computers at a cost of $14,680. The current computers for the public are five years old and running Windows XP. They cannot run Windows 7 and the support for Windows XP is being discontinued.

4. Friends Report: Carol Oldenburg, President of the Friends, reported that the Friends have purchased a gift book to honor and thank Linda Schwelnus for her service as President of Friends when the previous president left office mid-term. Linda Bolam will join the Friends Board in October, taking the position of Corresponding Secretary as Regina Mingela transitions to Membership Chair. The duties of the Corresponding Secretary will be expanded to work with the Membership Chair to assist with membership correspondence and mailings. The Friends Board will be hosting an Ice Cream Social for the public, "Sundaes on Sunday", on Oct. 21, 2012 in recognition of National Friends of the Library Week. A volunteer is working on reviewing and consolidating the Friends old records to get them all into one location. The Gift Store continues to show a profit. Friends Member Sales will be held November 16-18, during which members will receive a 25% discount on purchases at the store. The Gift Book Program had four gift books last month. There are currently 234 members of the Friends; the Membership Committee will be reviewing dues, processes, timing and the membership form prior to the next membership year to try to find ways to increase membership. The next Used Book Sale will be held November 1-4, 2012. There will be a Friends Preview Night on Nov. 1 where Friends can buy a bag of books for $5. Jim Morché has volunteered to attend the Northville Chamber of Commerce meetings with the goal of building a stronger relationship between the Friends of the Library and the Chamber of Commerce. The Friends By-laws Committee met, reviewed the by-laws, and made a few minor revisions which will be presented to the Friends Board for approval at the next meeting.

5. Budget and Finance Review

5.1 Bills over $1,000 for approval: Treasurer Jean Hansen presented the list of bills over $1,000 for September 2012. MOTION: Jean Hansen made a motion for the approval of payment of the bills over $1,000. Paul Snyder seconded the motion. Motion passed.
5.2 Financial Report: Jean Hansen distributed the August 2012 financial report, noting that we are 75% through our fiscal year. We have gone over budget on Tax Refunds but received more from Penal Fines and State Aid than was budgeted.

6. Committee Reports

6.1 Development Committee: Julie Herrin reported that the Development Committee met on September 18. We currently have ten sponsorships totaling $4,250 for the Books and Beyond fundraiser at Genitti's that will be held on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012. We have also received donations from ten supporters that included monetary donations as well as gift certificates. The gift certificates will be included in gift baskets that will be raffled off at the event. So far 44 tickets for the event have been sold. We will hold a Donor Recognition Event in January. We normally have our Annual Giving Campaign in November. However, as that is close to the Books and Beyond event and there is no tax credit this year for donating, we have decided to move the Annual Giving Campaign to the spring.
6.2 Geek the Library Committee: Julie Herrin reported that the Geek the Library Committee met on September 25. We have produced 39 Geek posters and library patrons have filled 20 Geek boards. We will use the Geek boards in a display during National Library Week and will have a contest for kids in which they can win their own Geek poster. For Halloween we will wear our Geek shirts and set up a table in front of the library to pass out candy and Geek bookmarks to kids. We will hold a Food for Fines Program in December in which patrons can bring in a food donation for the Northville Civic Concern and the Library will waive their fines up to $5. As part of decorations for the holidays, we will ask patrons to write what they Geek on an ornament which we will display in the Library. Beginning next year we will shift into phase two of the Geek project where we will reach out to community leaders to emphasize the Library's benefit to the community. We have had patrons express an interest in buying their own Geek t-shirt, so we will also begin selling the t-shirts in the Friends Store.
6.3 Facilities Committee: Mike DeFrancesco reported that the Facilities Committee met on September 24. The carpeting on the main staircase will be replaced at an approximate cost of $2,900. The Library will also be soliciting bids to replace the carpeting in two work areas of the library where the carpeting is loose and could be a trip hazard. The Facilities Committee reviewed the lighting proposals submitted regarding the lights around the main staircase. The Committee recommended going forward with the proposal submitted by Library Design Associates. This will involve the manufacture of sixteen new light fixtures which will then be installed. It will take about two weeks for the design of the fixtures and then about ten weeks for fabrication. The cost for this project will be around $28,640. Allied will install the new fixtures and the installation cost will be $5,420. MOTION: Mike DeFrancesco made a motion to accept the bid submitted by Library Design Associates to replace the light fixtures around the main staircase. Jean Hansen seconded the motion. Motion passed. MOTION: Mike DeFrancesco made a motion to have Allied Building Maintenance install the light fixtures around the main staircase. Jean Hansen seconded the motion. Motion passed.

7. Announcements and Comments

7.1 Confirm Meetings: The next Board of Trustees Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 25, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. in the Carlo Meeting Room.
The next Finance Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. in the Carlo Meeting Room.
7.2 Meeting Attendance: Chair Robert Sochacki stated that this year, for the first time, the Board of Trustees was unable to hold a meeting due to lack of a quorum. Mr. Sochacki read from the Michigan Public Library Trustee Manual regarding attendance which states the following: "Trustees should attend all meeting as boards conduct their business at meetings and need attendance to function effectively. If you cannot attend all meetings, with exceptions for illness or emergencies, think about resigning your post to make room for someone who can fully participate." Mr. Sochacki stated that if a Trustee has regular conflicts that prevent him or her from attending meetings, that Trustee should resign. There are many other ways to support the library and if you cannot meet the commitment required, it is only fair to other Board members and those who elected you to resign. Jean Hansen stated she agreed with Mr. Sochacki and that if you run for public office that should be a number one priority.
7.3 Trustee Alliance Workshop: Paul Snyder reported that the Friends of Michigan Libraries Trustee Alliance Workshop will be held on Oct. 25, 2012 from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. in Dexter, MI. Mr. Snyder stated that if any of the Trustees are able to attend, it is an excellent opportunity to network with other trustees.
7.4 Library Sign: Jim Morché reported that the library directional sign discussed at the July meeting has been purchased and delivered. It will be installed at the corner of Wing and Cady streets.

MOTION: Mike DeFrancesco motioned to adjourn the September Regular Board Meeting. Jim Morché seconded the motion. Motion passed. The Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Sochacki, Chair
CE 10/01/12

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