Regular Meeting Minutes
Thursday, February 25, 2010 – 7:30 p.m.
Northville District Library Carlo Meeting Room

1.    Chairperson Joe Corriveau called the Regular Meeting to order at 7:35 p.m. 
1.1    Roll Call - Present:  Trustees Joe Corriveau, Robert Sochacki, Alan Somershoe, Jean Hansen, and Mike DeFrancesco.  Also present:  Julie Herrin, Director; Anne Mannisto, Assistant Director; Judith Williams, Administrative Assistant; and Paul Snyder, President of the NDL Friends.  In the audience: Library staff member Denise LaMotte.  Also attending: Christopher Jones and Kathleen Cikantar of Plante & Moran
Absent:  Trustees Judy Sherman and Jim Morché.
1.2    Approval of the Agenda:  MOTION:  Jean Hansen made a motion to approve the agenda as presented.  Alan Somershoe seconded the motion.  Motion passed.
1.3    Approval of the Regular Board Meeting minutes for January 28, 2010:  MOTION:  Jean Hansen moved to accept the minutes for the Board Meeting of January 28, 2010.  Mike DeFrancesco seconded the motion.  Motion passed.
1.4    Citizen Comments:  None

2.    Correspondence:  Julie Herrin read a note from the Northville Housing Commission on behalf of Allen Terrace, thanking the Library for the donation of four desktop and four laptop computers. 

3.    Audit Presentation:  Chris Jones reviewed the Audit for 2009 with the Board of Trustees.  Although the Total Net Assets for FY 2009, as indicated on page 3 of the audit, show an increase over FY 2008, Mr. Jones cautioned the Board that the liquid assets (see Unrestricted) are actually down compared to the prior year.  He noted that 2/3 of the Library’s expenses are related to “people,” as we are a service organization.  Chris explained the new GASB regulations which will require the Library to report unfunded post-retirement benefits as a liability by the end of this Fiscal Year.  The Library will be preparing a spreadsheet detailing our liability for future Retiree Health Care Benefits.  He stated that the level of funding for the Library’s contributions to Municipal Employees Retirement System (MERS) will also need to be increased, to comply with 100% funding requirement of an actuarial computed amount for eligible recipients.  Chris reviewed the required Management Letter from Plante & Moran and commended the Library for its long-range budget planning.  He stated that the Library was using sound assumptions in our 5-year forecast, given the current economic conditions and the projected decrease in revenue in the years to come.  He briefly described the new GASB 54 regulations which will take effect in 2011 and will be reflected in year-end audit reports for the General and Reserve funds.  . 

4.    Director’s Report:
Statistics:  Julie noted that the January statistics regarding database access were probably skewed by erroneous information from Gale.  She stated that the door count comparison between this year and last year shows an increase of 3.5%, while circulation statistics showed an increase of 3.8%. 
Youth Programming:  The Youth Department held 32 programs this past month, with a total of 788 children attending.
Adult Programming:  The Adult Services Department held several programs this month.  The Foreign Film Series hosted 14 viewers this month.  The program on Resume Writing had 13 participants and the Interviewing Program hosted 16.  The Facebook Program had 24 and the Craigslist Program had 36 people in attendance. 
Teen Programming:  The 2010 Battle of the Books, to be held on Wednesday, March 24 at Northville High School, will have 34 teams totaling 162 middle school students. 
Facilities: Julie reported that Napoleon Wolfe, a “green” lighting consultant, has begun the re-lamping of the Library.  He has installed new bulbs around the columns as well as changing the halogen bulbs and the number of fixtures that light the fiber art in the clerestory.  He has also improved the lighting in the Friends Gift Shop. His next project will be to re-lamp the Adult Fiction area.  Julie reported that we have received the third quote for the audio/visual upgrade to the Carlo Meeting Room.  She will be making a presentation to the Friends for financial assistance with this project, after Michael has determined the best option.  We are also proceeding on the replacement of the security DVR and power supply with the addition of cameras.  Bids for leasing or purchasing equipment from ADT were reviewed and the Library will proceed with the project.
 RFID:  Julie reported that we have processed 90,000 items at this point and are on target to take the RFID system live the first week in April.  This coincides with the closing of the Novi Public Library and will help our staff cope with the anticipated increase in circulation volume during April and May from Novi users.
Endowment Report:  Julie distributed a report from Barbara Glover on the state of the Endowment at the end of 2009.  Jean Hansen noted that the Endowment Committee was researching a new way to recognize gifts and memorials to the Endowment Fund, such as a “Giving Tree”, with leaves engraved with names to recognize contributors.  
Contracts:  Julie will present new contracts for Anne Mannisto and herself at the March Board Meeting.  She and Anne are not requesting salary increases this year as the union staff will not be receiving an increase.

5.    Friends Report:  Friends President Paul Snyder reported that the Friends Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, March 21, beginning at 5:30 p.m.  The event will include comments from State Representative Marc Corriveau; Dr. Charles Hansen, President of the Friends of Michigan Libraries; and Irish music.  Refreshments in the form of mini-subs will be supplied by Genitti’s Hole in the Wall, with other possible donations from Great Harvest.  Paul reported that the Operating Agreement between the Library and the Friends of the Library was presented at the Friends of Michigan Libraries meeting and as a result of this presentation there have been requests that it be added to the Friends website.  He also reported that the Friends of NDL are revising their by-laws to assure compliance with the 501c3 regulations in regard to conflict of interest.  

6.    Budget and Finance Review:
6.1    MOTION:  Treasurer Jean Hansen made a motion to approve payment of the Northville District Library List of Bills over $1,000 for February 2010 as presented to the Board.  Robert Sochacki seconded the motion.  Motion passed.
6.2    Jean distributed the draft Financial Reports for January.  She explained that revenue has been slower coming in during the first months of the Fiscal Year compared to previous years.  She noted that the tax refunds paid are already over $8,000 and it is still early in the year.  She commented that the Property and Liability Insurance has been paid for this Fiscal Year and came in under budget, while the Audit charges which have also been paid for this Fiscal Year came in over budget. 
6.3    MOTION:  Jean made a motion to transfer $176,158 from Operating to Reserve Fund (unfunded expenses) in repayment of funds transferred into Operating to cover early 2010 expenses.  Robert Sochacki seconded the motion.  Motion passed.
6.4    MOTION:  Jean made a motion to transfer $13,357 from Operating to the Debt Fund to apportion the funds paid by Wayne County and deposited into the Operating Account, part of which rightly belongs to Debt.  Mike DeFrancesco seconded the motion.  Motion passed. 
6.5    MOTION: Jean made a motion to adjust the amounts with the Reserve Fund to reflect $20,000 being added to the Facilities Preservation line of the Reserve Fund.  This complies with recommendations from Duce Simmons to fund Facilities Preservation with the remaining balance of the Building Maintenance line of the Operating Budget.  Robert Sochacki seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

7.    Strategic Planning:  There was a discussion regarding evaluating the data from the Community Survey and the next step in strategic planning.  Jean Hansen suggested that William Schroer be brought in as a facilitator for a one-day meeting with Board Members, Library Staff and other interested parties to explain the survey findings and identify areas of focus for the next strategic plan.  Julie discussed the need and costs involved to have Mr. Schroer proceed.  She will contact him to outline the Board’s view and request a proposal for one day of his services.  Julie reported that she is still awaiting the data on non-users of the Library. 

8.    Announcements and Comments:
    The next Finance Committee will be held on Tuesday, March 16 at 10:00 a.m. in the Carlo Meeting Room.   The March Regular Board Meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 18, 2010, in the Carlo Meeting Room.  This meeting will be held on the third Thursday to allow Julie Herrin and Anne Mannisto to attend the Public Library Association Biennial Conference in Portland, Oregon. 

MOTION:  Robert Sochacki made a motion to adjourn to the Regular Meeting to an Executive Session to discuss Union Contract Negotiations.  Alan Somershoe seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  The Regular Meeting was adjourned to the Executive Session at 9:25 p.m.

MOTION:  Following the Executive Session Jean Hansen made a motion to adjourn the Regular February Board Meeting.  Robert Sochacki seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  The Regular February Meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mike DeFrancesco
JW 2/26/2010