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BOTB - 2009 - Results

Highest Probable (Regulation) Score
(7 rounds, 8 questions each):
56 questions, 5 pts each = 280 points

Tie Breaker Round Maximum Score
(1 extra round, 8 extra questions):
8 questions 5 pts each = 40 points

Maximum Possible Score = 320 points

Top 10 Teams

Team Score Team Name
1st Place 312 Shooting Stars
2nd Place 308 Seuss Squad
3rd Place 304 Book Keepers from Jupiter
3rd Place 304 Purple Pickles
4th Place 260 Reading Rockers
4th Place 260 Bookity Bookers
5th Place 256 The Twilighters
6th Place 252 Time Travelling Readers
7th Place 248 Anonymous Inc
8th Place 247 The Book Crooks
9th Place 244 Tremendous Trio
10th Place 236 Reading Raiders
10th Place 236 Rockin' Readers


Alphabetical Scores

212 248 108 106 247 304 260 175 104
Amoeba and Anonymous Inc Athletic Beach Bum The Book Book Keepers Bookity Bookstas Bringing
the Germs Readers Book Readers Crooks from Jupiter Bookers 70's Back
190 208 219 133 200 97 304
Double S's The Lollipops The Lovely Ladies Michigander Northville Pink Poppin Purple
of Literature 69ers Dish Crew Packers Pickles
158 236 260 220 224 193 135 236
Ravenous Reading Reading Read Em Red Carpet Red Hot Red Raiders Rockin'
Readers Raiders Rockers and Weep Readers Chili Peppers Readers
308 312 215 252 212 244 256 59
The Seuss Shooting Snow Time Traveling Time Twisted Tremendous The Twilighters The Wackers
Squad Stars Buddies Readers Readers Trio

Costume Winners

Most Creative:  Read 'em and Weep (8th graders, Meads Mill)

Best Fit to Team Name:  The Book Crooks  (7th graders, Meads Mill)

Most Elaborate:  The Lovely Ladies of Literature  (6th graders, Hillside)

Audience Favorite:  The Seuss Squad  (7th graders, Hillside)

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