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The following are links to several on-line providers of free e-mail services. The free e-mail services allow you to access your e-mail without having to connect with a local Internet provider. Several other providers allow you to access your e-mail online without having to use telnet or other programs. The Northville District Library does not endorse any of the services linked to this page nor does it provide technical support to users of these services.

Please Note: Use of E-Mail services carries with it the possibility you may receive spam, some of which may contain undesirable content. The Library makes no guarantee that any claims of anti-spam filtering by any free e-mail provider will actually work, nor can the library do anything to help stop spam on your free e-mail account.

Free E-mail

Access Any E-Mail Account

Instant Messenger via Web Browser
These services allow you to access popular Instant Messenger programs from anywhere with a Web Browser.

ISP/DSL Access Pages
The following links are known remote webmail access pages for common ISP's in the area

Other E-Mail Services

University E-Mails