Regular Meeting Minutes
Thursday, July 22, 2010 – 7:30 p.m.
Northville District Library Carlo Meeting Room

1.    Chairperson Joe Corriveau called the Regular Meeting to order at 7:32 p.m. 
1.1    Roll Call - Present:  Trustees Joe Corriveau, Robert Sochacki, Alan Somershoe, Judy Sherman, Jean Hansen,  and Jim Morché.  Also present:  Julie Herrin, Director; Anne Mannisto, Assistant Director; Judith Williams, Administrative Assistant; and Paul Snyder, President of the NDL Friends.  In the audience: Library staff members Al Smitley and Denise LaMotte.
Absent:  Trustee Mike DeFrancesco.  In the absence of Mike DeFrancesco, Chairperson Joe Corriveau asked Trustee Judy Sherman to be acting Secretary for this meeting.
1.2    Approval of the Agenda:  MOTION:  Jean Hansen made a motion to approve the agenda as presented.  Robert Sochacki seconded the motion.  Motion passed.
1.3    Approval of the Regular Board Meeting minutes for June 24, 2010:  MOTION: Jean Hansen made a motion to accept the minutes for the Board Meeting of June 24, 2010.  Alan Somershoe seconded the motion.  Motion passed.
1.4    Citizen Comments:  None.

2.    Correspondence:  None 

3.    Director’s Report:
Statistics:  Julie noted that the June statistics show a slight increase over June 2009, however, the opening of the Novi Public Library has allowed the Northville statistics to revert to more realistic numbers for our community.
Youth Programming:  The Summer Reading Program is well underway.  316 children and adults attended 3 performances of “Animal Magic” yesterday.  In total 1,000 children have attended 12 Summer Reading events to date.  This year additional programs have been added for “Tweens”. The current registration figure for Summer Reading is 830.
Adult Programming:  The Adult Summer Reading Program has 189 registered.   The Foreign Film this month had 45 viewers, and the Book Discussion had 18 participants.
Teen Programming:  The Teen Summer Reading Program has 154 registered so far.  The Teen Lock-in with a Percy Jackson/”Lightning Thief” theme was attended by 45 teens and “tweens” on Friday July 9 from 5 to 10 p.m.  This month there were 48 Teen Corps volunteer hours. 
Public Relations:  Julie reported that she will be speaking with Pam Fleming from the Northville Record tomorrow regarding the Public Information Session that was held on July 21 and the decision that the Board make the following night to ask for a millage increase.

4.    Friends Report:  Friends President Paul Snyder reported that the Friends held sales of used books at the Firsl Friday Art Walk and the Northville Garden Walk.  There were able to sell some books at both events; however, the heat seemed to diminish interest.  Paul announced the Dr. Laurie Blondy had approached him regarding a position on the Board of the Friends.  The July 15th Friends Board Meeting was cancelled due to so many members being on vacation.  Paul has also announced to the Board of the Friends that he will be a candidate for Trustee of the Library Board and will resign his position as President if elected.  The Friends Board is involved with planning the Fall Conference of the Friends of Michigan Libraries (FOML), which will be focused on advocacy.  He noted that with a membership in FOML< the Board of Trustees would pay a reduced fee to attend the Conference. 

5.    Budget and Finance Review:
5.1    MOTION:  Treasurer Jean Hansen made a motion to approve payment of the Northville District Library List of Bills over $1,000 for July 2010 as presented to the Board.  Bob Sochacki seconded the motion.  Motion passed.
5.2    Jean distributed the Financial Reports for June, noting that the expenditures were on target.  She also pointed out that two new Budget Categories have been added to the Financial Reports.  The categories include Strategic Planning Expenses, and Endowment Fund, both Income and Expenses.
5.3    MOTION:  Judy Sherman as acting Secretary presented Resolutions 10-2, which calls for a Public Hearing regarding the 2010-2011 Proposed Operating Budget and the publication of the Legal Notice regarding the Public Hearing.  Judy Sherman made a Motion to adopt Resolution 10-2; Alan Somershoe seconded the motion.  The Resolution was adopted b y a unanimous roll call vote of the Trustees present.
5.4    Jean distributed budget estimates that reflect 5-year income and expense figures possible with the passage of .2 mill.  The Board discussed the many suggestions and general tone that came out of the Public Information Session held on Wednesday, July 21, including suggestions for more user fees and a greater emphasis on fund-raising. In regard to charging for books and programs, the Board agreed that equitable access, regardless of financial status, is a basic value of a Public Library.  In addition, the view was expressed that user fees would not be enough to solve the Library’s current financial crisis.  In response to the comments that not enough people know about the Endowment and ways to donate to the Library, there will be more attempts to let the public know about this means of supporting the Library.  The Endowment will be in the September and December newsletters, and the annual direct mailing will go out in November.  This is in line with the Library’s Strategic Plan to generate 20% of its budget for materials and programming through alternative funding. However, fund-raising is not a reliable source for operating funds. 
MOTION:  Robert Sochacki made a motion that the Library place a millage proposal on the November 2010 Ballot for a .2 mill increase for 5 years to support the Library’s Operating Budget.  Jean Hansen seconded the motion.  Motion passed.
5.5    The Board of Trustees discussed the steps required to form a Ballot Question Committee to place the millage proposal on the November ballot.  

6.    Committee Reports:
6.1    The next Finance Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 22 at 10:00 a.m. in the Carlo Meeting Room.
6.2    A Policy Committee Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 4 at 6:30 p.m. in the Carlo Meeting Room, to revise the Meeting Room Policy as it relates to the use of the newly installed equipment and the room usage fees.

7.    Announcements and Comments

The Public Hearing on the 2010-2011 Library Budget will be held on Thursday, August 26, at 7 p.m. in the Carlo Meeting Room, just prior to the Regular Board Meeting.
The next Regular Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, August 26 at 7:30 in the Carlo Meeting Room. 

MOTION:  Robert Sochacki made a motion to adjourn the Regular Meeting.  Jim Morché seconded the motion.  Motion passed.  The Meeting was adjourned at 9:12 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Judy Sherman, Acting Secretary
JW 7/26/10