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Policy on Purchases of $10,000 or more

Policy on Purchases of $10,000 or more

All purchases with an estimated total cost over $10,000 require written bids from at least three (3) prospective vendors, if available. Contracts and purchases shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, unless authorized to the contrary by the Board. The Library Board shall award the bid.

All purchases made with a Library cooperative program or with another governmental entity, are by their nature exempt from competitive bidding requirements, as the bidding process has previously been completed.

The competitive bidding process shall be waived when there is only one known supplier, or for professional services.

In exceptional circumstances when time is a factor, the Library may make an emergency procurement, following established procedures as much as is practicable. A written justification of the nature of the emergency and for the selection of the particular vendor shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees and shall become a part of the record for that purchase.

Approved by the Board of Trustees March 25, 2004
Revised by the Board of Trustees November 17, 2011

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